ChampDos for Regionals? – A Rogue Deck Analysis

pokebeach.comHey guys! It’s Dane again, and I’m here with a rogue deck analysis.

This deck was “created” (I’m sure someone else found it, but as far as I know, we created it) by Dane Carlson (me), and my friend Bradley Petit.

‘Twas the night before States, and all was about; Not a Pokémon was stirring, not even a someting-that-rhymes-with-about (LOL). We were talking on Facebook about the decks we were going to bring to States, and I brought up Gyarados (see my States Report).

I was fiddlin’ around with different variations of it, and I brought up a deck that I call Psychic Gyarados (I’m pretty sure I found it here in the forums). I was saying that I ran a 1-1-1 Machamp SF line in it, and Bradley suggested taking out the “Psychic” in “Psychic Gyarados”, and replacing it with Machamp.

I quickly thought of the name “ChampDos”, and ChampDos was born.


After discussing it with Bradley, we decided that Sableye would make the deck too slow, and we should replace it with Smeargle UD/CoL (same card). So let’s take a look at out skeleton list:

Pokémon: 19 – 23 

4 Magikarp SF
3 Gyarados SF
2-3 Machop SF
1-2 Machoke TM
2-3 Machamp SF
3-4 Smeargle CL
2 Uxie LA
1 Azelf LA
1 Regice LA

Trainers: 19 – 28 

3-4 Bebe’s Search
3-4 Pokémon Collector
3-4 Broken Time-Space
2-3 Rare Candy
1 Luxury Ball
2-3 Professor Oak’s New Theory
0-3 Junk Arm
2-3 Seeker
2-3 Pokémon Rescue

Energy: 7 – 9 

2-3 Rescue
2-3 F
3 Warp

So that right there is 45-60 of all your cards. Of course you may want to tweak it, and here are a few options that you might like to take advantage of:


2-3 Expert Belt: One of my personal favorite cards, you can do a max 110 damage with Gyarados’ Tail Revenge this way. Plus, you can do 60 damage instead of 40 to non-basic Pokémon with Machamp SF.

1-2 Rainbow Energy: If you want more versatality, and not to mention a boost for Machamp’s “Rage” attack, you may want to throw in a couple of these babies.

This way, if you’re in a tight spot, you can use Gyarados’s other attacks (i.e. if your Magikarps have been thrown on your bench via Honchkrow SV’s “Darkness Restore” power). You can also use them to lock your opponent with Azelf’s “Lock Up” attack, so they can’t retreat Sableye/Smeargle/Spiritomb.

1-2 Warp Point: No Warp Energy handy? This guy’ll help ya. It can also help bring up your opponent’s Basic Pokémon so you can “Take them Out” with Machamp.

1 Mesprit LA: Even just “Psychic Binding” your opponent for 1 turn can win you a game. During States, I used Seeker and forgot to pick up a Pokémon (my original intent was to pick up Mesprit), and it was already my opponent’s turn. If it wasn’t for that misplay (that made both judges come over for), I could’ve had a chance to win that game. Anyway, Power Lock can help tremendously in battles.

1-2 Crobat G: “Flash Bite” your Dialga G, and Tail Revenge for 110. Game. Having trouble beating Dialga G (and you have no Machamp)? Try this “batty” dude. Or, you can “Bite” an Unown Q to death. Either way, this guy helps.

Editor’s Note: Flash Biting an Unown Q to death is extremely unlikely.

1 Machamp Prime: Want extra power? Bingo! Machamp Prime fits the bill. I wouldn’t add any more than 1 of these, as he soaks up a lot of Energy. Of course, you can try the next option…

1-3 Double Colorless Energy: Pretty much use this only if you run Machamp Prime. I wouldn’t max this out, though, because if you run Machamp Prime, there really should only be 1 of those. I could also accept if you run 1 or 2 for Machamp SF’s “Rage” attack, though I’d prefer the Rainbow Energy approach.


pokebeach.comThe main strategy of the deck is to destroy SP with Machamp, get easy KOs with Machamp, and pound hard with Gyarados. It’s really simple. Also, if I were you, don’t even bother with Gyarados in the LuxChomp matchup, as they’ll just “Bright Look” it up and grab an easy KO (with Lucario GL and Crobat G, of course).


vs. LuxChomp: Favorable

As long as you don’t drop Regice or you build up a Gyarados (<—- stupid move), all you need to do is “Take Out”, “Take Out”, “Take Out”, “Take Out”, “Take Out”, and *GASP* “Take Out”, and you win the game. Just be careful of Garchomp C LV.X’s Dragon Rush. My advice is to evolve quickly.

vs. Sablelock/Chenlock: Favorable – Even

This matchup is harder than you’d suspect, as most Sablelock variants run Honchkrow SV, which burns; burns bad. Your main strategy here is to use “Take Out” repeatedly, and build up a Gyarados on your bench in case they bring up a Honchkrow. If they can’t bring up Honchkrow though, you’ve got the game in the bag. Also, just as in LuxChomp, watch out for Garchomp C LV.X’s Dragon Rush, as it can easily snipe your evolving Machop and Machoke (Machoke if they use Crobat G, as well.)

vs. DialgaChomp: Favorable

“Take Out”, “Take Out”, “Take Out”, “Take Out”, “Take Out”, “Take Out”, game. Just be careful of Garchomp C LV.X’s Dragon Rush, as it can possibly cripple your set up by sniping Machop/Machoke while evolving.

vs. VileGar: Even – Slightly Unfavorable

This matchup, unlike the SP’s, is gonna give you some trouble. My main advice is to get set up as quickly as possible, and try your best to make sure they don’t get the Trainer Lock going. This is a matchup where Machamp Prime might come in handy. Machamp SF’s “Rage” is also very helpful.

vs. LostGar (No Vileplume): Slightly Favorable – Even

Your main focus in this matchup is to get Gyarados up and running so you can (almost) 1-shot anything on their field. This may not be as easy as you might think though, as this is the speed version of LostGar, and will do anything they can to get a T1/T2 Gengar Prime out, and they’ll start ‘Hurling your Magikarp into the Lost Zone. If you manage to accomplish that, though, then it should run smoothly from then on.

vs. LostGar (With Vileplume): Slightly Unfavorable – Unfavorable

The combination of Trainer Lock and Lost Zoning your Magikarp is going to hurt — bad. Basically, you want to set up as quickly as possible, and try your best to make sure they don’t get the Trainer Lock going. If you can get Gyarados swinging for 90 (110 with Expert Belt) a turn, then you can easily win, but this deck poses a major threat. Just cross your fingers you don’t bump into it.

vs. Machamp: Favorable

Gyarados is your best friend in this matchup. All you need to do is get him up and running with a back-up Machamp on the bench, and you win; Gyarados’s -20 Fighting Resistance kills them. Just watch out for Ruins of Alph, a possible tech that could easily turn this matchup in their favor.

vs. Gyarados: Slightly Favorable – Even

Let the Gyarados wars begin! Basically, whoever sets up the quickest, wins. Saying that you run Rare Candy, BTS, and no Sableye, it’s very possible that you can get a Gyarados up quicker than they can. If you can pull that off, you win. Crobat G can be very helpful in this matchup if you choose to run it, as it can get the last couple damage counters on their Gyarados so you can 1HKO theirs.

This deck could be very viable for Regionals, and may even pull of a win or two. Thanks for reading, and I’ll catch ya later. See ya!


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  1. Chris Barrieau

    I think this idea has potential, but it’s just being used in the wrong way. I think Machamp should only be used as a tech here, maybe a 1-1-1 tech or something. 2-2 belted Luxray makes the luxchomp very hard for Gyarados. That’s what made me lose in top 4 at Provincials against Curtis Lyon. So I think machamp might be an idea of a tech to counter Luxray.

    But, I don’t think this should be a whole deck. Also, if you want to integrate Machamp, you should heighten up on the switching possibilities….. Such as Warp Energy and Warp Point. I also find that is key to having some good consistency.

    Note: My playstyle has been reported to be very different than the norm when playing Gyarados… So though my mentions may work for me, they might not work for everybody else. …Just sayin’. :)

  2. Tamao Cameron

    I remember making this deck when bored of Gyarados. I ran a plain 2-1-2 line of Machamp. I just found it incredibly inconsistent that I never wanted to go near it again.

    I wholly disagree with your luxchomp mu score. Not even straight machamp has it that easy even with a huge speed engine, a 2-1-2 or 3-2-3 tech of machamp will not do enough damage considering luxchomp runs Uxie X and sometimes Drifblim, and you’re struggling to get those fighting energies to keep the machamp swarm up.

    How much testing against good people have you done with this? I could be wrong about it but I could get it to work against the lesser people at my league but when it got to the people who typically qualify for worlds, they’d dismantle it.

  3. Anonymous

    i dont agree with luxchomp, dioalagchomp, or sablelock. i think they should all be even as best. most dalagachomp players choose to run toxicroak g PL which in turn runs over machamp. most good luxchomp players have a strategy and can almost gurantee taking 2-3 machamps. and against sablelock they will lock you. if that happens your dead. also i dont beleive BDk is too horibble as gyrados runs over it.

  4. Jonah Davids

    I don’t think you invented this deck, people have been messing around with it since last season…

    I think the article could be a little longer and more detailed as opposed to “Take Out Take Out!” Most SP players will make the matchup harder for you, and can usually KO 2-3 Machamps. Then its just a matter of a Psychic Restore followed by a Dragon Rush.

  5. Matt Piela

    I believe Vilegar would be a must more unfavorable match-up than just slightly unfavorable. If they start with a spiritomb (which is highly probable) they can set up much faster, and seeing as the high t/s/s count and the fact that BTS just helps them, i think Vilegar would be the worst match up. Decent idea though.

  6. matthew green

    I am not sure you playtested this or not. However, I can’t imagine taking one of the best decks in the game (gyarados) and gimping it is a good idea. Gyarados has a good chance against everything out there even vilegar and luxchomp.

    In order for g-dos to excel though it needs speed and consistency. Adding Machamp doesn’t help against anything but luxray. However, even a straight machamp deck has trouble with luxchomp with uxie x, premier ball and lucario. Using it as a tech in gyarados would only make both decks have a harder time with everything.

    I can see a 1-1 donphan for luxchomp, but a whole line of Machamp seems to inconsistent.

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