Genguy’s Regionals Report + Decklist!

After getting 3rd at Provincials, I wanted to do well at Regionals. I knew this would be the last time our format is stable, so I really wanted to play this tournament out.

The day starts off with me waking up at 6:30, and proceeding to shuffle my deck for 20 minutes or so, and then eat a hardy breakfast of Peanut Butter on toast. I forget to remove the rack from the toaster though, and I have to re-cook it.

I finally get there, and I see team Card Masters. Nevoh is playing Magnezone Regirock, Andy is playing Yanmega, Adam is playing Crobat Prime, and Nathan is playing Jumpluff. Allen who is in Juniors is playing Luxchomp.

30 Seniors, 5 Rounds, Top Cut to 4

Round 1 VS. Andy with Yanmega

He starts Sableye with Chatot MD, Yanma LA, and another Yanma LA benched. I start with a Crobat G. He goes and “Impersonates” a Copycat, and I topdeck a Spiritomb, and begin to set up.

He gets the early lead, but I Cyrus for my Twins, and take 2 Prizes in 1 turn off his Sableye and his Azelf with “Shadow Room” and “Flash Bite”.

He then builds up a swarm of Yanmegas, and does something unexpected. Laying down a few G Energy. He also uses Lost Remover to remove one of my Rescue Energy.

He got extremely lucky this game, flipping heads on 3 Pokémon Reversals, and 4 Super Scoop Ups, while I flip Tails on 4 Fainting Spells. Eventually, he drags my Uxie active, and uses Copycat, sealing the game for him.


I’m kind of discouraged, because I know to top cut you need a 4-1 record or better, but I keep my chin up and continue.

Round 2 VS. Nathan with Jumpluff

pokebeach.comHe draws and says “What a terrible start this is” I quickly do a few mental calculations, and decide he either has an Azelf, an Uxie, or a Sunkern. I draw my opening hand and it is Donk GOLD. A Nidoran, Rare Candy, Nidoqueen, Psychic, Expert Belt, and Seeker.

I end up having to go first however, and I can only “Scratch” his Uxie for 30. He then uses Bebe’s Search for his other Uxie, dumps his hand, and uses “Set Up” he hits Expert Belt, G Energy and PlusPower.

All enough to donk me because of Nidoran’s weakness. Still, I could have donked him


I really hate getting donked, and I’m feeling pretty unhappy because I won’t be able to make top 4 no matter what. Still, I came here to have fun. And so I progress to the next round.

Round 3 VS. Javier with Luxchomp

We are about to start this round when the Judge tells us to do random deck checks. She takes our decks away, and were both pretty upset. He had Unown Q, Garchomp C, Cyrus, Call, Uxie and 2 Double Colorless. I had Gastly, Mesprit, Spiritomb, Psychic, Rescue, and a Bebe’s.

We talk about things such as Garchomp C lines, the new Black and White set, and how profusely fast we are going to have to shuffle. We finally get our decks back, and shuffle for about 10 minutes.

We draw our cards and he sighs. My hand is amazing, with all I need for a turn 1 Gengar and a turn 3 massive Uxie Drop.

He goes first with 2 Crobat G and passes. I Gastly – Rare Candy – Gengar, and use Pokémon Collector for 2 Crobat G and an Uxie, and double “Flash Bite” followed by a “Shadow Room” to Knock Out his Crobat G.

He uses Cyrus for a Collector and SP Radar, and gets a Garchomp C, and starts using “Earthquake” Because of all the damage being spread to his bench, I snipe for 3 Prizes easily, before he really gets his hand set up.

His Luxray falls victim to “Fainting Spell” and I pretty much seep from there on.


Round 4 VS. Cameron with Magnezone / Regirock / Vileplume

As I came to the table, I spied a Rattata UD lying on the ground, I handed it into the Judge, and the Game started!

I think Cameron thought that the consistency of Magnezone Regirock was slow, and that Vileplume would make it better by slowing the opponent down. He had to cut a Regirock though, which hurt him in the end. He also prized 3 Magnemite, and I KO’d his Spiritomb turn 2.

I got a quick Gengar, and KO’d his Skuntank and Regirock, He started having to manually charge up his Magnezones, and I easily sniped around it before it fell victim to Fainting Spell. I took this matchup pretty easily.


Round 5 VS. Adam with Crobat Prime

pokebeach.comHis list is solid, but I know his random plays like multiple Azelf and no Uxie will favor me. He asks me if one of us wins if we could split the prizes. I say no, and he starts begging. I end up having to bribe him with a Celebi Prime.

The game begins, and he starts to Azelfs to my Gastly. I get a turn 1 Gengar, and pretty much sweep from there. He gets a Crobat Prime set up, but I just navigate between my 2 Gengars. Negating the worst of the poison.

3-2 !

Well, I’m pretty excited now, because I’ll most likely get 9 packs. My theory proves correct and I end up with 14th Place! Not bad from being down 2 Games!

Anyway, here is my list:

Pokémon – 25  

4 Spiritomb AR
4 Gastly SF
3 Haunter TR/SF
3 Gengar SF
1 Gengar LV.X AR
1 Nidoqueen RR
1 Nidorina RR
1 Nidoran ♀ RR
1 Mesprit LA
1 Azelf LA
2 Uxie LA
2 Crobat G
1 Unown Q

Trainers – 25  

3 Bebe’s Search
3 Judge
1 Cyrus’s Conspiracy
4 Pokémon Collector
2 Seeker
3 Rare Candy
4 Poké Turn
2 Pokémon Communication
1 Twins
1 Luxury Ball
1 Expert Belt


Energy – 10  

7 P
3 Rescue


  • Getting packs
  • Team Card Masters!
  • Gengar
  • JUDGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (the Supporter)


  • Having to bribe Adam with my Celebi
  • Nathan being 1 away from top cut
  • Not pulling any RH Baby Pokémon >:0

All in all, I had a great time. How did you do at your Regionals?

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  1. James Hall

    Overall I went 3-5 with my VileGar. Fainting spells were against me, I only landed 3 out of 11. I lost 2 games to whiffing on them.

    • Franco L III  → James

      ooh… that sucks. I actually got pretty lucky with mine. I flipped heads on a belted gyarados and won a game. my only 2 losses were from the same guy who flipped 4 heads on hurricane punch in swiss and in top 2 I scooped cuz I had a bad start.

  2. Franco L III

    hey, congrats on top 16! my bro got 15th and got good stuff! he traded them away anyway but lol. I won me reigonals when I wanted to at least top 16 so… yea lol

  3. Anonymous

    Well, in SoCal, all the players that usually do pretty decent (I’m not saying players that are the absolute best, but decent players) did horrible. I went a horrible 2-4 (compared to my 4-2 at last year’s Regs), Trent went 2-4 (compared to his 3-3 at States), James D. went 2-4 (compared to his 3-3 at States), and James L. (a person that usually makes Top 4) went 3-3. It was the best tournament day ever for new(er) players, as most of the Top 8 were players that usually do pretty bad at tournaments, or new players.

  4. Sean Parmley

    Hey Genguy

    3-4 in my first tourny with Tyrani-tomb.

    Was cool meeting you there. Hope to see you at Nationals. I hope you don’t mind if I pick your brain foe help!

    Great job!

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