Heatran LV.X (Stormfront SF 97) – Card of the Day

pokemon-paradijs.comkn3ll_ again. In my attempt to reduce the number of requested Card of the Days and increase the number of completed Card of the Days, I noticed Heatran LV.X on the chopping block. So, today’s card of the day is a personal favorite, Heatran LV.X.

Heatran LV.X is a Level-Up for Heatran. It’s got quite a few options for basic Heatrans, and I can’t tell you which ones are better than the others. It all depends on how you want to run your Heatran LV.X, and really, there isn’t a wrong choice for that.

Heatran LV.X has a Poké-Body and a Poké-Power. I love these types of LV.X. It just adds depth to a card that is already on the field. First off, its body, “Heat Metal”. Heat Metal intensifies the burn condition: It can no longer be removed by evolving, and whenever your opponent flips for burn damage, it’s tails. So you gain another 40 damage every time you burn a Pokémon that can’t switch out. I immediately think of combning Heatran LV.X, Heatran AR, and Vileplume to make Viletran and burning everything forever, although it probably isn’t just that easy. It could also be used with Blaziken FB, although using a LV.X to improve a tech is sort of silly.

Heatran LV.X’s Poké-Power, “Heat Wave:, is much more practical. At the end of the turn, if Heatran is on your bench, you may take any two basic energies from your Fire or Metal typed Active Pokémon that you discarded that turn, and reattach two of them. It’s basically Typhlosion Prime, only it works solely for the active Pokémon, and works for two Energies with no damage. Even cards generally overlooked such as Typhlosion HGSS 32 can become powehouses with this effect in play. I’m actually surprised no one has used that combo yet… but I can understand why.

I waited till the end for the bad news. 120 HP isn’t bad, but a 4 Retreat Cost simply eliminates most possibilities of using this card. Unless coupled with Warp Point, Switch, Warp Energy, or some other device for switching, it’s simply not feasible to use Heatran LV.X as a tech in any sort of deck. If it were Bright Looked, you might as well scoop. Combining it with Level MAX wouldn’t be good either, as the flippiness would always be against you.

However, I will contend that Heatran LV.X could be played with the Heatran from AR and Vileplume, and perhaps Luxray GL LV.X, as a deck of its own. Bright Look something active, burn it, and watch your opponent struggle to retreat.

I give Heatran LV.X a 2/5. I contend that its basic forms are good enough to warrant it this rating, and despite all its shortcomings, it can still be a successful card when played correctly.

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  1. Anonymous

    A good, information-filled article. I like it. :) Also, I think your rating is right on the spot. :)

  2. the sidewalk

    I wish this guy were more playable. Long gone are the glory days of pairing it with Magmortar X and sniping for 100, then making your opponent take 60 between turns with Magmortar’s Pokepower. However, this guy is CRAZY with Magnezone X. 80 + automatic paralysis every turn is crazy and something to scoop from once you realize you’ve exhausted your warps and Turns. But, then again, you’ll never get that up and running unless your opponent’s deck is equally slow.

  3. Willy Goebel

    You should have discussed its usefulness with Palkia & Dialga Legend.

  4. Poet Larsen

    This could be paired with reshiram to hit for 120 each turn. Lot of set up, but could be a fun league deck

  5. Sam Stevens

    combine it with blaziken PL to auto-burn them with its power, blaziken can also do 40dmg for DCE and stop them from retreating or 100dmg at the cost of discarding energy which with heatran lv.x on bench is easy, using blaziken FB lv.x means any damg done is increased by 40 so blaziken PL+heatran lv.x+blaziken FB lv.x on bench means you can attack with pokemon that do small-mid dmg for 0-1 energy but do 40 (uxie psychic restore would do 60dmg for 1 energy then can run away) more and opponent cant get lucky on burn flips, but this requires alot of set-up and would be better off with just the blaze’s and attackers not heatran as he just has too much retreat, but seeing as how this is a CotD for heatran lv.x i included it in a possible league deck situation

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