PGMCSSKATER’s Season Report and Quinton, Virginia First Place Regionals Report

Hey guys, it has been a while since I have posted anything on this site… not really much to be said in the Pokémon world until now.

My name is Perry Going and this is my first full season in the TCG game. I started back in December 2010 and had a horrible first season. I ended up getting like a 1565 rating for the season. However, over the summer I decided to step it up and play meta-decks instead of trying to come up with rogue decks that wouldn’t work.

I first picked up Gengar C and lost to VileGar at my first Fall Battle Roads. Then I decided to try out the ever popular LuxChomp and got trashed again by VileGar at my second BR. Finally for my last BR, I chose to play VileGar because like they say: If you can’t beat them, join them.

At that third BR, I ended up making my first Top Cut ever and getting second place, only losing to my auto-loss, Umbreon Prime. In conclusion, the second place win got my hopes up and I strove to make the most consistent version of VileGar ever.

I played with some techs to get around Umbreon and I thought I found the perfect one, Espeon Prime. Yet, when I took VileGar to my first City Championship of the season, I got an even record and I decided to trash it for good. That was the end of VileGar for me.

At the next CC, I decided to play Steelix because I had been playing around with it and was doing well in testing, so I thought I might as well give it a try. After losing to two decks with Blaziken FB techs, I trashed the idea of Steelix being used in another tournament.

After having only one good tournament so far in the season, I was getting down on myself. I was just a tad bit over a 1600 rating and though I was going to have a terrible season after I had high hopes.

For my third CC, I went back to LuxChomp, but decided instead of ERL I would put in Blaziken FB. It helps my VileGar matchups and is obviously a strong hitter. This time I did well with LuxChomp and was able to make the Top 8 cut, but lost in Top 4 to the winner of the tournament.

I was back in the game and I noticed my rating shot up after that tournament. After making a few tweaks with the deck, I was just shy of making another Top Cut getting 6th because of a donk.

However, that donk drove me to make the best change to my deck I could possibly do. I increased my Call count from 3 to 4 and put in a 3rd Pokémon Collector. I wanted to make sure I would never get donked again. With the new improvements to my deck, I decided to play it at Anderson, SC CC.

And to many people’s surprise, I went on an amazing undefeated streak to win the whole tournament. I felt great. I won my first tournament ever and I felt like I was on top of the world.

With two more CCs coming up, I was desperate to make the list the most consistent I could. With a few more tweaks, I was able to make another top cut. I made it to Top 4 and was able to seal another huge amount of points to add to my rising rating.

With one more CC left in the season, I felt I couldn’t go down, which was a mistake. I got cocky and didn’t make any changes to my list. I ended up going 4-2 and only broke even with my rating. I whiffed majorly on top-cutting and ended the series on a sad note.

With the release of Call of Legends, I figured with the increase of Gengar play that Blaziken FB was no longer needed. He was a nice hitter, but added inconsistency to the deck. I dropped Blaziken and added Weavile G into the mix.

This tech not only gave me an edge on the Gengar matchup, but added a huge leap of consistency to my deck because it served as a 5th Call. I, also, dropped the 3rd Collector because I felt Collector was a dead card in the late game.

One of my Favorite Cardspokebeach.comThirdly, I added a Twins to my list to help in the Gyarados and LuxChomp Mirror matchups, so I could search out Expert Belt and Double Colorless Energies. Lastly, I teched in a single Seeker into my list because I did not want to be Mewtwo-walled like I was in one of my CC games.

With my newly improved and consistency-focused deck, I went to North Carolina States with high hopes. The tournament started terribly for me. I won my first game, however lost to my friend Collin, who stole a full 20 points from me that match.

It was his first major tourney of the season, so his rating was terribly low. The loss bummed me a little and I decided to play the rest of the tourney out. I ended up making Top Cut, but lost in Top 16 to Gdos which I thought I was teched out for.

I realized I had to change my game plan in that matchup. After play-testing a little bit more with this particular matchup, I was able to come up with a better game plan and felt more comfortable when playing against it.

I wanted revenge this time. At South Carolina States, I was able to tackle many decks that seemed to be losses to LuxChomp. This was the order of the decks I played in Swiss: Straight Magnezone, VileGar with Machamp Tech, LuxChomp, Gyarados with Weavile, Gyarados with Reversal, and Gyarados with Weavile.

My only loss was to Collin yet again with a very close mirror game. I end up easily making Top cut this time and play MagneRock for the first time ever. I don’t know how to play this matchup, so I go into it blind. However, everything, and I mean everything, goes in my favor. I was always able to snipe the Magneton and able to take out the Regirocks.

After a gruesome 10 minutes, I win both games to make it into Top 4. Top 4 was against Collin. For the third time during the States series, I play him and he’s going into it with 2 wins over me. I wish I could remember every detail about these 3 games, but I know from a fact these games were perfect examples of what LuxChomp mirror-matches should be played like.

pokebeach.comIt was prize exchange after prize exchange. We both drew into our DCEs and had our Dragonite FBs ready. These 3 games were some of the best games I have ever played. He wins Game 1, I win Game 2, and Game 3 goes to time and I am able to take it for the last win. At this point, I am ecstatic. I end up playing MagneRock in Top 2.

Will Beers, the guy I played was one of the most chilled people I have ever met. He was very kind and was easy to get along with. After 2 games just going my favor, I was the winner of South Carolina States. I thought my CC win was awesome. I never would have pictured a States win.

The 8-1 record brought my rating to an amazing 1797.44. I was now 3rd in the State of North Carolina, and on the verge of getting a World Championship invite.

I was so excited at this point because I never would have thought I had a chance to get into Worlds in my first full season. Not only did I have to do well at Regionals to get the points I needed for the invite, I had something to prove. Most people thought my States win was all luck and that I had very good matchups. I needed to do well to prove them wrong.

With Regionals a long ways away, I had time to test other decks. I didn’t touch LuxChomp the whole time between States and Regionals. Instead, I was testing with Gyarados, VileGar, Steelix, and LoxChomp. I was trying to figure out if LuxChomp was the play.

Well after a long bit of testing, I was on the verge of playing Gyarados at States. However, I decided to play LuxChomp once again and was able to get out day of testing out with it before Regionals.

I didn’t change my list at all, because I felt you shouldn’t fix something that was broke.

After a nice chilled out ride with my friends to VA, I registered and was nervous from the moment I sat down to wait for the tourney to start. My goal of the day was to go 7-0 in Swiss and drop.

I was playing for points and not a win. Before the tourney had begun, Michael Reynolds, who was 2nd in the State of NC, was telling people if they needed cards to borrow that I had them all. So I ended up loaning about 15 cards total and felt I had good karma on my side. Everyone was set and registered, which meant time for the tournament to begin.

*Note that I wrote down the names of everyone, but may not be able to recall the whole game, for I only kept track of the prizes.*

Round 1: Daniel M. with MewChamp (or that’s what I think it was)

pokebeach.comI was kind of ironic that I play this guy first, because I loaned him able 8 cards to be able to play his deck. The only reason I think it was MewChamp was that I loaned him a Machamp SF and Mew Primes. The game only lasted 2 turns because I was able to Seeker up his benched Pokémon and knock-out his active for game.


Round 2: Adam G. with Gyarados/Mesprit

This guy was a pretty interesting person to talk to and play with. I appreciate players that are very interactive, kind and who are overall good sports. He opened well and was able to “Psychic-Bind” me for 3 turns. I was able to spray one of them so I could set up, got my Luxrays out and basically won from there.


Round 3: Shane with Uxie Donk

This player was kind of new to Pokémon. However, he plays Yu-gi-oh and knows how to play TCGs. Even though he was playing a deck, which in my book takes no playing skill, I was able to get along with him and play a very mellow match.

He starts of going first and basically lays down a basic and passes. My hand however is terrible. I start with Brongzong G and have 2 Power Sprays, a Cyrus Conspiracy, Luxray GL LV.X, a Lightning energy, and an Aaron’s Collection.

Hoping to top deck a Call energy, I get a Junk Arm instead. This was good enough for me. I Cyrused for an energy, an SP Radar, and a Pokémon Collector. I was able to use the Junk Arm to use the Radar twice to pull out 2 more basics.

When all was said and done, I was left with 2 Power Sprays and a Collector. I passed and was able to Spray two Uxies, which prevented him from donking. With my Collector I was able to set up and run the table from there.


Round 4: Ryan S. with LuxChomp

I have never seen this LuxChomp player before, so I change my game plan a little bit. I never left a Garchomp LV.X without an energy because I did not know if he had Ambipom G in his list.

We had a short “Garchomp Battle” and prize exchange, and when I took my last prize he told me his Dragonite and Ambipom were both prized. The game probably would have played out differently, but still good game.


Round 5: Lamar Battle with Steelix/Jirachi

Man, this game in summary was hard. Even though he did not draw well, I still had trouble making sure he did not draw well. His build was very interesting because he was running Jirachi RR to help him set-up. So, my immediate game plan was not to give him a chance to use Jirachi’s Power.

After almost running through my whole deck, I was able to take all 6 Prizes by only taking out 1 Jirachi that had an Expert Belt. Good game. I never thought I would be able to beat Steelix with LuxChomp, but I did it.


Round 6: Jon Skinner with DialgaChomp

Even though he is my best friend and I knew his list, I knew that this was going to be a hard game. It wasn’t a hard game though because there wasn’t a game. He starts perfectly and I find that my 2 basic Garchomps are prized, so I immediately scooped.


Round 7: David Cleary with Straight Gengar w/ Luxray GL

pokebeach.comDavid is easily one of my favorite people to play because he is such a nice guy. He sits down and states that he doesn’t want to play me because he didn’t think he would win. I told him you never know and of course I didn’t think I would be donked. FAIL.

I start for the first time since I changed my list to 4 Call, a Unown Q and no Call energy. He gets Uxie and attaches for the win. Good game and I will get my revenge!


So with Swiss being over, I place 11th and make the Top Cut. I was ecstatic because this is definitely better than my 2-5 record I had last year. Then, ironically, I see I’m playing David Cleary once again. I seek out my revenge this time.

Top 16: David Cleary with Gengar

Game 1: We both start out well. He is able to get 2 Gengar out quickly and I see that both my D Energy and my Weavile G are prized, so I just take out the Haunters and Crobat Gs. I am able to take 5 Prizes to his 4 before I am able to set up my Weavile and get the last knock-out with “Team-Attack”. Since he has 2 Prizes left and Weavile wasn’t belted, flipping for “Fainting Spell” didn’t matter.

Game 2: Again we both start well, but my set-up just out-sped his and I took 6 Prizes in a short period of time. And in about 15 minutes, I was in the Top 8.

Top 8: Nate Blevins with VileGar w/ Mewtwo Tech

Game 1: I start a Crobat G to his Spiritomb/Gastly start and I have nothing going for me in my hand. However, I go first and top deck a Luxray and attach a DCE to it and “Bite” for 30 on his Tomb. He doesn’t have much either and just “Darkness Graces” into a Haunter TR.

I then proceed to top deck a Cyrus and I have a Luxray GL LV.X in my hand. So, I attach a Lightning, Cyrus for a second energy, and then “Trash Bolt” his Haunter. He plays a Collector and (I guess) sees that his Mewtwo is prized and just scoops.

Game 2: He starts with Spiritomb and I start with a lone Garchomp C. He chooses to go first and calls for Mewtwo and Oddish. I use my Collector to grab Luxray, Uxie, and a Bronzong. This puzzles him and he asks, “Why not get Dialga out?” and I answer, honestly, “I don’t run Dialga.”

He gives a very puzzled look as to why I was still calm and collective about a Mewtwo wall. I attach and end my turn. He retreats Spiritomb and Bebe’s for the LV.X. He doesn’t have an energy to attach, so he passes. I just attach and return and pass. I was waiting to draw the Seeker.

Even though I had the Cyrus and I could just search for it, I wanted the surprise factor, so I just waited. We exchange turns for a while with none of us drawing a prize until I draw the Seeker. I proceed to snipe the Oddish that was on his bench and I take the first prize.

He still doesn’t have enough energy on Mewtwo to attack, so he passes. I then promote Luxray attach Lightning and Energy Gain, “Bright Look” his Spiritomb, play Seeker and “Flash Impact” for the win. He was a little upset that I won like that and I understand completely if that blind-sided him. But, that’s what I had to do to beat Mewtwo.

The game ended in about 10 minutes and I was in Top 4. Later on that night, I actually got to speak with Nate and found out that he’s a really chill dude. I give props to you, Nate, for making Top 8 with VileGar.

Top 4: Steven Scrobe with Gyarados w/ Mesprit

Game 1: I greatly apologize to Steven, but he starts Magikarp to my Luxray with DCE.

Game 2: This was an interesting game. We both get set-up fairly quickly and I have my double Luxrays with Lucario GL out. I knockout the first Gyarados that had a Rescue and he retaliates with a hit of 90. I “Galactic Switch” to my other Luxray, Poké Turn the active one, bring up the other Luxray, level it up, and attach the Expert Belt for automatic KO with “Flash Impact.”

pokebeach.comThis Gyarados also had a Rescue attached to it. He lays it back down and attaches another Rescue Energy to his Gyarados. He isn’t able to knock-out the active Luxray, so he “Regi Moves” and takes out my Garchomp. I lay down another basic for his Gyarados to “eat” and I take out the Gyarados once again.

Once again, he lays out the Gyarados and “Regi-Moves” my active to knock another basic on my bench, but doesn’t have the Rescue Energy to attach. I repeat my last turn again to knock-out the Gyarados. He, then, double Pokémon Rescues the Gyarados back to “Regi Move” once again to get the revenge KO.

I promote Luxray to take another prize. This time, he Junk Arms the Pokémon Rescue to get another Gyarados out. I take that one out for prize 5. At this point, we are both amazed by how many Gyarados have been put out this game and I tell him if he gets another Gyarados out that I’ll applaud him.

He takes a minute to figure it out and he Seekers a Pokémon up, lays down Combee and Luxury Balls for his last Gyarados. He does it and I, like I promised, I applauded him. I get last prize by killing my 6th Gyarados that game. Congrats to you, Steven, and I am glad I played you in Top 4.

Top 2: Kevin Nance with Gyarados w/ Mesprit and Reversals

I’m just going to start off by saying, wow. I never thought I would make it to Top 2 at Regionals. I was on such an excitement high that I needed a quick break. Kevin Nance is the brother of legendary Steelix player, Erik Nance, and is one of the best players in North Carolina.

I had played him once before at South Carolina States, but he had terrible prizes and the game panned out too much into my favor. However, this time our games went differently.

Game 1: He starts off strong with a swift set-up and a heavy power-lock. I was power-locked for about 6 turns before I was able to do anything. Yet, at this point, he had Knocked Out both my Luxrays using Pokémon Reversals. I try to play it out and I get about 3 Prizes.

Game 2: So much happened in this game, that I don’t remember it all. I do remember, he started off with 3 turns of power-lock before I could “Dragon Rush” his Mesprit. At this point, he had Knocked Out both of my Luxrays again by using Reversals. I used Aaron’s Collection to get them both back, but he was able to bring up on and Knock it Out, too.

However, I was able to get one leveled up and Belted. Then, I am able to even the game to 2 Prizes each. He has the Gyarados in hand from the Rescue Energy, but doesn’t lay it down because I figured he had no way to get it back after I Knocked it Out with Luxray. So he Collectors for 2 Crobat Gs and lays one down to “Flash Bite” my Luxray.

He passes to me thinking I was going to Knock something Out with the belted Luxray and he could “Flash Bite” it again and belt his Gyarados to Knock Out my Luxray. Instead, I promote the Garchomp I laid down earlier just in case I needed to “Healing Breath” and sniped one of his bats.

He Knocks Out the Garchomp with Gyarados and I Knock it Out with Luxray. Thus, concluding Game 2 in overtime. So, we go to Sudden Death.

Sudden Death: He starts Smeargle to my Luxray/Brongzong start. He goes first and “Portraits” the Bebe’s Search that I have in hand and he gets out Mesprit to “Psychic Bind” me. I attach a lightning to my Luxray and Bebe’s out the Luxray GL LV.X.

With nothing else to do, I pass to him. He takes a long turn and isn’t able to get out the Gyarados, so he “Let Looses” my hand so I can’t have the Luxray Gl LV.X. The four cards I get are 2 Poké Turns, a DCE and a Twins. He doesn’t get anything useful in his hand so he is forced to promote a Sableye with a Belt attached and impersonates for a Seeker, I think.

I top deck another DCE and attach the first one to the Luxray. I don’t even put down the Brongzong because at this point it’s useless. However, I don’t have the Knock Out on the Sableye, so all I do it bite and hopes he brings up something with 70 HP or less.

He takes another long turn and still whiffs on the Gyarados and his only hope is to hit a Seeker so he can Seeker up the now benched Sableye and attach the belt to the active Smeargle. However, he doesn’t hit the Seeker and I am able to “Trash Bolt” for the win. Good game, Kevin.

Final Record: 9-2

Here’s my decklist:

Pokémon – 192 Luxray GL RR
2 Luxray GL LV.X RR
2 Garchomp C SV
2 Garchomp C LV.X SV
2 Uxie LA
1 Uxie LV.X LA
1 Azelf LA
1 Brongzong G PL
1 Dragonite FB SV
1 Unown Q MD
1 Lucario GL RR
1 Crobat G PL
1 Toxicroak G Promo
1 Weavile G PL
Trainers – 294 Cyrus’s Conspiracy
2 Pokémon Collector
1 Bebe’s Search
1 Aaron’s Collection
1 Seeker
1 Twins
1 Professor Oaks New Theory
4 Poké Turn
3 Power Spray
3 Energy Gain
2 SP Radar
2 Junk Arm
1 Pokémon Communication
1 Premier Ball
1 Expert Belt
1 VS Seeker
Energy – 124 Call
4 Double Colorless
2 L
1 P
1 D

So far in my first full season, I was able to win a Cities, a States, and a Regionals, make many Top Cuts, and get to my current Rating of 1842.34. Hopefully, I can make that invite and prove to everyone that I was able to do something that I could have only dreamed of until now.

Whatever happens, I’m very thankful for all the people I have met, all the games I have played, and for the encouragement I have received from all my friends. I, thank you, Pokémon, for all the memories.

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  1. the sidewalk

    You guys might want to… proofread articles before you publish them. I hate to sound like an overly critical nerd on the internet, but all of the grammatical errors and typos kept taking me out of the moment.

    • Garrett Williamson  → the

      Iv got to be honest, every post iv seen from you has been of you complaining about something. What part of what you just said has anything to do with what this article is about? You still know what he’s saying. Writing and long report like this can cause the writer to make errors and same goes for someone reading it and missing them. This isn’t English class and I don’t understand why you feel the need to turn something like this into negativity by complaining about something that is totally irrelevant. Why don’t you try congratulating him?

      I just had to say that because I have yet to see anything positive from you.

      • Spam  → Garrett

        It’s amusing that I initially thought a bit less about your post, just because of the Ivs. If the person can take the time to write a report, they can take the time to review their writing. It is not as if this report was due for today, in an English class, and had to be posted before it could be proofread. Sometimes, it can be difficult for non-English readers, or people who speak English as a second language, to follow along with what is being discussed if the English is not correct.

        Also, PGMCSSKATER, congratulations on your performance this season.

        • Adam Capriola  → Spam

          Is it that bad? I corrected a lot of mistakes in the article when I was editing… I guess I still missed a bunch. I’ll go back through and proofread again.

      • the sidewalk  → Garrett

        To put it simply, that’s because I’ve felt as though there’s been a lot to complain about with the impending format change. I actually haven’t even left a comment on this site in months prior to yesterday. Maybe you should find something better to do if you’ve coincidentally read every post of mine within the last 24 hours and have become annoyed. It could be that you’re especially annoyed and justified lashing out at me like that primarily because this person is your teammate? Hm…

        I should also add that grammar and punctuation mean different things to different people. What’s irrelevant to you could be anything from a mild annoyance to a migraine-inducing ordeal for someone else. And in addition, this is a legitimate website that receives a decent amount of traffic. What reason could there be for its editors to not proofread their articles prior to publishing them? If you weren’t in a hurry to come to your friend’s rescue, you’d see that I was criticizing SixPrizes’ editors and not your bf.

        Btw, thanks for reading all THREE of my posts. lol

        • Garrett Williamson  → the

          “I actually haven’t even left a comment on this site in months prior to yesterday.”

          I guess that doesn’t count the one you posted on Jwittz’s sabledonk vid complaining about him using proxies. I see your comments because the articles I post on, I subscribe to so if someone posts something it gets sent to my email which also updates my phone so I don’t just sit the and look for your posts, they just get sent to my email.

        • the sidewalk  → Garrett

          I complained about typos, I complained about J Wittz’s laziness, I complained about the format change, and I did none of which in a rude manner. – Is that really unreasonable in your unbiased opinion?

          I really am happy for your teammate. Very happy, at that. (Congratulations, Luxchomp player!)

          I’m also a fan of J Wittz, and a fan of SizPrizes in general.

          And in being a fan, I expect these entities to live up to certain standards. Perhaps my standards are too high, and that’s essentially what you’re lashing out against.

        • Garrett Williamson  → the

          “I complained about typos, I complained about J Wittz’s laziness, I complained about the format change”

          The exact point I’m making. Just stop complaining. Now if this was UG stuff you were paying for that wasn’t worth the money then you have a right to complain but this stuff is free. Jwittz wasn’t being lazy, the point of the video was just to show the potential that Sabledonk has, not to show that he has the cards to make it. Plus if I remember right he said that he was using proxies because he didn’t have access to all of his cards at the time. So complaining about proxies, when he explains what the cards do anyways, is just you taking from the point of the vid to form negativity out of something that is completely irrelevant, which is what I’m saying.

        • the sidewalk  → Garrett

          Just shut up, man. Now you’re just trying to deprive me of my right voice an opinion that contradicts your views. Forums exist so that people can share how they feel, regardless of whether it’s positive or critical.

          Like I said earlier, what may be irrelevant to you, may mean a lot to someone else. Let’s agree to disagree before you, IN SUCH A PAINFULLY AND BLATANTLY IRONIC FASHION, criticize me again.

          Oh, yeah. I really don’t appreciate you sidestepping my question after I was kind enough to congratulate your friend and praise the people you’re so valiantly defending.

        • Garrett Williamson  → the

          First off, I am not criticizing you. All I’m saying is stop complaining. Second, if you go back and re-read your first reply to me you tried insulting me by calling me gay when you said , and i quote “If you weren’t in a hurry to come to your friend’s rescue, you’d see that I was criticizing SixPrizes’ editors and not your bf.”

          In this whole ordeal, I have not insulted you or criticized you. All I basically said was stop complaining. You’re the one who proceeded to insult me.

        • the sidewalk  → Garrett

          That’s true. I was defensive after being attacked over what I felt was a very benign statement. That was uncivil of me, and that accounts for the only point within this replying war from which I get a sense of embarrassment.

          I honestly think you sound more critical of me than I ever sounded in any of my complaining comments, which is why I feel as though this whole thing is ironic.

          If you think my complaints are without merit and are unreasonable, that’s fine. However, it’s not up to you to put your foot down when it comes to who gets to express what. I don’t think I can make myself any more clear. I mean, I could be much more rude, insulting, or just troll you because of how strong your reactions seem, but I’d rather not waste our time. I’m a fan of everything I complained about, and my standards weren’t met, so I voiced that. There really will never be anything essentially wrong with what I did.

          Goodnight, HGSS.

    • Steven Nilsen  → the

      Wow, you would think that somebody who needs to write out that they know they sound like “an overly critical nerd” could reach for that backspace key. :)

      Who doesn’t love overly critical nerds? I mean, cum-on, seriously. Love em, man.

  2. Garrett Williamson

    Hell ya! Represent team overload! Haha great article! never forget that you “Auto lose to Vilegar, NOOB!” :P

  3. Curtis Hill

    Congrats on coming so far in such a short time, wish this is how my season had panned out.
    If your unsure of Nats I’d definitely say go its a ton of fun.

  4. Steven Nilsen

    That looks like such a fun deck to play. It almost makes me sad about the rotation.

    BTW, I read straight through and didn’t notice any of your typos. I also make a living as a writer, FWIW.

  5. Jason Chen

    Wow awesome job, I haven’t been able to keep up :X Gotta get back to playtesting more I guess. I think you should still make the trip up to Nationals also!

  6. Perry Going

    Well I apologize for the many mistakes in this article. However, I work 40+ hours a week, so it’s very difficult to pump out an article of this length, proofread the article, and post it in a reasonable amount of time. I will admit I rushed it a little so the information wouldn’t be outdated and irrelevant to the news at that time. However, I think if the information is relayed in a manner that is not too terrible, the person who put time into the article to share with you guys, should not be critized in such a manner as this.

    On another note, thank you all for reading the article, I thought I would have been an interesting read.

    • Adam Capriola  → Perry

      I thought you conveyed everything good enough, which is the most important thing! It was totally readable IMO, and thanks again for taking the time to share your story. :)

      • Anonymous  → Adam

        Yeah I agreed. It was a really interesting read and I enjoy this type of story. Good luck on the worlds invite!

    • Xiao  → Perry

      Hi congrats for getting 1st and I have some questions for you.

      I saw ur deck list and was wondering the lack of ambipom,is it because you cant cut space for it or the purpose of ambipom isnt very favorable for you in every match-up since B/W rules started.Please explain,thanks.Hi congrats for getting 1st and I have some questions for you.

      I saw ur deck list and was wondering the lack of ambipom,is it because you cant cut space for it or the purpose of ambipom isnt very favorable for you in every match-up since B/W rules started.Please explain,thanks.Hi congrats for getting 1st and I have some questions for you.I saw ur deck list and was wondering the lack of ambipom,is it because you cant cut space for it or the purpose of ambipom isnt very favorable for you in every match-up since B/W rules started.Please explain,thanks.

      • Perry Going  → Xiao

        I find ambipom worthless. It can be useful in the mirror, but any experienced luxchomp player can leave an energy attached to avoid the KO but ambipom.

  7. Joshua Pikka

    “Will Beers, the guy I played was one of the most chilled people I have ever met.”

    Will Beers is chill, anyone else getting thirsty?

    • Will Beers  → Joshua

      Will Beers here. Thanks for the shout-out! SC States was actually my first top cut, as well as my first States, and I was indeed chill the whole day because I had no idea what to expect, but kept on winning… Second place felt great. I had a chance to rematch against Perry at Charlotte BRs – grudge match!! Unfortunately I wasn’t able to pull off the revenge win, which knocked me out of top cut. Oh well! After reading this article, I can see why. Grats Perry :)

  8. Michael Randolph

    Well rounded report and a very well deserved “Congratulations”! Language being a passion of mine, especially that of foreign language, I can honestly say I didn’t notice any mistakes or errors in your report. This is most likely due to the fact that I was completely wrapped up in the finesse of the story itself. If too much emphasis is given to how a message is to be conveyed the very message itself can be lost. Congratulations on a job well done and may the rest of your season be just as fruitful!

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