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pokebeach.comHello once again, SixPrizes. kn3ll_ here, with yet another requested Card of the Day, it’s VS Seeker!!

Trainers aren’t reviewed often in Card of the Day because there usually isn’t a whole lot of analysis to do on them – most people understand the pros and cons of cards like Switch, Potion, and Poké Ball. But VS Seeker is a less known card that has a very interesting effect.

“Search your discard pile for a Supporter Card, show it to your opponent, and put it into your hand.”

Well, simple enough. Very useful for getting that card that you had earlier and need another copy of. This, combined with cards like Sableye SF can guarantee the use of the same supporter twice in two turns, and combined with Jirachi RR, can utilize the same supporter four times in two turns.

I could search out almost every basic in my deck with that many Collectors. I don’t even know what I’d do with all of those.

There’s a few things in my mind that hold VS Seeker back from being a really good card. First off, it doesn’t help during Trainer Lock, which is very popular. Even though it gets you Supporters, if you can’t use it, you can’t use the Supporters.

pokebeach.comAlso, it’s not a Team Galactic’s Invention, which would be absurdly overpowered and be used to infinitely link Cyrus’s Conspiracy, instead of getting Cyrus’s with your Cyrus’s, you could get a Supporter and a VS Seeker. Now I’m rambling.

I thought for a moment that the new ruling to put Supporters in the discard pile before your turn is over may have helped this card, but after a while it didn’t really make sense anymore. I was thinking that you could get a Supporter before they Judged you, but you still get Judged regardless.

I think this may have potential as a tech for Yanmega, so you can recover Copycats and Judges, along with any other Supporters you need to get a hand like your opponents’. You can also retrieve it with Junk Arm. Another possible combo is Marley’s Request, although I doubt that would work very well.

In the end, I’ll give VS Seeker a 1.5/5, simply because it’s a Trainer and will do nothing to alleviate Trainer Lock. It’s a good tech for Yanmega, especially coupled with Junk Arm, but in most decks it doesn’t warrant a spot.

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  1. Anonymous

    it won me a game in regionals. i was facing a g-dos and needed an energy gain to get the trash bolt for game. i played all my cyrus, so i play down my vs seeker and get the gain and win! this card deserves at least a 3.0,

  2. stephen shirley

    vs seeker is so awsome th only reason i don’t run it is i don’t have space in the decks i play but if ou have a spare spot you should play it

  3. Garrett Williamson


    This card is great for recovery. Gets you a 5th cyrus, another bebes, another oaks for hand refresh, another seeker to reuse uxie,mesprit, heal, lost zone opponents pokemon with gengar prime and even win the game.

    This card is so useful in tons of situations. 4-4.5/5 sound bore like it. At the end you made it seem like you gave this card such a low rating because of trainer lock and one deck shouldnt decide the playability of a card.

  4. Matthew Tidman

    I’d probably give this one at least a 3.5. Getting back whatever supporter is already in your discard can be a game-changing move. I remember seeing this teched into a lot of decks during Cities for just that reason. Don’t underestimate the power of and extra PONT, Cyrus’s Conspiracy, or Bebe’s Search.

  5. Taylor Pagani

    4.5/5 easy, this is one of the best trainers out there. It would be a 5/5 if it wasn’t for all the trainer lock.

    From about a fifth of a game in and onward, this card allows you to use your discard pile as sort of a library. YOU GOT OPTIONS. Giving you basically what you need when you need it.

    I run 1-2 in every deck I play and would probably consider 2-3 staple if it wasn’t for all the trainer lock. It’s a good “tech” in every deck that uses supporters (So like…kinda all of them).

    When I think “1.5/5”, I think of a card with very few uses that can only be used in a few decks. Well, this one easily can be useful in just about every deck. PLAY IT :v

  6. Tamao Cameron

    Yeah I love this card in SP. If you have a Cyrus and you don’t want to break the chain but need a collector, just grab the collector and use the vs seeker to get the cyrus back and use it again. And as hgssprime said, a 5th cyrus never hurts lol. I dunno, I just feel that this card gives a lot more than the 1.5 rating offered :/

  7. Anonymous

    I love your articles, I really do, but I just can agree with the 1.5. 3.5 – 4 out of 5, at least. Sorry, man, but rating’s just way too low. :(

  8. Ed Mandy

    Any deck that runs Junk Arm and multiple supporters can benefit from VS Seeker.

  9. Sam W

    I guess I just don’t see it- I feel like it’s a bit of a redundant card like Energy Search, it just thins your deck. I don’t even think it’s as good as Energy Search in that regard, because searching my discard for a Supporter means I don’t have the wide selection of my deck’s Supporters to choose from.

    • Anonymous  → Sam

      It’s not a redundant card in the slightest. The thing with Energy Search is that there’s no restriction to how many basic Energy there are in your deck, so you can easily replace Energy Search with another basic Energy. But what are you going to do if you need that Energy/TGI/other Supporter and all four of your Cyruses are in the discard pile (or you’ve already used three and the fourth one’s somewhere in your deck)? Can’t have five Cyruses in your deck.

      On top of that, I think searching your discard pile for a Supporter is actually much better than searching your deck. Sure, it’s not as useful early-game, but late-game, when you and your opponent have expended your resources, it can be a lifesaver. Additionally, if there’s an important Supporter in your discard pile, why do you want to search your deck and thin your deck of something you want to draw into later?

      • Sam W  → Anonymous

        Energy Search is a Rainbow Energy of all the basic energy in your deck. It’s more useful than a Basic Energy (assuming you’re running more than one type) but not more useful than anything else.

        I can see your argument for searching the discard pile. It makes sense, but I just don’t see it as deserving as high as some of these guys are saying. It can be run in every deck, Just like Bill, but Bill doesn’t deserve a 4/5. It’s a tech for three powerful decks, basically.

  10. Jak Stewart-Armstead

    ‘I’ll give VS Seeker a 1.5/5, simply because it’s a Trainer and will do nothing to alleviate Trainer Lock.’

    Rare Candy, PokeTurn, and Communication don’t do anything to allieviate Trainer Lock either. Would you give them 1.5/5?

    This card has been underrated and underplayed since it’s release. Almost any deck can be made better with a single copy of VS Seeker. It’s one of the few cards I’ll miss when it gets rotated.

    3/5 at least

  11. Willy Goebel

    yeah im sorry but the correct number is at least double what you actually say it is. i appreciate your effort in these articles, but i gotta say i dont think youve ever written an article where people havent complained about your ratings. maybe try the forums first and see what people think before you post.

    • Sam W  → Willy

      Out of 10 articles, there’s been complaints on five. It’s an opinion, and while people seem to find the card much more useful than I do, that doesn’t change my opinion on it. If you don’t like my ratings, consider writing Card of the Day yourself. It’d be a nice break for me and Dane.

      • Willy Goebel  → Sam

        im flattered that you actually looked into what i said haha. and i apologize for exaggerating, but still being declared wrong by the general public half the time is not good. i understand that you just have different opinions from everybody else, and i dont object to this at all, but you should convince people that you are right through your articles. show people that you have a different opinion and then prove yourself right. thats how you can get peoples interest and respect as a writer.

  12. Andrew Adams

    Interesting observation about the new rule, I suppose you could get a supporter back the turn you play it now. For one battle road.

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