Prof-It! Episode 41: Regionals, Rotation, Black and White, and Online Play!

In this episode, I try out a completely new format, very similar to how Prof-It! was when I first began! Let me know what you guys think about it! I cover a ton of topics, and I hope you enjoy being in such an exciting time for Pokémon! I know I do!

All you Poké-Artists out there, check out my girlfriend Renae’s most recent contest! You might win some cool stuff : D

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  1. Anonymous

    Good show, keep it coming like that. Maybe you should try to have guest appearances like a news or talk show. I wonder if any other high ranking players would like to be interviewed by you.

  2. Anonymous

    Yay! I’m not the only one who thinks Prof. Juniper is a good card!

    Anyway, another deck that could set up Turn 1 like Zekrom is some sort of LEGEND tool box. With 4 Legend Boxes and 4 Junk Arms, you can attempt to set up a ERL on turn one and do 90 damage on your first turn. I can’t figure out a list to make this consistent though.

  3. Matthew Riddle

    In HGSS-on, there is so little pokemon aided acceleration. I tested some decks at league today and there was a noticeable difference between the decks that had help (fire, water, grass) and the decks that didn’t (the other types).

    I don’t know how the other types are going to be competitive when they have to rely 100% on supporters/trainers.

  4. Ashley Kendall

    You played a Pokemon running Vilegar round 3? I didn’t know the Pokemon themselves played cards XD. Otherwise, a great video and very informative as always :). Can’t wait to play you in the Online Game (seen you around on the forums a bit). I’ve managed to play four games so far and it is great!

  5. Jason Mcdoodlepenis

    Emboar is over-hyped. He has 4 retreat cost, and when pokemon catcher comes out, its going to be terrible.

    • George  → Jason

      Keep in mind that Emboar powers up ANY Pokemon in your field. Decks will be running 3-4 Switch also when Pokemon Cacther is released too. With the amount of draw cards being reduced in the new format, energy acceleration is critical. Energy Search, Interviewer’s Questions are the only two Energy-specific draws and IQ is a luck-of-the-draw Supporter.

      Energy Retrieval puts those dicarded Fires back into your hand to be dropped with Emboar’s Ability all over again. Speed kills as they say. It is a play that may well be worth the risk.

  6. Petr Malasek

    To J-Wittz: Why you think the Samurott is a bad card? Please explain it…

    Sorry for my bad English… I’m from Europe…

  7. George

    J! Great thoughts on the game once again!

    In the playtesting I’ve done, I keep finding that higher Pokemon and Energy counts are needed due to the lowering draw powers with the HGSS-On rotation. Juniper will be crucial, so running higher Pokemon counts will allow you to discard without fear of losing set-up.

    On the Online-TCG game, I keep getting a Flash Player securtiy restriction notice and I haven’t been able to figure out what setting it is that is conflicting with the player. I only have had that problem from the home computer, so it has been a little frustrating.

    As for Samurott…I like the non-ability one better. Pike does 30 damage to both the active and one benched Pokemon for a DCE. With some new Pokemon only carrying 30-40 HP, this could be devastating. Also, it is one of the few BW Pokemon that can reach the bench. It has a sturdy 140 HP too. Downfall is Lightning…aka Zekrom though.

    What do you think?

  8. Steven Nilsen

    Josh, you should do with this what YOU want to do. I wholeheartedly recommend you stick to your ad lib format. Several good reasons. First, if you’re into art/music/entertainment than you know performers are best when they’re comfortable. Second, you’re good at the ad lib. There were a lot of rough cuts while you talked about the tournament, but after that it was pretty seamless. You know what I mean? Third, I like it better this way, but wait… that’s not a good reason. Third, it should take you less time, and you ARE in college now right? So, less time doing this means more time doing a whole lot of other things. That’s the best reason.

    Thanks for the entertainment. Don’t feel like you’ve got to keep it up though. You’re giving away too much good info!!!

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