Professor Juniper (Black & White BW 101) – Card of the Day

pokebeach.comHey guys! It’s Dane again, and I’m here with a brand-new Black & White card of the day.

As the only Supporter in the set, Professor Juniper better be good. Let’s check. . . . .yep, it is. The text is simple: “Discard your hand and draw 7 cards.” Reminds ya of Professor Oak from Base set, huh. At first glance, this card seems pretty sucky. But let’s think of it’s uses…

#1: Gyarados

This card increases Gyarados power tremendously. Being able to discard all of your Magikarp at once, and then being able to draw 7 more cards? Unbelievable!

With this card (and the Black & White rules), it’s possible to get a Turn 1 Gyarados swingin’ for 90 (or 110 with an Expert Belt). I have one thing to say about this: Sweet. :)

#2: Hand Refresher

Tired of crappy hands? Why not get a new one! Call 1-800-REFRESH today! But wait. If you call now, we’ll throw in a second new hand, plus a free Supporter card for your new deck! So call now!

There is one downside though…. listen to this situation.

This is your current hand: P Energy, Gastly, Gloom, Unown Q, Professor Juniper. You draw a card. That card is Professor Juniper. You only have 2 Professor Junipers in the deck, and this is early game. You have no other hand refreshers (i.e. PONT, Judge, Giratina’s “Let Loose”).

But the rest of the cards in your hand are useless. Do you use Professor Juniper and sacrifice the other? Or do you keep your hand the way it is? Both options seem pretty risky to me.

So saying that, I think that Professor Juniper should be rated a 4 out of 5. It’s an amazing card that has tons of possibilities, but problems like the one stated above are devastating. Thanks for reading, and I’ll see ya next time. Bye!

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  1. Anonymous

    Some risk, high return. I like the card, though I prefer PONT. Maybe this is just me, though; my deck uses a Ninetales draw engine and sometimes I’ll have a very large amount of cards in my hand.

  2. Anonymous

    i think this card is one of the most hyped cards in black and white. it can be good but other times be bad. i find that its mroe often bad then good. i dont think i have a hand when i really want to just discard it all. the only deck i ever fit it into was g-dos. and most the time i didnt want to play it cause i had some good cards like rescue energy in hand.

  3. craig wood

    But, best of all, this card can also be used if it’s the only card left in your hand… which is how I think it’s going to be used mostly…

    It’s almost like a new Uxie… almost…

  4. Blake Smith

    PONT for me. Not to say Juniper isn’t good, just situational.

  5. Aydan Aires

    Great CoTD from the new set! I think it’s a great card but the risk is certaintly there.

    Some thing that should be known is how this might become staple next season. Many decks will have it. And guess what a popular starter will be next season? Smeargle UD/CoL.

    This puts risk into “Portraiting” your opponents hand. Sounds fun though :)

  6. Anonymous

    I agree with some risk/high return, and it reminds me of Professor Oak, but my real comment on this is that I love the title. It sounds like an introductory class to the Pokemon TCG.

  7. Steven Nilsen

    Other than tactically discarding, I really don’t see why PONT wouldn’t be better in every situation. I like this card though and I would use it with PONT in the same deck, because are situational options. Run a bunch of both, have situational “fillers” that you can afford to dump, and you’ll have very strong draw power. 4 of these and 4 PONT plus legends boxes, and you’ll be swinging hard and fast.

  8. wisconsinsquad

    The card is awesome! It will be played in almost every deck.

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