Mandibuzz (Black & White BW 73) – Card of the Day

Hey guys! It’s Dane again, and I’d like to thank moasherstomper from the forums for requesting today’s COTD: Mandibuzz.

pokebeach.comMandibuzz is a Stage 1 Darkness Pokémon, which is great, as it can abuse Special Darkness energy. Mandibuzz has a nice 90 HP, a horrible x2 Weakness to Lightning (Zekrom is gonna be huge), an OK -20 Resistance to Fighting, a single Retreat Cost, and two amazing attacks.

Mandibuzz’s first attack, Blindside, costs a single Darkness energy, and says to choose one of your opponent’s Pokémon that has any damage counters on it, and do 50 damage to that Pokémon. 50 for one?????? That’s insane!!!! It will be in crazy power for Battle Roads, but unfortunately, Mandibuzz’s power will weaken when the HGSS-on format comes, as Crobat G will be gone.

Thankfully, Mandibuzz’s power does not end there: Punishment, for the cost of a Darkness and two Colorless, has a base damage of 40, but if the Defending Pokémon is a Stage 2, it does 40 damage plus 60 more!!! You can also abuse Special D Energy as I said above, so you can do a maximum of 140 damage (in the HGSS-on format)!! Mandibuzz has got some real power.

Mandibuzz would be a great backup attacker in Sabledonk if you don’t grab the donk. You could also use Honchkrow, but Mandibuzz has more power for a single energy. Mandibuzz has great versatility, in my opinion. You could throw him in a lot of decks, mainly as a Gengar counter (LostGar will still be popular in the HGSS-on format), and will work well.

But what if you don’t want to use Mandibuzz? What if you want to DESTROY him? Simple. Use Zekrom. Period.

Mandibuzz is a great Pokémon (even if he evolves from one of the ugliest Pokémon ever) that has a lot of power. In my opinion, Mandibuzz will soon become one of those huge techs that you’ll be worrying about at Nationals, Worlds, and next season as well. So I think that Mandibuzz deserves a 3.5 out of 5. I really wanted to give him a 4 out of 5, but considering that he is a different type (aka not colorless), he may not fit in every deck. Thanks for readin’, and I’ll see ya next time. Bye!

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  1. Anonymous

    Other notes about “the buzz”
    Like Yanmega, he allows you to stall against Donphan while picking off his (earthquake damaged) bench
    His dark typing means one can run both umbreon and mandibuzz as a tech without devoting too much in energy. If your opponent manages to get a machamp prime built up, (hopefully you’ll snipe it dead first), it’ll die in one hit even with resistance from a champ buster assuming only ONE benched pokemon has damage.
    As a lostgar counter, he’s twice as useful, able to both kill active Primes, and snipe gastly/haunter off the bench. With the loss of crobat G, he does best in spread decks, or decks running a kingdra prime tech, for example, water decks. Another option is in eeveelutions, use espeon non-prime to spread damage and then pick them off. Another option, interestingly enough, is in lostgar, if the opponent has a threat to your gengar, to snipe it out by placing damage counters, then picking off threats before they hit, giving you a viable second strategy. For example, you would cursed droplets 4 counters, one onto each of their basics (things like vullaby, eevee, murkrow, skorupi, and scraggy.) and then pick them off before they can get out their ohko-per-turn beast. Of course, you’ll not be lost zoning a pokemon that turn, but sometimes eliminating their “dark counter” is enough to seal the game.

  2. Anonymous

    I think it would be awesome if someone made a good Mandibuzz deck. I think someone was working on it in the forums (Ampharos Prime/Mandibuzz if I’m not mistaken). Cool card, nice article.

  3. Adam Capriola

    I think it’s a cool card that has some potential. Sniping ability and 100 for 3 by a Stage 1 are pretty sweet.

    • Emil lumen  → Adam

      It really is, great with crobat G or kingdra prime for the new format, and great against donphan/machamp decks cause donphan hurts its bench and machamp is a stage 2 pokemon.

  4. DrMime

    Could serve as a nice combined tech with Zoroark. I’d love to run 1-1 Zoroark and use its first search-for-any-card attack, but including the darkness energy and the trainers needed to search that energy out kind of weighs a deck down. But maybe if I ran both Zoroark and Mandibuzz, I’d get more mileage out of that darkness energy…

  5. Garrett Williamson

    mandibuzz/Kingdra prime. it works pretty well and kicks the crap out of donphan. lol

    • Sam Stevens  → Garrett

      but loses damage output to reshiboar/reshiphlosion, seeing as how kingdra only does 20, mandibuzz takes 3 turns to ko emboar as it should never be active… and reshiram is basic so atmost you can do under half its health in 1 attack, meaning thats still 3 attacks without a plus power…. and everyone knows by now how big reshi-based decks will be. aswell as both mandibuzz and kingdra being weak to zekrom, another heavy contender… these dragon tanks are just ridiculous really

  6. Anonymous

    I like how you took half a point off because it was “dark” and not “colorless.” :P

    For serious, Mandibuzz is amazing in MD-on, but might go good with Kingdra Prime for HGSS-on. Spray Splash – Snipe – Spray Splash – Snipe, etc. Also TTar Prime’s Darkness Howl and a Mandibuzz snipe could work.

  7. Emil lumen

    Why would someone attach 3 energies to a zekrom just to do 120 on a 90 hp pokemon, 240 since its weakness and force zekrom to take 40 damage that seems really UN-PRO A simple cinncino will take care of it, or a jumpluff. Or a Mareep with a expert belt and 2 plus power KO or a Mareep with black belt and do 100! if mandibuzz is a serious problem. 

    Zekrom isnt that great.

    • Anonymous  → Emil

      They don’t have to. You see, Zekrom has this nifty thing called ANOTHER ATTACK. You can kill a Mandibuzz with just one simple word: “Outrage”. All you need is 5 damage counters (or 4 & and a PlusPower) and you one-shot it. If you don’t like my articles, don’t read them. Got it? Sheesh…

      • Emil lumen  → Anonymous

        If your gonna mention the weakness of a card, mention what you can play to protect your cards. I didnt say i dont like your articles, you could just use some work on how you display Cards of the day, if you dont like how people think about your articles then maybe you should quit writing them or put better thought into. I like reading CoTD cause i wonder what unique combos works well with them, but you didnt post anything mandibuzz can combo with, only what can kill it. (Like Crobat G or Kingdra Prime, great combos)

        PS: If your gonna call people 5 yr olds and tell them to stop reading articles then maybe your not ready for the internet.

      • Jorge Davila  → Anonymous

        by the time u get 5 Damage counters on will be dead..duh you put more thought into your articles.(im not just saying)

        • Emil lumen  → Jorge

          Oh and its just 3 damage counter for zekrom to do 50 outrage damage x2 to KO mandibuzz, not 5 last name or 4 dane. Zekrom can set up fast but onces you bench those pachirusu and shaymin and that zekrom gets KOed the Deck is done. 

          Super scoop up is too flippy and seeker takes 1 turn and if you bench more pachis and shaymin, your whole field will be cluttered, and you’ll hardly have lightning energies in your hand. So Zekrom isnt that BIG.

  8. Jorge Davila

    you have been mentioning zekrom for 3articles now its annoying..yeahyeah. No but seriously is that all you think about zekrom? pretty sure their are other lighting types that can one shot pikachu..and once again..ZEKROM sucks it can get one shoted by zorark for only to energys way faster..and zekrom can get KO by a yea stop dick riding zekrom n reshiram..because they are not all that great..too much credit for stupid pokemon..cause of course they would have powerful attacks cuz they are legends..but can get KO very quick.. reshiram can get one shoted by a bibarel with a pluspower

    • Anonymous  → Jorge

      They are not stupid, they are very powerful Pokemon. Stop reading my articles if you don’t like them. How old are you, 5? Seriously.

      • Jorge Davila  → Anonymous

        are you 5?..all you talk about is a lil kid..i will stop reading them when you stop mentioning zekrom and reshiram

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