Mew Prime (Triumphant TM 97) – Card of the Day

Hey guys! As requested by bhernandez from the forums, today’s Card of the Day is Mew Prime.

Mew Prime is certainly an interesting card. At first glance, Mew Prime looks horrible. 60HP and an attack that does NO damage… What the heck is this supposed to do!? However, if you look closely, Mew Prime’s Poké-Body closely resembles Mew ex’s body, and Mew ex was an amazing card. Mew’s Poké-Body says “Mew can use the attacks of all Pokémon in the Lost Zone (both yours and your opponent’s). (You still need the necesary Energy to use each attack.)

In theory, that’s awesome, but then how do you get the Pokémon in the Lost Zone? Not to worry, because Mew Prime also bears the attack “See Off”, which tells you to search your deck for a Pokémon and put it into the Lost Zone.

Not too long ago, Jimmy Ballard and Colin Peterik got together and created the deck “MewPerior”, which focuses on getting Rhyperior LV.X into the Lost Zone and using Mew Prime’s Poké-Body, “Lost Link”, to use Rhyperior LV.X’s 0 Energy attack, Hard Crush, which says “Discard the top 5 Cards of your deck. This attack does 50 damage times the number of Energy you discarded.“. Since MewPerior runs anywhere from 25 to 32 Energy cards, this attack can do massive amounts of damage for 0 Energy. But why has this deck not become the most broken deck in the universe? Let’s find out…

Dialga G LV.X: MewPerior relies on using Mew’s Poké-Body, Lost Link, to use Rhyperior LV.X’s “Hard Crush” attack. But seeing how Dialga G LV.X is such a popular card, MewPerior just becomes dead meat. You better have a back-up attacker if you want any chance of using MewPerior at a tournament and performing well.

60 HP: A 60 HP main attacker? That ain’t gonna work! Almost every deck that performs well at tournaments use attacks that do 60 damage or more. It’s gonna be tough work keeping Mew alive for so long.

That’s why MewPerior didn’t perform so well. But is MewPerior Mew Prime’s only use? No way!!

A somewhat popular deck right now is called Mewdos. Mewados focuses on Lost Zoning Gyarados and getting all four Magikarp in the discard pile to use Gyarados’s “Tail Revenge” attack for a whopping 120 damage. It doesn’t win tournaments, but it is an uprising deck that you need to be prepared to face up against. In fact, at Regionals, I lost to a Mewdos deck, both at surprise and the fact that they’re doing 120-140 damage a turn. This deck usually performs better than MewPerior because Mewdos is equpped with a back-up attacker: Gyarados himself.

But still, this deck has the same problems MewPerior has: Dialga G LV.X and a 60 HP main attacker.

What about in the new HGSS-On format? Does Mew have potential there?

Well, the answer to that is “maybe”. People are talking about it making LostGar faster, even in the HS-On format. I’ve heard that people are still having trouble with getting it to actually work, but who knows? Maybe someone will come along and make it a viable deck (like Andrea Ceolin did to LostGar for the MD-CL format at the ECC).

I’m sure Mew has many other purposes, but let’s face it: Those 2 problems I stated above make it extremely hard for Mew to perform well. So after all this, I think I should give Mew a 2.5 out of 5. I’m pretty sure that a lot of you would want at least a 3, mainly because Dialga G LV.X is getting rotated, but I believe that the 60 HP, even in the new format, is just too low for a main attacker. Believe me, I want to give him a 3 or higher as well, but I just can’t; his HP destroys him. Thanks for reading, and I’ll see ya next time. Bye!

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  1. Lee

    Other possibilities for the slower HGSS+ format for this guy are cards that hit for one Pyschic energy so you are already set up after you See Off em such as Crobat Prime for Severe Poison or Muk UD for Sludge Drag for a Gust of Wind that confuses and poisons (at least until Pokemon Catcher is released). After trying some of these, however, the decks just dont seem very viable as they take a few turns to get going and you are still left with the problem of a 60 HP attacker.

  2. Nilay Patel

    Sableock had a 60 hp attacker and it does absolutely fine. I dont think it is the Hp that makes it worse at all. The thing is that MewPerior can be an extremely fast deck getting setup on t2. If you keep KOing all the main attackers of the opponent, you will be just fine. The rating (like you said) should be 3 i think.

    • tim h  → Nilay

      I think Sablock is a completely different story, though. Sableye may have 60 hp, but it is really different to Mew in application.

      The second part, where you say ”

      If you keep KOing all the main attackers of the opponent, you will be just fine.” is good and all, but consider that mew has 60 hp and will likely to be ohko’d by almost any attack, also.

  3. Tamao Cameron

    Good one, your COTDs have definitely gotten a lot better Dane :)

    It could be interesting HGSS on, even things like jumpluff could benefit because a Stage 2 90hp pokemon is significantly worse than a basic 60, you never know. Definitely has some potential, but it’s really hard to tell atm. I guess the rating on this card is pretty much dependant on how good lostgar is next format really as that’s probably it’s best and most obvious synergy looking at the available cards.

  4. Jason Baird

    No mention for Lucario COL? That’s a pretty legitimate combo, from what I’ve heard.

  5. Anonymous

    How much Hp do you need to survive a OHKO in HGSS format? Mew’s hp would almost be irrelevant if it had a low cost powerful attack to duplicate. Other than Gengar Prime, I don’t see any attacks working for Mew.

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