PokéClass Episode 27 – What to Expect at UK Nationals

This week is all about what you should be anticipating coming up to UK Nationals! I cover almost every deck you will come across so that nothing will take you by surprise on the day. I also cover how to deal with random decks that may catch you off guard when it comes to the tournament!

Enjoy and please check out the article above as it will expand so much on this video :)


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  1. Stephan Deshazo

    I have to say the best deck for your nats is reshiram emboar with spirittomb as your starter you can slow down gyayrados and one shot almost anything in luxchomp and vilegar play it cropats and plus powers for more damage this deck can be a heavy hitter 

  2. Ross Gilbert

    Good video as always Dan! I very much hope i get to play ya at Nats. Apparently we’ve met at prereleases in Ripley. I don’t remember it but my girlfriend swears blind we did so i’m inclined to believe her (and she is a lot smarter than me!)

    You’re right about the rogues too. I can tell you for certain there will be decks there not mentioned in your article. Look out for anyone with “Team Chimera” shirts on, you won’t find much metagame ;)

    • Daniel Middleton  → Ross

       You certainly have Ross :) I’ve been at pretty much every tournament that you have. I was the one at Manchester when you commented on my Chatot playmat!
      Man, Chimera shirts sound great! I’ll look out for them haha
      I would say I hope to play you, but I know what you’ve been playing recently and it doesn’t sound too nice ;) Congrats on your BR win btw. I read about it on 6P forums.

      See you soon and thanks for the comment!

  3. Alex Pike

    Nice vid Dan. Really good rundown.
    Hope to see you on some of the top tables :D 

  4. mikko.aarnos

    Great video, everything you said was pretty much description of Finnish Nationals as well. They were played some time ago but the meta is the same. First place in Seniors was MewGyarados, terribly fast build with lots of Smeargles and all. Second Place in Seniors was DialgaChomp, piloted by me. MewDos was just too fast to handle.

    MAsters First place was VIleLostGar, piloted by our best player at the moment, and he won the entire event for the fifth time. Second place was LuxChomp, not to much surprise. Player was no other than our 2007 Masters World Champ.

    Great games, Great tournament, i really want to see what wins or does well in UK.

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