6P T-Shirts Pre-order – NOW OPEN (for real this time + “Adam Goofed Special”)

Ok guys… I’m ready to rock ‘n’ roll with this. Here are the details:

Thanks again to Jordan B. from SizableLion.com for making this design happen!
  • Design will be screen-printed on super soft and comfortable American Apparel model 2001 white t-shirts
  • Sizes XS through XXXL available (click here for sizing)
  • $19.99 per shirt ($17.99 for Underground Members)
  • Shipping in the US: $4.99 for 1-2 shirts, $9.99 for 3-4 shirts, etc… can ship up to 2 shirts in 1 package
  • Shipping Internationally: $10.99 for 1 shirt, $15.99 for 2 shirts, etc… will combine to save you as much on shipping as possible. International rates are kinda weird since the USPS is a mess.

Last time we got shirts made I ended up ordering way too many, so this time the shirts will only be available through this pre-order. So if you want one… order now!

The way it’ll work is that I’ll take pre-orders through next Sunday (June 5th), then Monday morning (June 6th) I’ll place the order with the screen-printer. They’ve told me it takes about a week and a half to get the shirts made (depending on how many orders we get), so I’m just going to estimate that the shirts will be done by Monday June 20th at the latest.

As soon as the shirts are done, I’ll pick them up and ship them ASAP via USPS First Class Mail. It usually takes ~3 days for continental shipping via First Class and maybe ~10 days for international shipments.

So at the latest, US people will get their shirts by the first week of July (in time for Nationals). International peeps will get their shirts during the 2nd week of July.

In all, it’ll be able 3-4 weeks before you have your t-shirt in hand, so please be patient. :)


I know some of you were asking for UG t-shirts and this was the simplest thing I could come up with. You guys have the option for ordering a black t-shirt! They don’t say Underground on them (it’s the same design as above), but you’ll be able to stick out and spot other Underground members with them pretty easily.

Again, this is an exclusive for you guys. You can get the white t-shirt if you prefer that instead, but I just wanted to make the option available for all of you as something special.


Below are the order forms. Normal members will see 1 form for the white t-shirts, and Underground members will see a 2nd form for the black t-shirts.

Payment is processed through PayPal, but you can also pay via Debit or Credit Card if you don’t have a PayPal account (or cannot access it…).

Ordering is closed, thanks so much to everyone who ordered a shirt!


I stopped by the American Apparel store at the King of Prussia mall last night and tried on a few different sizes so you can get a gauge on what size might fit you best.

For reference, I’m about 5’11” and 151 pounds (180.3 cm and 68.64 kilos for people more familiar with SI measurements) (also sorry I am unshaved and look like a trucker) (click pictures to enlarge).

Size Small

Size Medium

Size Large

Personally I’m going with a Large since I like a more relaxed fit and I expect it to shrink a little bit (as the shirt is 100% cotton), but hopefully those pictures help you out.

Again, I recommend checking the sizing chart and comparing the measurements to some t-shirts you already own using a tape measure. Or you could always go to your nearest American Apparel store and try one on (ask for model 2001).

Any questions, please leave a comment or e-mail me and I’ll get back to you ASAP. Thanks to everyone that has left input on the shirt the past couple weeks… they are going to be SWEET!!

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  1. Derek Coontz

    Haha no big don’t worry about it. Sadly I don’t have the cash to dish out for one of these but I’d love to try and nab one before Nats..

  2. Olliver Barr

    I was thinking that the shirt should say ‘it happens every time’ and have 2 pokedrawers on it. Unfortunately it’s too late now :P

  3. craig wood

    Ordering for the White one is still fuxx0red…

    Adam, can you fix this? I’d like to have one of each, and ordering together would be the easiest way…

    all the best


    • Adam Capriola  → craig

      I am completely inept… :O

      It should be working again now, let me know. I had to edit the post once earlier today and that might have thrown things off. I just recopied the code from PayPal and it seems to be working on my end.

      • craig wood  → Adam

        OK, it didn’t seem to like the Medium White order, but let me order a Large… then I found I had medium AND a large ordered so I deleted the Large, and left the Medium.

        So – to recap, a medium in both colours. Then payPal didn’t take me to the ‘confirmed payment page but DID confirm the payment by email.


        let me know if this doesn’t make sense…

  4. Ethan M.

    You should totally order a few extra of these and give them away in contests or something as a prize. (:

  5. Ethan M.

    You should totally order a few extra of these and give them away in contests or something as a prize. (:

    • Adam Capriola  → Ethan

      I’ll probably get a few extra, I don’t really like doing contests thought just because they usually end up being some luck of the draw kind of thing. If you think of a legit contest idea let me know though!

        • Adam Capriola  → Ethan

          I’ll hold one for you at $17.99, just e-mail me at adam@sixprizes.com once you get paid. The order forms will be taken down by that date, so I’ll have to give you other instructions.

          Also what size do you want?

  6. Steven Nilsen

    You might find this annoying, but I would only ever order this in black.  But I can’t.  Pbbbbt

  7. Augustine Lim

    Hi Adam,
    The shirt is looking good! Definitely getting one.
    FYI, I dropped you a mail cause I got the wrong size; I forgot that the US sizes are a little bigger then what we have here in Singapore.

  8. Rokman

    It isn’t worth getting an underground membership just for the black shirt…… unless I’m wiriting for it. ;P

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