Klinklang (Black & White BW 76) – Card of the Day

pokebeach.comHey guys! Thank you Grant O’Brien for suggesting today’s CoTD: Klinklang.

Klinklang is certainly an interesting Pokémon. Let’s start with his stats: he’s a Metal-typed Stage 2 with 140 HP. If it wasn’t for Reshiram, this guy so far is pretty good. He has a standard x2 Weakness to Fire, a mediocre -20 Resistance to Psychic, and a 3 Retreat Cost.

Since almost all good Pokémon nowadays have a high Retreat Cost, this cost doesn’t really hinder me from using it. It’s mainly the Weakness that I hate, but that’s what he has. Let’s take a look at his attacks.

First off, Kilnklang has an Ability called “Shift Gear”, which allows you to move M Energy from any of your Pokémon to any of your other Pokémon as much as you’d like each turn. Not great, but I see some potential with Steelix Prime.

Klinklang also has an attack called “Gear Grind”. Are you ready? Don’t brace yourselves. For the cost of MCC, Gear Grind at first looks pretty good with 80× as it’s damage. But when you read that you need to flip 2 coins and this attack does 80 damage for each heads, well… that’s a whole other side to the story. That’s pretty bad.

First off, there are no — I repeat, no — good Pokémon with a Metal Weakness, there’s really no point in using it to attack.

On average, it pops out 80 damage, but with Reshiram and Zekrom that do 120 damage for the same amount of Energy, it doesn’t really compete. Yeah, Klinklang could possibly do 160 damage, but he could also do 0 damage. So what would you prefer: a dead-set 120 damage (Reshiram & Zekrom) or flipping coins for the possibility of doing 160 damage. I’d choose the former. But earlier, I did say that his Ability could have some potential with Steelix Prime. Let’s take a look into that.

pokebeach.comAs stated above, Klinklang’s Ability allows you to move M Energy from Pokémon to Pokémon as much as you’d like each turn. Also stated above, I said that it could possibly have some potential with Steelix Prime. So let’s say that you had a Steelix Prime (5 energy) active, and your bench was as follows: Klinklang (0 energy), Steelix Prime (0 …), Cleffa (0 …), & Tyrogue (0 …).

You both have 1 Prize card left. Your opponent does 120 damage to Steelix with his Zekrom. You need to heal Steelix, and fast. But you don’t have the ability to heal 120 damage in one turn. So what you would do is Switch your active with your benched Steelix with a fresh 140 HP, then use Klinklang’s Shift Gear ability to move all five of your damaged Steelix’s Energy to your brand-new Steelix. Voila.

You have a fresh, new Steelix with already enough energy to “Gaia Crush” your opponent’s damaged Zekrom and take the last Prize card. It’s situational, but as stated above, it could win games.

So after weighing out his pros and cons, I decided to give him a 2 – 2.5 out of 5. He does have potential in Steelix, and could possibly become a staple, but that’s about it. Thanks for reading, and I’ll see ya next time. Bye!!! :D

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  1. Anonymous

    Beartic will have metal weakness (just sayin’).

    Anyways, I think it might work as a support line, but I don’t really like it too much.

    • Anonymous  → Anonymous

      Well I didn’t mention that for 1) I totally forgot about it, and 2) it hasn’t been released yet. Still, thanks for the comment.

  2. Anonymous

    I say this to “Last Name First Name” and”Froztblood”: I mention Reshiram & Zekrom because they are both powerful decks that have been extremely successful for all who have tested it. I agree that Zekrom isn’t as good as Reshiram, but he still poses a threat. I’m sorry if you don’t like that, but maybe you just shouldn’t bother reading my articles. I write articles based off of people’s suggestions, and people sometimes suggest cards that get destroyed by Reshiram & Zekrom. And with that, I rest my case.

        • Jorge Davila  → Willy

          ok i will..and unlike Dane..i will mention cards that you can combo with the card that i talk about..not just how it can get one shot..and, i wont mention zekrom in every article like him..because i can think of other lighting pokemon that are strong

        • Anonymous  → Jorge

          dude… stop being such a dick. why do you even read my articles in the first place if you don’t like reshiram and zekrom? i’m gonna mention them, and you can’t stop me from doing that. you can have your opinion, that’s fine, but just stop trollin’ at everyone.

        • Jorge Davila  → Anonymous

          im not being dick..lol its not that i don’t like them.Its just that your makeing reshiram and zekrom sound like they are the best cards ever..when they are not.Your right i can’t stop you from writing your articles..but you can’t stop me from reading your articles..I will stop reading your articles when you stop makeing good cards or cards with some potential sound bad.Also you could try and good articles about they cards not just “OH it will just get one shoted by zekrom and reshiram” and then give the card a low score because of it.

  3. Emil lumen

    Been Reading your articles for a while and in almost every article your mentioning how the card will just get one shotted by reshiram and zekrom. Theres other pokemon that do 100+ damage, if you keep this up. All everyone is gonna play is zekrom and reshiram. Yes klinkklang is weak against fire, but its not for reshiram to one shot, its to use his shift gear ability, and its not just for steelix, its for decks that find ways to add steel energies from deck or hand and attach it around. I know your mentioning zekrom and reshiram cause there new, but your giving those cards too much credit

  4. Jorge Davila

    hey Dane..is that all you can mention zekrom and reshiram..zekrom sucks it does 40 to it self..your just asking to kill yourself and two..with if your useing reshiram and your opponent use’s zorark for only two energy zorark can  do the same attack. But with only two energys n he doesnt have to discard..Also klinklang is ment for his ability not for attacking..If you were smart, you would know that..SO all in all zekrom and reshiram suck because they can be one shoted by zorark.

    • Anonymous  → Jorge

      I know that Kilnklang is used for it’s ability, I’m not a dumb@$$. First off, Reshiram and Zekrom do not suck; Reshiboar is a very powerful deck that has done very well in testing, and the same with Zekrom. Secondly, Zoroark can’t one shot Reshiram without a PlusPower/Special Dark. So if you don’t like my articles, just shut up and stop reading them. Let’s not act like 5-year-olds from now on, OK? OK.

      • Jorge Davila  → Anonymous

        ..zekrom hurts its self for 40..whats the point..its a dumb card..and reshiboar is just eh..its a wanna be blastgr..so if it plays that..its done..

        • wyeth miller  → Jorge

          Your not gonna say zekrom’s bad when he’s hitting
          you on the first turn for 120. and as for reshiboar
          he takes a stage two and a basic, whereas
          blastgatr takes two stage two’s! not to mention
          reshiboar can abuse ninetails.

        • Jorge Davila  → wyeth

          you would be hitting of 1st turn if you into the right hand..chances are you want..and then u can get one shoted next turn..why would you hit yourself for fourty..just to knock out a basic that would most likely have 60-80HP?

        • Emil lumen  → wyeth

          Zekrom can hit you first turn but you have to start off with 3 lightning energies and 1 zekrom and 1 pachi and 1 shaymin, not every duel you’ll start off with a zekrom (active), a collector and 3 lightning energies in your hand. 

          I’ve played against zekroms and once you KO the first one, there pretty much slowed down for the duel and everytime zekrom uses his 120 attack he’s dropped to 90hp easy to KO back. So he’s ok but not that great that he’s hyped up to be.

        • Emil lumen  → wyeth

          See you cant always start off with a zerkrom and have 3 lightning energies in your hand and a collector to grab pachi and shaymin to your hand and KO your opponent first turn, glad you agreed with me.

        • Anonymous  → wyeth

          Frotzblood and Last Name First Name, quit trolling.

          Mentioning Zekrom and Reshiram is important. They will be good cards next format and are good cards in this format. Yes, there could be better variety in mentioning other cards (Donphan, Blastoise, RDL, Magnezone, etc.), but he does not deserve this type of backlash.

          It’s not much different than doing CoD’s now and having to examine whether or not any given card can stand up against Luxray, Garchomp, Gengar SF, Machamp SF, etc.


        • Emil lumen  → Anonymous

          Im not Trolling. I wrote everything in a calm manner, and even put down combos that work with cards that someone did not mention. I understand Zekrom and Reshiram being awesome but isn’t every pokemon card unique? Instead of exploiting its weakness, put in ways it can fight against its weakness, and comparing Klinklang’s damage output to a basic let alone a legendary pokemon is a real cheap shot, if reshiram and zekrom’s 120 damage really is that much than why bother talking about other cards if reshi and zekrom will just kill it? 

          I’ll stop if the CoTD is not just mentioning the weakness of a card but combos that works with it, I actually learned more about klinkklang by reading the comments other people wrote down, like Max potion and blissey prime. I have read everyone esle’s CoTD other than Dane, they write more combos for the card and not just say zekrom or reshiram will just kill it 

          Im sorry, but Im not hear to troll, if you don’t like my reply than next time you mention how zekrom and reshiram will just kill a pokemon, write in ways people can fight that card back, mention defenders, zoroark, just something not just (oh reshiram/Zekrom will just derp it)

        • Anonymous  → Emil

          Well excuse me for not being 20 years old. Ya gotta admit that I’m doing pretty well for a 12-year-old just exiting 6th grade. Sorry if my articles are not the quality of which you would like to see, and I do try to improve. I will try next time to make you happy, and Last Name First Name, too. I’m not gonna stop mentioning Zekrom & Reshiram, though, but I will try to add in ways to counter them. Happy?

        • Emil lumen  → Anonymous

          Age has nothing to do with it, I’ve just join pokemon tcg a month ago so i dont really know all of the cards, that’s why I read articles and CotD. I dont know if your doing pretty well, and are you sure your even allowed to be on the internet? You seem to get really mad and not care about what other people think if they’re against your ideals, you could keep writing about reshiram and zekrom one shotting other cards, but then you’ll sound really boring and stale, do something new, make the deck before you talk about a card, people read articles to learn combos from people who’ve played them not just to read the same thing the card says.

        • Anonymous  → Emil

          If you’ve just joined the tcg, then you have no right to diss me, or anyone else, for that matter.

        • Jorge Davila  → Anonymous

          Im not trolling..and how is it important to know that they are good cards?..Its a basic with 130Hp, isn’t that good enough? and make me chill..im just saying why couldn’t he mention that reshiram can get one shoted by a bibarel or by a slowbro?..it’s not fair to other good cards..Next then you Dane will be talking about a trainer and say”Buts what point zekrom will just kill it”

      • Jorge Davila  → Ethan

        zekrom does suck. It hurts itself..and reshiram whats the point?.Im better off useing my deck that whooped 2reshiboar so bad.. same goes for zekrom

        • Jorge Davila  → Ethan

          Ok..so you need damge for that attack to do more damage..You DO know that right?

        • Garrett Williamson  → Jorge

          Bauffalant, cinccino, zoroark, donphan, machamp prime, magnezone, reshiram, RDL, need I go on?

          Now what else can one shots blastoise? Magnezone, RDl, ERL, Reshiram, Samourott, Typhlosion (rare), Raichu prime, raichu hgss and more.

          Take into account that what some of the cards (Bauffalant, cinccino) that one shot zekrom depend on is the damage on him as well the cards that one shot blastoise depend on plus power.

        • Jorge Davila  → Garrett

          if u dont have pluspower all of ur fire pokemon are done..

          AND if reshiram adn zekrom are important cards to know about, why hasn’t Dane talked about them as the COTD..i think i know why..because then he would have to talk their weakness and give them low score’s..But since he dick rides them he wouldnt write about them

          You also think they are AMAZING cards..what deck you run?

        • Anonymous  → Jorge

          I would not give them bad scores because their weaknesses are not horrible. I am currently useing ReshiBoar and loving it. My friend Trent is using Zekrom and loving it. Also, Zekrom & Reshiram don’t NEED to be done as CoTD’s. The are such well-known and POWERFUL cards that everyone already knows what they do. I personally would give Reshiram a 4 out of 5, and Zekrom a 3.5 – 4 out of 5.

          Also, I don’t dick ride. Even if I did, you wouldn’t know because you spend so much time sucking yours. Now stop trolling and SHUT THE F**K UP!!!! >:O

    • Garrett Williamson  → Jorge

      You seem to be riding Zekrom’s dick harder than Dane. He just mentions the two most obvious and hyped cards. Which both are just used as examples. And the second you see their names you devote half your day to whining about it.

      Seriously, on every one of his articles you see the name “Zekrom” or “Reshiram” and then you feel the need to punch your cat.

      How about instead of those 2 and just mentions ERL in every article? Considering it’s a basic and hits for lightning and fire weakness.

      • Jorge Davila  → Garrett

        ..its annoying, within the 1st paragraph he talks about how those two legends can one shot the cards he talks about.Instead of talking about what cards you can use to combo with them, pokemon is not only about one shoting..and how am i riding zekrom dick?..and i devoted like 15minz..lol

        PS: I don’t have a cat..thats jeremii

        • Anonymous  → Jorge

          within the 1st paragraph i mention them because they are kick ass cards that are going to do very well in competitive play, and will — i repeat, WILL — destroy all metal decks. .l.

        • Jorge Davila  → Anonymous

          OK..but what if you don’t a metal deck?..and you play a water deck.Then you would get destroyed..

          PS:Not everyone plays metal decks..because their are other kinds of decks

        • Willy Goebel  → Jorge

          ive got an idea. make a good deck with klinklang and test it against reshiram and zekrom. write an article about how that goes.

        • Jorge Davila  → Willy

          ive got and idea to..How about you make me?..and you can write an article about how that goes?..what if i do beat reshiram with a klinklang deck?..and how about you make a good reshiram deck and test it against a good blastgatr deck.Ive also notice that like 3-5 ppl are gaining up against me and Froztblood..and you guys are loseing..lol fail

        • Willy Goebel  → Jorge

          you are in no position to determine who is losing or winning. the only way to see who is right and who is wrong is to test it out

        • Jorge Davila  → Willy

          i can determine all i want..because it is true and you can’t touch my perfect body

          why don’t you test out reshiram vs blastgatr

        • Garrett Williamson  → Jorge

          That comment just determined you maturity level…

          I think you’re finished here.

        • Jorge Davila  → Garrett

          No i don’t..im just saying. Since all you guys wanna say is “this card is bad because zekrom can kill it..and reshiram can kill that..so im saying blastgatr can one shot a reshiboar

        • Garrett Williamson  → Jorge

          I not once said any cotds were bad. I actually think that this card can be very good with steelix and blissy prime. What gets annoying is that you complain about what Dane’s article says and you bitch and moan instead of giving any helpful insight yourself.

        • Jorge Davila  → Garrett

          well..its not my article its his..he has to help himself or learn from his mistakes..and u complaining to me is also annoying..

          HGSSPRIME..well your just a bad card

        • Anonymous  → Jorge

          I have learned from my mistakes. The only mistake here on this page was you and Froztblood commenting. I repeat once again, SHUT THE F**K UP!!!

  5. Mekkah

    I threw a line of these into Scizor Prime, it’s pretty great when it gets up. With Conductive Quarry out of the format, Scizor has no way to get the special Metals back from the discard, so being able to keep them in play is great. Klinklang is a lot like Meganium Prime, including the whole “weak to Fire” thing (both for itself and attackers), which hurts a lot. It allows for similar combos with the main attackers: Switch/Seeker, Super Scoop Up, or just moving Energy to the Bench before the Active is KO’d.

    Gear Saucer is just bad, but at least it can use the Special Metal on its own 140 HP to tank for a bit if you have no Steelix or Scizor left on your bench.

  6. Jacob Aguirre

    Not a bad article. You shouldn’t compare this card’s damage output to Reshi/Zek though…this is a stage 2, not a basic. If anything, compare to other Stage 2 cards.

  7. Sam Stevens

    shift gear works in combo with blissey prime and max potion (when released) to move the energy off your attacker to fully heal it then move them back… also shift gear moves metal energy nothing to do with metal pokemon, so it can be used to pay for colorless cost (but non metals don’t get special metal’s armor)

  8. Curtis Hill

    Pretty Good article.

    Klinklang could be good once max potion comes out, but for now he’s pretty much just trade-bait in my opinion.

    As for everyone getting all uppity over the fact he’s talking about Zekrom and Reshiram, it isn’t because Dane loves those cards it’s because they are clear and away stronger and faster then most other options for HGSS-on.
    I do agree that zekrom is weaker than reshiram but they’re both strong cards that due to their hype and ease of access (tin promos) are going to see a lot play.  Thats why he’s mentioned both legends in his articles, because they are going to be played alot and if a card/deck folds to them its not likely going to be worth playing with.

  9. Jak Stewart-Armstead

    Zekrom and Reshiram are going to be big cards in HGSS-BW. That should be bloody obvious.

    If someone reviews a card without taking that into account, they aren’t doing their job.

    Klinklang just doesn’t do enough to justify the space and resources it needs. Energy Trans Stage 2s with terrible attacks very rarely do.

    • Garrett Williamson  → Jak

      Exactly. that’s why Megainium prime was never good. The best combo I see hyere is with Steelix and blissy prime. Move metals off, drop blissy, move metals back on.

  10. Amanda Barber

    Adam?  Perhaps a separate forum area on sixprizes for…the younger crowd…to post articles?  Perhaps the immaturity in posts and comments will be roped off (more so than it is now at least) from those of us who want to learn here.  Just a suggestion.

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