Vote for Writer of the Month – May 2011

Awhatup 6P?

My old Myspace default pic... lol

This month we had a 21 different writers contribute! That’s down from last month when we had 24 different people write, but 21 is still a huge number and I think that’s awesome.

But most importantly, I think the past month was easily the best month in terms of article quality (at least in my opinion). There were excellent articles being sent in and published almost every single day; I was/am thoroughly impressed.

I really want to thank everyone for stepping up and sending it some really great content. The site is nothing without you guys, and I’m just really appreciative of the effort I can tell everyone puts into their articles. I try to do my best to edit them and make them look great on the site, but it’s really all you guys, so thanks. :)

Anyway, it’s time to vote for your favorite writers from last month!

As always, the top 10 vote getters will receive a FREE month subscription to SixPrizes Underground!

I’ll probably end up expand that number to 11 or 12… I’ll see how close the voting is at the end.

If YOU would like to become a contributor to the site (and have a chance to snag one of those free UG memberships), check out the instructions here.


Vote for your 4 favorite writers from last month (May 2011).

Poll closes Sunday June 5th at 11:59 PM EST.

Please login or create your free account before you can vote.


Make sure you click “Submit” after you check off your selections!

In other news…


I know… I’m plugging this to death, but I want to make sure everyone knows about it since pre-orders end on Sunday.

Click here for more info and to order… I wanna see a sea of these shirts at Nats!

After Sunday the shirts will be gone, so order while you can.


I think I have another Pokémon related site/project I’m going to start working on soon. I’ll probably need some help with it… will post more info later. I’ve been brainstorming ideas, but need a day or two to do some research and collect my thoughts on paper.

Look for more info about that on the Facebook and Twitter in the coming days.

Aight well I guess that’s it for today… good luck to everyone in the poll!

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18 replies

  1. Anonymous

    Why didn’t you count CoTD’s as articles this time around?

  2. Jak Stewart-Armstead

    Ross seemed to have more fun at Nats than anyone, so he lived up to his article.

    Kingdra/Mandibuzz was the most interesting deck this month.

    Tough choices this time round.

  3. Henry Prior

    How can we see the current results after we’ve voted?

  4. Adam Capriola

    Note: Anyone caught cheating the voting system will be disqualified. I’m looking at IP addresses and I see some suspicious activity.

    • Adam Capriola  → Adam

      I’m just gonna call people out so they don’t do it again:

      Henry Prior – Voted with 2 accounts – “Henry Prior” and “Ash Katsup” (clever)

      The Purple Pro – Voted with 3 accounts – “The Purple Pro”, “PokeMaster”, and “JSG G”

      Any votes you guys cast are invalidated. Please don’t try to game the system, it’s a pain for me to go through this stuff and it ruins the poll for everyone.

    • Henry Prior  → Adam

      I had my little bro make an account to vote(he plays pogeymanz) is that OK? He will post here now he is Lost World

  5. Anonymous

    No traffic stats this time around?

    Whatever, *casts votes*

    • Adam Capriola  → Anonymous

      Not much noticeable difference from last month to this month. I’d post it but it would be kinda boring to look at I think.

  6. Mekkah

    Just noticed this:

    Vote for your 4 favorite writers from last month (April 2011).

    Who were your 4 favorite writers from May 2011?

    Might wanna fix that. :p

  7. Edgar F

    I hope I get some votes without some sort of proxy chained voting script helping me or anything. >_>

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