Mew Jr. Lock – A HS-on Lost World Deck

pokebeach.comI happened upon this idea when trying to build a HG-SS on LostGar; in the LostGar, like many others, I had Mew Prime to get a Turn 2 Hurl into Darkness while setting up a Gengar on the bench, and using Mime Jr. as an alternative starter, hopefully getting a Pokémon into the Lost Zone with Sleepy Lost.

I soon found that this deck was way too slow and I, more often than not, just used Mew Prime to do all the work, because Mew Prime could swarm and Gengar just wouldn’t stay alive long enough to put six of my opponents Pokémon into the Lost Zone.

So, I took out the full Gengar lines and tweaked the list a little in order to focus more on Mew. I found that I still had trouble with quickly getting things in the Lost Zone. This was because my opponent would either set up quickly and keep a small hand, or control his hand expertly so he wouldn’t have any Pokémon in there.

It was then that I concluded that the only way a Lost World deck could work is to add in even more disruption, so without further ado, the list.

Pokémon – 18

4 Mew Prime
4 Mime Jr. CL
2 Slowpoke UD
2 Slowking Prime
2 Spiritomb TR
1 Mr. Mime CL
3 Gengar Prime

Trainers – 27

3 Pokémon Communication
2 Revive
2 Switch
4 Seeker
4 Pokémon Collector
3 Judge
3 Twins
3 Professor Juniper
3 Lost World

Energy – 9

9 P

Extra Spaces: 5

This is just a rough list, with lots of space for personalized teching.

The Cards

Mew Prime

pokebeach.comYour main attacker, this frighteningly powerful and versatile kitty is used to put Gengar Prime into the Lost Zone with its attack “See Off,” for one P Energy, it states, “Search your deck for 1 Pokémon and put it into the Lost Zone. Shuffle your deck afterward.”

This attack, paired with its Poké-Body “Lost Link,” which allows Mew to use any attack of the Pokémon in the Lost Zone if it has the energy, is the heart and soul of this deck.

Its base stats are not too shabby either, the usual 60 HP for a basic, but free Retreat Cost is really good, especially in this deck where you need to be able to switch between Mew and Mime jr. depending on the number of Pokémon in your opponents hand and on top of their deck. No resistance is ok, and a X2 weakness to Psychic is better in a HG-SS on format than MD on.

Mime Jr.

A decent backup attacker in this deck, but excellent when used in combination with Slowking. His attack, for no energy, “Sleepy Lost,” says, “Put the top card of your opponent’s deck in the Lost Zone. Mime Jr. is now asleep.” He has a Poké-body as well; it is called “Sweet Sleeping Face” and does not allow any damage to be done to Mimey while he is asleep.

His base stats are really terrible though, the 30 HP norm for HS on babies, no resistance, no weakness, and the only good thing, free retreat. But in my opinion, Sweet Sleeping Face covers these bad aspects, most of the time.


Not really used for anything, except evolving into Slowking. Its attack “Rambunctious Party” (one C energy) can be useful in preventing a donk. It allows you to look at the top 5 cards of your deck and putting as many basic Pokémon you find there onto your bench.

Although not good, it is better than all the other Slowpoke in the format. Anyway, who doesn’t want to party with Slowpoke? (A rhetorical question, of course, everyone, deep down inside, knows they wants to party with Slowpoke)


pokebeach.comAn attack not worth mentioning, average HP and somewhat annoying 2 Retreat Cost, but a Poké-Power that is extremely useful. Anyone who has had this card employed against them or used themselves knows how irritating it can be.

The power, “Second Sight” states that, once per turn, you may look at the top three cards of either player’s deck and put them back in any order. Wow, just wow. Use it every turn on your opponent. Or in certain circumstances, if you are lucky enough to set up both, you can help yourself get what you want, while disrupting your opponent.

A couple examples of its many uses is if you know your opponent does not have any Pokémon in their hand for Mew to put into the Lost Zone, rearrange your opponent’s top deck so a Pokémon is on the top for Jr. to put there.

Or if your opponent’s bench is full, put a basic on top so your opponent can’t play it down and Mew can put in the Lost Zone next turn. There are just so many possibilities for this card.


Yet another card just used for its power. “Spooky Whirlpool” when you put Spiritomb onto your bench you opponent shuffles his hand into his deck and draws six cards, just more hand disruption, pure and simple.

Actually, it’s not that simple, this card can win or lose you the game, you might have a perfect lock, and they don’t have anything coming no Pokémon, nothing you can use against them. That is when I usually get impatient, and use it, losing me the game because my opponent gets search cards for what he needs.

The proper time to use it is early game for disruption, or when your opponent has somehow taken 3 or 4 Prizes and you need to get only a few more Pokémon in the Lost Zone to win the game, use it and hope he gets something good for you.

Mr. Mime

pokebeach.comThis deck, much like Sablock, thrives on the philosophy that knowledge is power. Mr. Mime’s Poké-Power allows you, once per turn, to have your opponent reveal his hand, the only drawback is you have to do the same, giving your opponent some power.

This Mime is in the deck to make sure that there are Pokémon in your opponent’s hand for Mew to “Hurl into the Darkness.”

Gengar Prime

Once described by one of my friends as the Pokémon who pushes little kids down at the playground and steals their lunch money, Gengar definitely lives up to this description. Its first attack “Hurl into Darkness,” for one P Energy, lets you put one Pokémon in your opponent’s hand into the Lost Zone for each P Energy attached to Gengar, or in this deck Mew, because Gengar is going to be in the Lost Zone.

The number for this one in the list is tricky, I prefer 2 just so I can have more tech space, but other people prefer 3 for its consistency.

Pokémon Communication

A staple, this card lets you exchange one of the Pokémon in your hand for one in your deck.


Puts one basic Pokémon from your discard pile onto your bench, no drawbacks other than it can be trainer locked. It lets you reuse Mew and Mime Jr.


pokebeach.comSwitch your active Pokémon with one of your benched, solves the retreat problem of Slowking/Mr. Mime/Spiritomb/anything you don’t feel like paying the Retreat Cost for. It also fixes over sleeping Mime Jr. Again could play more, but I like 2.


Each player returns one of his/her benched Pokémon to his/her hand. This powers up “Hurl into Darkness,” also makes “Spooky Whirlpool” reusable.

Pokémon Collector

3 Basics for free, this is almost too good to be true especially in a deck where most of the Pokémon are basic.


Each player shuffles his/her hand into their deck and draws 4 cards. This card offers disruption for your opponent and hand refreshment for you.


2 free cards, but only if I’m behind on prizes, man, that’s a gyp I plan on taking all of my prizes as fast as I ca… oh, never mind.

Professor Juniper

Right now a very controversial card, some like Professor Oak’s New Theory over this, but my play testing results have shown that Juniper has been superior, for this deck.

Lost World

pokebeach.comThe only practical way of winning a game with this deck, get 6 Pokémon into your opponents Lost Zone and declare yourself the winner.

P Energy

I don’t even know why these are in here!


As my league is small, and can’t make to many Meta decks, I’ll just stick to what I know. All of the matchups are HG on.

ReshiBoar / Reshiram with Typhlosion: favorable to slightly unfavorable

This matchup is all over the place, it really all depends on if they can set up Ninetales before you get the lock on them. But if you lock them you might have a chance.

This is my favorite matchup because of its unpredictability and it makes you really concentrate on the game at hand. For example, and my friend and I were playing a game, and I had teched in Muk UD, I Sludge dragged his Emboar 4 times and his energy acceleration was so good he was able to retreat it every turn. Here is a link to his list. Thanks for the great games pokemonfanatic.

Speed Zekrom: very unfavorable

Speed Zekrom can set up faster than you can, and the Pokémon count is unusually low. Your only hope is if they start really bad, and you get a turn 2 lock.

KingPhan: even to very favorable

They have a stage two and a stage one to set up, lots of things to put in the Lost Zone.

Steelix: favorable to laughably easily won

pokebeach.comA stage one with lots of techs, and a 5 energy cost attack before it can 1HKO a Mew.

DonChamp: very, very, very favorable

Another deck filled to the brim with Pokémon to hurl into the Lost Zone.

BlastGatr / anything with Feraligatr Prime: another easily won game

This deck takes loads of set up before it starts taking prizes. While Mew can be set up and start “Hurling into the Darkness” by turn two.

Extra Tech Options

Muk UD

“Sludge Drag,” Muk’s first attack, states that, for one P Energy, you switch the defending Pokémon with one of your opponents benched Pokémon, the new defending Pokémon is now confused and poisoned. Put him in the Lost Zone with Mew and stall by dragging up a high Retreat Cost tech or an attacker with no energy.

It also helps somewhat in taking an emergency prize, with its second attack “Pester” for PCC a base of 50 damage + 30 if the defending is affected by a special condition. This helps in the Donchamp, BlastGatr, Steelix, KingPhan matchups immensely.

Crobat Prime

For one P EnergySevere Poison,” poisons the defending Pokémon, but instead of 1 damage counter in between turns 4 are placed. It helps in the same matchups as Muk, but can be advantageous in other circumstances as well. Like if your opponent has an active Donphan, no energy in hand, and you have the lock, you KO the Donphan and he is forced to play with a useless hand and field.

Rotom UD and Alph Lithograph 4

pokebeach.comI know, I know, the reason for playing 2 or 3 Gengar is to prevent this from happening, but it has happened to me during multiple occasions, all of my Gengar Prime were prized, and this deck has no way of consistently taking prizes to get them back into the deck.

Unown CURE (TM #51)

Its Poké-Power, CURE, heals your active Pokémon of all status conditions when Unown is put onto the bench, this helps when Mime Jr. doesn’t wake up when he is supposed to. It is also reusable with Seeker.

Energy Retrieval

It puts 2 basic energy from your discard to your hand. This could offer some quick recovery; while situational it is still worth considering.

Flower Shop Lady

Another situational recovery card, but it could be good if you aren’t paying attention and accidentally use Juniper and discard Gengar or Slowking.


I think that this deck could do decently well in the slow format P!P has given us, because of its potential to be set up by turn two. Also, it is a really fun deck to play, creating many difficult situations for both you and your opponent. Anyway thanks for reading this gargantuan deck analysis, I hope you enjoyed it.


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  1. tim h

    The lost world should never have existed; but it does. I might have to test this, I think that this deck could be tier 2… maybe tier 1. The loss to magneboar and reshiboar/typhlosion makes it questionable, though… Especially if people start running switch as well.

    I would almost suggest a 2-1-2 vileplume for the last slots…

    • Michael Gallaher  → tim

      It is definetly not an  auto-loss to magneboar and reshiboar/typhlosion (there is no such thing), they aren’t that bad, i mean come on, 1-2 stage two lines to set up before they can start attacking, and for magneboar it takes 2 energy from Magnezone to ko a Mew. so what i do is just try and keep energy away from them with slowking and seeker/hurl with Mew.

      Vileplume could be worth a shot, totally destroyes any chance of trainer recovery for you and your opponent, so Flower Shop Lady would be needed, might be aittle slow, too, but cool idea!

  2. Sam Stevens

    an excellent combo is jirachi/shaymin to load mew with multiple psychic energy… which if your doing, juniper and junk arm become more useful to drop psychic energy to the discard pile… and seeker makes them re-usable

    • Michael Gallaher  → Sam

      Interesting idea, another tech option along those lines would be Palkia and Dialga Legend, if they start evolving on the bench make them put the whole evo line back in their hand next turn they can’t evolve and it leaves you free switch and to hurl their stage 1s and 2s into the lost zone.

      • Sam Stevens  → Michael

        true, but being a LEGEND it costs you 2 prizes on KO… just depends how fast your deck sets up, both halves of LEGEND + 1 water and  DCE (or 2 psychic which can be done with jirachi/shaymin combo to set up in 1 turn) to pay for its attack, on top of setting up mew’s for “hurling” and thats only for putting a stage 2 back into their hand … could work though and worth testing

        • Michael Gallaher  → Sam

          Fair enough. Do you think we could agree that Mew/Jirachi/Shaymin is an entirely different deck than Mew Jr. and that DPL could be a reasonable tech in M/J/S?

        • Sam Stevens  → Michael

          yea i can totally agree with that, but that being said jirachi/shaymin can still be used in mew jr. (or in any psychic deck for that matter, like gothitelle when it comes out) … oh and if you test the DPL idea and find it works well don’t hesitate to pass on that knowledge, as the community is still waiting for someone to truly break a lost world combo, though the mew jr. idea is really cool but with your attackers having 60hp and 30hp they are easily 1-shotted (especially if mime jr. wakes up after it attacks)

        • Michael Gallaher  → Sam

          Yeah, i’ll try and test out the DPL in M/P/J once I get the cards for it and if it is good I will report back with my findings.

  3. Dave Wilson

    I run a deck like this for fun and I have to say those switch are CRITICAL. I’ve had slowking dragged out once without a switch and it was not pretty.

    • Michael Gallaher  → Dave

      Yeah, that could be pretty nasty, but if you get a lock down you can prevent that from ever happening, which is why i prefer 2 and not 3-4. I really just put them in there in case of slowpoke starts, cause my personal build is really speedy, it usually gets a turn 2 or 3 lock.

  4. RPFR17

    Anyone else notice that in the list it says Slowking UD? It’s supposed to be HS/CL, unless you mean Slowking Prime, for some very odd reason.

  5. Travis Yeary

    I don’t like the way the matchups are listed. A Deck with alot of pokemon can beat this deck if it sets up first and KOs the Mews (Almost too easy btw) faster than the mews can lost zone pokemon. Basically, any deck that can do 60 damage stands a chance against this deck, given they can set up at a decent speed.

    Matchups aside, the list is pretty sweet. It looks great on paper, and even has some tech spots for some junk arms and maybe some VS seekers to re-use seeker every turn. Great article, I’d like to see this deck get some play next rotation.

    • Michael Gallaher  → Travis

      Whoa, whoa, whoa, slow down. True a deck with lots of Pokemon, such as Donchamp, can set up just as fast as Mew Jr. and it only needs one energy to ko a Mew, but that is why you then rely on Mime Jr. unitl you are ahead by one or two pokemon in the lost zone to prizes taken ratio, then you can start using Mew to put things in the lost zone.

      With no way of placing damage or setting special conditions, if you flip tails consecutively with Jr. after you use Sleepy Lost you can win the game.

      Also if you get the first turn See Off for Gengar, and your opponent dosen’t hide the pokemon back in their deck or discard, you pretty much get a free evolution in the lost zone.

      I remember multiple times against my SpeedPhanTank deck where i used Mime Jr. and Slowking to put 4 Pokemon into the lost zone and seeker/hurl 2 turn in a row with the Mew i had on my bench and won with lost world.

       You just have to identify what deck you are playing against and fit your play style to that deck.

      VS. Seeker is going to be out of the format in HS-on, but yeah i’m hopin’ for a reprint.

  6. Dan W

    “DonChamp: very, very, very favorable”
    Not trying to be biased or anything since I play this) but Donphan will 1-shot you for one Energy. I agree the deck has a lot of Pokémon to LZ, but the 3 ‘very’s make it seem extremely hard for the DonChamp player to win.

    Other than that, nice article. I played against a Mime Jr. / Slowking Deck on the TCGO once and it went really bad for me. It’s a solid deck that ca set up pretty fast. Only weakness is Mew’s HP.

    • Michael Gallaher  → Dan

      Yeah 3 “Verys” is sorta unfair, i guess i was just exagerating,  but you can’t one shot a sleeping Mime Jr. with Donphan, and that is what Jr. is really in there for, to stall and hopefully get tails so it doesn’t get kod while you struggle to set up. It is a hard match up but, every time i played against it if i get Mime Jr. swarming and a Slowking benched, it changes from auto loss to favorable.

  7. Emil lumen

    Its a cool deck, but I dont think slowking and mime jr will get what you need as fast you like maybe the mime jr. more than slowking until u get your mew active. I do like the spiritomb a lot tho, and with seeker to reuse, so when you hurl with your mew, you’ll get 1-6 pokemon.

    Instead of the slowking, try the Ditto that lets your opponent only use 4 benched pokemon, to keep there hand clogged with pokemons. Instead of collectors try Dual balls so you can seeker or twins or juniper instead for the turn. Put in stantlers to grab your mews in replace for slowpoke. 

    Just a test you can try out, see if it works.

    • Michael Gallaher  → Emil

      I think you misunderstand the deck, mew is for early game disruption focousing on getting as many evolution cards into the lost zone, slowking and mime jr are there for later game when you opponent has built up a heavy hitter and can ohko mew. this deck is already really vulnerable to yanmega snipes, ditto would just be suicide (and im the guy who thinks Mime Jr is viable and im saying that). dual ball is worth a shot, but this is a deck that needs to be super cosistent, stantlers would lessen my chances of getting the t1 seeoff and slow down down my set up by 2 or 3 turns, might have been good if unown q was in hs on.

    • Michael Gallaher  → Emil

      I think you misunderstand the deck, mew is for early game disruption focousing on getting as many evolution cards into the lost zone, slowking and mime jr are there for later game when you opponent has built up a heavy hitter and can ohko mew. this deck is already really vulnerable to yanmega snipes, ditto would just be suicide (and im the guy who thinks Mime Jr is viable and im saying that). dual ball is worth a shot, but this is a deck that needs to be super cosistent, stantlers would lessen my chances of getting the t1 seeoff and slow down down my set up by 2 or 3 turns, might have been good if unown q was in hs on.

      • Emil lumen  → Michael

        I prolly don’t know your deck but i know some lost world decks, ditto is only suicide when pokemon catcher is out other than that your just cluttering there hand.  Ditto reminds me of Palkia G Lv. X but weaker.

        So yea its just 1 ditto you’ll most likely need to just bench and chill, just a try out, if you have done it before and it don’t work than allright.

  8. Adam Bigott

    Why are you running 3 gengar prime if you only need to lost zone one? Feel like 2 is plenty. 
    Also why don’t you mention shaymin/jirachi as techs for energy acceleration???

    • Michael Gallaher  → Adam

      “The number for this one in the list is tricky, I prefer 2 just so I can have more tech space, but other people prefer 3 for its consistency.” This is what i said in my aritcle about putting 3 Gengar in the deck, when i posted a variant of this article in the forums i got two people reccomending adding a third Gengar to my 2 Gengar list. I didn’t mention the shaymin/jirachi combo because i honestly (a) haden’t heard of it and (b) i would need to run a different trainer engine, such as 4 junk arm probably more Revive, energy search, switch and the engine i had was working really well (c) i think 9 energy is really a little low for the need of acceleration, especially when you only really need to attach 2 energy to each Mew, cause your opponent will usually not have more than that amount of pokemon in their hand once they catch on to the point of the deck.

  9. Anthony Desiata

    Steelix: favorable to laughably easily won, you lose this match.

    • Sam Stevens  → Anthony

      why do you lose this match? Steelix takes 5 energy or 2 energy stream to KO Mew… sure it resists you but its not like your actually attacking it

      • Anthony Desiata  → Sam

        not enough pokemon for you to lost zone. 4-3 steelix and about 4-5 other pokemon tops. thats alot less pokemon than you can handle. you will never get 6 pokemon in the lostzone in that match.

        • Sam Stevens  → Anthony

          4-3 steelix line, 4 skarmory for starting, 2-1-2 (or something like that) klinklang line and 2-2 blissey prime for healing… anything less than 15 pokemon is hard for lost zoning but also hard for that deck to set up unless its speed zekrom 

        • theo Seeds  → Sam

          why 4-3? I don’t get that just like I don’t get 4-3 Gyarados. Except this is MORE stupid.

        • Sam Stevens  → theo

          in a deck that has 1 main attacker of stage 1 its either 4-4 or 4-3 anything less just limits your chances of getting it out… but with 4 it can just get clogged up and you end up drawing them when you don’t need them, 4-3 just seems to be the best (or 3-3 if you really need the space, but gyarados does need 4 magikarps to maximize damage)

    • theo Seeds  → Anthony

      Steelix: less viable in this format and next one because Reshiboar OHKOes it no matter how many special metals you have

      and steelix is SLOOOOOOOOOOOOOW. Actually more like SLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW. This deck aims for a fast setup and you don’t attack it for the resistance. If it really hurts you you could throw in a crobat prime.

      • Sam Stevens  → theo

        crobat prime does nothing at all to steelix, steelix resists psychic and has a poke-body that prevents status effects

  10. Christopher Poermandya

    umm, just so you know, there are actually 6 free slots in the decklist

    just saying

  11. Christopher Poermandya

    umm, just so you know, there are actually 6 free slots in the deck list

    just saying

  12. Anonymous

    This deck is very similar to a deck of mine, which I had posted at
    But you describe Mew as your main attacker; I consider Mew to be my backup attacker, once Slowking and Mime Jr. are in play.  

    I don’t consider this to be a “lock” deck, because as soon as they get an attacker capable of knocking out your active pokemon with one hit, they will be using it to attack every turn for the rest of the game.

    I’m never tried testing Prof. Juniper instead of PONT, but I might give it a try.  I preferred PONT because I wouldn’t want to discard a Slowking or Gengar until the other one was in use.

    Judge could be very useful on the first turn, to delay your opponent from powering up his first attacker.  But later in the game, Judge might not do much for you, and do you more harm than good.

    The main difference between our decks is that I currently include 4 Pokegear in my deck.  I find that I almost always want to play Pokemon Collector on the very first turn, hopefully to See Off with Mew and get Mime Jr. and Slowpoke on the bench.  There is only about a 50% chance of getting a Pokemon Collector in the first 8 cards, but if you have 4 Pokegear in the deck, your odds of playing that first turn Collector are improved nicely.  And later in the game, Pokegear often helps to get the much-needed Twins.

  13. Carver Warning

    Something that makes decks like this have loads of trouble is Rayquaza Deoxys Legend.  I realize that you could probably lost zone a piece by disrupting but if it hits the field you could be in trouble because even if you get a couple stalls with mime jr., they can still keep up in the prize race.  

    Granted, i dont want to pretend to know if RDL will be huge, but i know anything with emboar could throw it in pretty easliy.  

    Other than that extra thought, this deck seems really cool and a break from all the other hyped cards.  
    Great article!

  14. theo Seeds

    slowking ud is slowking prime

    just thought i’d point that out

  15. Micah

    while running a variation of mime jr. I learned that if they are asleep they can’t attack so I had hypno on my bench

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