3 in 1 Article! Speed Decks: Zektron and Cinccino! (With Some History ‘Bout ME!)


I didn’t want to write two or three separate articles so I’ve jammed it all into one so that you, the reader, will have an awesome read.

Without further ado…

consoleclassix.comIt all started with… a YouTube user called PlayingWithMahWii. He made a video on the Pokémon TCG game on the Gameboy Color.

At that time, I was watching his videos like crazy, waiting every day for his uploads, all that kind of stuff, I was just really wanting to see his videos because he was funny and a cool guy.

So, eventually, I save up some money. I go to my local Pre-Played (it’s a store, I think its only in WI) and get the game because it looked fun. Instantly, I fell in love with it. I played it non-stop for the next two months, getting up to the 3rd Gym Leader on the very first day I played it.

Two months later, I:

  1. Got every single card in the game’s code (except the ones you can only get with the link cable).
  2. Had 24 Double Colorless Energy.
  3. Had 10 of every Venusaur, Blastoise, and Charizard in the game.
  4. Built a (what I thought to be) the BDIF in the video game which was Blastoise.
  5. Got pretty bored of the game.

Yeah, I was hooked onto it. Eventually I got ideas of making a machine that would let me transform the cards in the game into physical cards in real life but I scrapped that idea five minutes later. (I still play the game, but I can only play it on my Gameboy Advance SP which I lost the charger to. If anyone has one, I am willing to take it!)

pokebeach.comBasically, after a few weeks, I stopped playing it. When my family and I went to a Toys R Us to buy my brother something, some cards caught my eye. First off, there was the Latias Promo and the Latios Promo (the HGSS ones) which were obviously made for each other. It had a cool effect so I asked my dad to buy it. I eventually talked him into it saying that I want to join a Pokémon Organized Play thing (it was POP at the time) and it will be cool.

So, I opened it, and I got a Metagross holo from I think Unleashed. The Psychic one with the Poké-Body. I thought it was cool so I wanted to buy even more booster packs to try and get one more.

Then, I saw an article on the internet saying how awesome the combo with Feraligatr Prime and Blastoise PL was so there was my deck idea. I thought up of it with a 2-2-2 Metagross line with the Poké-Body to retreat the Blastoise and Feraligatr along with the Latias and Latios promo to heal.

By that time, we went to Canada for the summer and it was getting close to my birthday. On my birthday, I got $100 in Canadian from my aunt and uncle there. I immediately spent some on theme decks with the energy I needed (Water and Psychic for the Metagross) and I got a Feraligatr tin with some HGSS and Unleashed packs AND an Arceus collection box and still had money left over.

So, we went home after a great vacation and I got the remaining cards I needed from another Feraligatr tin… and from that tin I got my first Prime ever. Typhlosion Prime. I, however, disregarded it and just put it into my tin (I had no binder at the time so I put all my cards in a tin).

Then, I bought a HGSS Trainer Kit which, I didn’t know at the time, was awesome because it had two Pokémon Collector and Pokémon Communication which were pretty expensive as singles.

pokebeach.comA week later, I found a Pokémon League near me which was Pegasus Games. There, I started to play competitively. I met Derrick (HypnosProjectHQ) and Nichole for the first time and I traded them for some cards.

There, I also met Steven Reich (the creator of Poképress) and I saw him earlier in the summer at the video game part of the National Championships. I didn’t know who he was at the time.

I got into my first battle and I lost horribly. I also got beaten over and over in my games and only won once. Eventually, I scrapped my deck idea and went online to find one. There, I met JWittz, aka Josh Wittenkeller. He was playing SableLock and I decided to play it.

So, I went to stop2shop.com (a card website that JWittz was advertising) and spent my remaining money for the cards I needed.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t get Sableye, but I could get some stuff like parts of the SP Engine and a 2-2 Garchomp C LV.X line. I also traded for an Entei & Raikou LEGEND and tried to trade for the rest of the SP engine I was missing but I couldn’t.

By that time, Fall BR’s were starting so I went to one near me. There, I met Troy Lesky, a really great guy and tournament organizer. I was playing a weird SP variant without a complete SP Engine. However, I won the first two rounds but in the last two, I faced two Machamp variants. The first game went to the last prize (it was against Killian H. for people who want to know) and the second game just sucked.

I did some reading online before the tournament as well as watched JWittz’s videos for advice so I was pretty prepared.

Later in the season, after several big trades and buyings of booster boxes and packs, there was Cities.


By that time, I had sorta scrapped SP (until I finished my set of the SP Engine) and built Jumpluff. However, Gyarados got big. And I faced it three times in a row. I failed miserably at that tournament.

Next, there was States. After a long break from tournaments, I got so many cards that it wasn’t even funny. I had four Donphan Primes, all that kind of good stuff.

I went 4-2 at that tournament and got dropped at 10th from Top Cutting.

Next, there was Regionals. I won. Woo!!!

Then, Spring BR’s. Went 1-3 at the first one (friggin LostGar, why did I run you!) and won the next one. I am planning to go to another one.

And… back to the present.

Whew. And that, I don’t think, is even HALF of the article.

Anyway, I wanted to build some speed decks and I actually built them pretty good.


Here is Cinccino, I’ll break down the cards afterward. I don’t have all of the cards I need (I have five decks), but it still runs really, really good. Anyway, here it is:

Pokémon – 13 

4 Minccino BW
4 Cinccino BW
2 Pichu HS
1 Plusle UL
2 Minun UL

Trainers – 38 

4 Pokémon Communication
4 Pokémon Reversal
4 PlusPower
3 Dual Ball
4 Junk Arm
3 Professor Elm’s Training Method
2 Pokémon Collector
3 Professor Oak’s New Theory
3 Copycat
2 Professor Juniper
4 Sage’s Training
2 Interviewer’s Questions

Energy – 9 

4 Double Colorless
2 Rescue
2 Rainbow
1 L


Yeah, the Energy line is a bit weird but I’ll explain later. This deck almost always decks itself out so it is REALLY fast, especially without Magnezone Prime.


4-4 Cinccino Line – Seriously, do I have to explain? It’s for consistency and it is the main Pokémon in the deck. Without it, this wouldn’t be Cinccino.

2 Pichu – Playground is basically a 100 damage “Do the Wave.” It is also a staller since the attack says each player MAY search your deck for as many basic Pokémon as you want. It helps the opponent set up too but it doesn’t activate Poké-Powers that are activated when the Pokémon is put on the bench to your hand.

I only run two since I run three other starters and I run three Dual Ball and two Pokémon Collector.

1 Plusle & 2 Minun – This is sorta why I have the Rainbow and Electric Energy in the deck. One of Minun’s attacks does 30 for one L Energy if Plusle is on the bench which is sorta useful for KOing Baby Pokémon and Vullaby (if Mandibuzz gets big next format).

They also are good to set up, Minun has “Call for Family” to search for two Basics and put it onto your bench and Plusle has “Collect” to draw two cards which speed up the deck.

Pokémon Communication It’s a staple. It’s going to be a staple in most likely all of the decks next format.


Pokémon Reversal I will replace these with Pokémon Catcher if it comes out. This lets me KO key Pokémon and get cheap KOs on weak Pokémon when I get heads. It is flippy, but it is useful.

PlusPower This lets me KO Pokémon that are 10 or 20 away from being 1HKO’ed (ex. Yanmega Prime if it gets big with a full bench and Zekrom revenge kill after it Bolt Strikes). I could pur it down to two but I think four is good.

Dual Ball I have this since it speeds up the deck, the deck has a good amount of Basics but not too much, and Pokémon Collector somewhat slows this deck down, that is why I run two of the Collector. This card is flippy, but I like it.

Junk Arm I think that this will also be a staple next format as it lets you get important Trainers from the discard pile. It is good for re using PlusPowers too.

Prof. Elm’s Training Method – This lets me get the Cinccinos out. I like this because when I don’t have a Pokémon with Pokémon Communication or when I don’t have Pokémon Communication, this is in my hand. This speeds up the swarming of Cinccinos.

Pokémon Collector I only run two because I run Dual Ball and Pichu. It lets you get three Basics out of your deck. What more do you want me to say?


Professor Oak’s New Theory (PONT) – Used to refresh my hand. Also an alternative to Professor Juniper.

Copycat See PONT.

Professor Juniper Speeds up the deck tremendously.

Sage’s Training This makes the deck even faster since it allows me to dig deeper into it as well as thinning the deck out and getting cards that I need. I love this card.

Interviewer’s Questions Used for getting out the DCE. And Rescue Energy.

Okay, so, basically, you just swarm with Cinccino as well as get all SixPrizes.com in six turns when you set up.


Now, here is Zekrom Donk. Or, as I call it, Zektron. One thing I have learned; you don’t need four Pachirisu, but you need two Shaymin.

Here is the list:

Pokémon – 15 

4 Zekrom BW
3 Pachirisu CL
2 Shaymin UL
2 Yanma TM
2 Yanmega Prime
2 Cleffa HS/CL

Trainers – 30 

3 Junk Arm
4 Super Scoop Up
3 Dual Ball
4 Pokémon Communication
2 Energy Retrieval
1 Revive
1 PlusPower
1 Pokémon Collector
2 Professor Juniper
2 Seeker
4 Copycat
3 Interviewer’s Questions

Energy – 15 

13 L
2 Rescue


Zekrom – This is the main basis of this deck and I run four because I think that it is the most consistent.

Pachirisu – I only run three because I found out that I didn’t need the fourth one. This is used for “Self Generation” to attach two L Energy from my hand to it then…

Shaymin – “Celebrational Wind” the Energy to Zekrom to power it up in one turn. This is what Shaymin is for.

2-2 Yanmega Prime This is used to counter Donphan, but I feel that there is a better one. However, this one works for me so far.

Cleffa – It is used as a wall and a hand refresher.

Junk Arm Do I really need to explain?

Super Scoop Up Used to pick up damaged Zekroms as well as Pachirisus and Shaymins.

Dual Ball This is more useful than Pokémon Collector in most scenarios but not all. This is a speed deck so that is why I run it.

Pokémon Communication It’s a staple.

Energy Retrieval This recovers Energy when you need it.

Revive This is basically your 5th Zekrom. It takes a Basic Pokémon from your discard and put it onto your bench and that is really good.

PlusPower To KO those pesky 130 HP Pokémon. (Yes, you mirror match and Reshiram!)

Pokémon Collector Just so. It’s a staple after all and the deck runs pretty fast with it. I always think that you should run at least one Collector, even if you use Dual Ball.

Professor Juniper See Professor Juniper in the Cinccino section.

Seeker This is used to pick up Pachirisus and Shaymins.

Copycat I run this as a hand refresher as well as a way to activate Yanmega Prime’s “Insight” Poké-Body.

Interviewer’s Questions Used to get Energy.

Lightning – Don’t make me explain this.

Rescue Energy This is used to get Zekroms back when it is KO’ed.

Wow, that was a long article. Thanks for reading! :D

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  1. Anonymous

    Interesting deck lists.

    Is there a reason to not run a 2-2 Zoroark with Cinccino?

    • Franco L III  → Anonymous

      actually, no. first, i don’t have two of them ATM and two, the Cinccino deck here is basically a prototype. It has been ruing pretty good but I felt that it was missing something. now I know. lol.

    • Franco L III  → Anonymous

      actually, no. first, i don’t have two of them ATM and two, the Cinccino deck here is basically a prototype. It has been ruing pretty good but I felt that it was missing something. now I know. lol.

  2. noxster

    The Cinccino deck is the reason i run Scizor Prime XD

    Good article, i think ive really overlooked Pichu’s usefullness.

      • miguelvic23  → A

        reshiram is the reason i run blastoise. i guess zekrom and magnezone are there to smack me! that shows the balanced format we have

    • Dave Wilson  → noxster

      Agreed. The inclusion of Ninetails can be helpful for both draw power and OHKO on Scizors, although it’s probably better just to put fire energy on Cincinno.

    • Dave Wilson  → noxster

      Agreed. The inclusion of Ninetails can be helpful for both draw power and OHKO on Scizors, although it’s probably better just to put fire energy on Cincinno.

  3. aura

    It took me like 5 minutes to read this…

    What division are you in? Juniors?

    No offense, but it sounds like you have a ton of cards but you aren’t super-skilled.

    • Franco L III  → aura

      I over extended it. lol. I am in Seniors… yep. I’m totally not super skilled since I won a BR and a Regionals. :P I was a crappy player when I started and I’m starting to get better. where did you get the idea that I’m not skilled? :P

      • eli moses  → Franco

        If u want skilled Devin and are and mabye nick and caleb r the skilled wisconsin ppl no offense u won regionals with luck u got good matchups and I went against my worst matchup 3 times in a row after going 3-0

        • Franco L III  → eli

          DON’T BURST MY BUBBLE ELI!!!! >:( anywayyyyyyy…. i made a GOOD deck choice…. so ha. lol. and I knew how to play it REALLY well. if I didn’t, I wouldn’t have won the final round in top… -.-‘

  4. Jair Ramirez

    2-2 Yanmega Prime – This is used to counter Donphan, but I feel that there is a better one. However, this one works for me so far.
    Donphan’s weakness – Water

    • Mekkah  → Jair

      He’s probably referring the Fighting resistance. Now whether Yanmega is a good Donphan counter is completely up in the air, but I think the fact that Yanmega doesn’t win a one-on-one with Donphan unless it is the first one to attack speaks for how reliable it is…and let’s not mention Ruins of Alph.

      • Mac Crowley  → Mekkah

        I’m not sure what you mean by “I think the fact that Yanmega doesn’t win a one-on-one with Donphan unless it is the first one to attack speaks for how reliable it is” because if i’m going to send a Yanmega up I should be able to attack with or else I wouldn’t send it up.

        • Mekkah  → Mac

          What I mean is that Yanmega takes as many turns to kill a Donphan as Donphan takes to kill Yanmega: 3. You’d think a Pokémon put into a deck as a tech to beat Donphan would be able to either significantly outlast it, or OHKO.

    • Emil lumen  → Jair

      Lanturn Prime…same sorta req like zekrom but its poke-power lets it be a water type….but donphan can one shot it and vice versa.

  5. Jak Stewart-Armstead

    This is another article where it looks like the author started out all enthusiastic, but then got bored and rushed to the end (which is probably why he thinks it’s longer than it is).

    So we get a ton of detail about how many Charizards you got on the old TCG game, but when it comes to deck analysis it’s all ‘staple’ and ‘do I need to explain?’.

    Maybe new players would get more out of you telling them WHY Comm is good or giving them a proper strategy, instead of just learning how you spent your birthday money.

    Just a thought.

    • Michael Sison  → Jak

      baby_mario’s right. I appreciate and understand your passion for the TCG, but I think you rushed this one. I mean, I don’t understand what this article is. I think it was supposed to be a deck analysis, but the analysis is quite short. Maybe it would have been better to have concentrated on one deck list. Anyway, there’s a lot of room for improvement, and I hope your next article would be much better. :-)

    • Franco L III  → Jak

      yeah…. I got REALLY bored and I felt kinda rushed to get another article out…. thanks for the feedback. I like how you sorta broke it to me and not very rude about it. thanks. I’ll keep that in mind.

  6. Emil lumen

    Your story need commercials lol. I gave up reading after very long article and just skipped the long essay to your deck lists lol. Nice decks btw.

  7. nilay patel

    Wasn’t too long, but it was still good. I think that Kingdra Prime might be a better solution instead of Yanmega for donphan issues. 

  8. Anonymous

    with your line up for pokemon..i don’t think you will be doing much for cinccino
    i mean you have a 4-4 line..but nothing else to back them up.Once 1-2 are gone you basically lost from there..minun will only do 30..

    You might wanna add like 2-3 more hitter’s and drop the electric pokemon,that could probably be a problem for you

    Maybe you should drop a copycat drop 2sage’s training drop the rainbow and electric energy’s and add idk whatever you like that can hit hard

  9. Cody Banker

    Lmao I read the whole thing without realizing it was yours Franco! I was wondering why you kept mentioning people I knew! Ahahaha!  By the way, did you ever get that iPhone cuz I really need another way of communication other than e-mail.

    -Cody Banker

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