PokéClass Episode 28 – Top 16 UK Nationals 2011 Report!

This week it’s all about UK Nationals and how I got on during the tournament. Overall, there was a surprising shift in the metagame where Vilegar clearly outweighed SP in the amount of play with a few other decks sneaking their way in.

To whoever I met on the day, thanks a lot for making the day so enjoyable and I hope to see you all around the UK next season!

Speaking of next season, PokéClass will be all about HGSS-on as of next week, meaning more deck analysis, options for decks, and there will be a return of my Deck Surgery Mini Episodes!

Make sure you subscribe and check back next week for all the new HGSS stuff, exciting!

Thanks for watching!

P.S. Any comments about lists or anything else, then please comment below :)

Dan (PokémanDan)

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