Prof-It! Episode 44: Dealing with Pokémon’s New Rotation and Nationals

In this episode, I outline some of the best things you can do to take advantage of the midseason rotation, as well as gear up for the upcoming National Championships. Check it out!

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  1. Flare Starfire

    I’d like to see Emboar varients looked at first, ReshiBoar vs MagBoar, if not Blastzel.  I expect to see a ton of those at Nationals.  Thanks for everything, Jwittz!  Hope to see you in San Diego!

  2. Callylove

    Can we please hear about MagneBoar or ReshiBoar, as they are the BDIF right now? :)

    I have a question or discussion: How to tech out your MagneBoar against Donphan/Machamp?

      • Callylove  → A

        No, I wouldn’t say it’s that easy. DonChamp have a Donphan up and hitting for 60 usually at T3, T4, T5 or T6 (When the person who “win” the coin go in T1, the other person in T2). As long as it is hitting for that much, it will OHKO any Magnemite, Magneton, Tepig Promo and Cleffa, if it’s not asleep. Therefore, DonChamp will grab everything from 1 to 4 prizes before you even get to setup. By that time, a good DonChamp player have already one or two more Donphans loaded up and ready to go at his/her bench. Donphan can also OHKO Magnezone with one PlusPower.
        Don’t call that matchup easy, man.

        • A Z  → Callylove

          where is easy in my comment? 

          BTW you are thinking donchamp is faster than it actually is… (its actually really cluncky…) hope you get a perfect starting cause guess what you have no draw at all. BTW why do I care about donphan I can 1 shot it anyways?  Also if you are just going to setup donphans all day with your resources you have done exactly what I want you to do!

        • Edgar F  → A

          I’m not sure where you’re getting that; my current build seems to be hitting turn 2 donphan between 90 and 95% of the time, with a 90% confidence. I’d like to see Donchamp, however (I will be writing about it soon, though), as well as Magboar. I think for a third, an article on “the Stage1 deck” would be nice to see.

    • Adam Bigott  → Callylove

      Rayquaza Deoxys Legend is the tech for it as well as pretty much everything. You can hit for 2 prizes to win games you are a prize behind on. Additionally, if they are not going to be able to respond KO your RDL (they don’t have a bench full of damaged pokemon and are not running plus power) you can use RDL for 4 prize cards. EPIC.

  3. Dave Wilson

    I’ve got a really solid LostGar deck but I’d still like to see it reviewed, since I believe that if played well it could be a surprisingly good deck next season.

  4. Jeremy C

    I’d really appreciate Magneboar or Donchamp reviews. Good episode to help get ready

  5. Matthew Riddle

    I’d like to see Gengar Lost Zone discussed. It’s one of the few decks in the current format that isn’t just underlying combos to generate massive amounts of energy.

  6. samuel roach

    I’d like to see you talk about Blastzel builds, and what to tech in them. I love your shows and I have a u-tube account as well. :smile:

  7. Jason Baird

    I’d love to hear about Magneboar, since we’ll probably be seeing so much of it.

  8. wyeth miller

    Straight gengar, NO MEW!!!
    i’d like to see your opinion on it. : )

  9. Myles Damon

    I’d love to see Steelix discussed ’cause i’m kinda making it… ya

    • Anonymous  → Myles

      its nto much a contender sadly. reshiram OHKO’s and since it lived off tanking, well you cant tank fomr a 240 blast…… a turn….. and unlike grass there is no weakness counter.

  10. jconti

    Like many 6prizes subscribers, my son and I hope to meet you at Nats (however, I would prefer not to play you at Nats!). Could you reveiw Blastoise/Floatzel, your favorite Emboar build, and Donchamp.


  11. Cody Banker

    It’d be sweet to see a review of overall a Stage 1 Toolbox.. Donphan, Cinccino, Yanmega, Zoroark… etc

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