PokéClass Episode 29 – ZPS Deck Analysis w/ Playthrough

Hey SixPrizes, PokémanDan here bringing you the latest PokéClass Episode and the first featuring solely HGSS-On analysis.

The Episode:

I know most of you reading this have Nationals coming up very, very soon so the start of the HGSS analysis is now! ZPS is one of the most hyped decks of the new format since it can get a very powerful attack rolling on turn one. A very tough deck that has very strong early game presence, but maybe that’s the biggest weakness.

Watch the video to find more in-depth analysis!

The Playthrough:

This video is a short playthrough of turn one of the deck just to give you a better understanding of how the deck runs and how to play it.

I’ve had a lot of comments recently asking why I haven’t got Unown Dark in here and that’s because I was simply just trying out the deck with a Sage’s Training + Junk Arm engine at the time. I have many builds of this and am spanning out into Battle Videos soon which will include a Zekrom build with the Unown Dark.

I might try doing this for all of my future deck analysis by having the analysis followed by a playthrough of the deck or a Battle Video so that you can get more understanding of the decks I’m analysing. Please comment below what you think of this idea.

Hope you like the videos, make sure you subscribe and thanks for watching.

Dan (PokémanDan)

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  1. aura

    Okay, T1 120 is impressive, but if you go second/they run DCE against Reshiboar when they get a Reshiram start, if you don’t get a pluspower, they could DCE, Outrage 140, or attach, pass, attach, Outrage 140. Just saying.

    • A Z  → aura

      why would you bolt strike a Reshiram if you arent gonna kill it? You outrage first turn then bolt strike for the KO next turn… 

      • Quarter-Turn  → A

        True, but the whole point of the ZPS deck is to get that T1 120 consistently every game. It’s a lot less impressive if you can’t/choose not to get the Bolt Strike right away; however, it’ll be difficult for this deck to get the T1 KO if there’s a Reshiram, Zekrom, or a sleeping baby… There are a lot of things that can go wrong with ZPS.

  2. Caleb Cline

    In the Zekrom playthrough. Unown DARK would have saved you having to rely on top decks. =3

  3. Emil lumen

    Good video, really good deck.

    The fastest counter to beat zekrom after a bolt strike, is Bouffalant with Revenge, grab it with a dual ball/collector, attach double colorless to it, and thats exactly 90 damage to KO it down. Since zekrom already does 40 to itself. I’ve tech 1 in my deck maybe two so it wont get prized, and 3 double colorless in my deck. 

    Hope this helps you guys like it helped me. 
    (Didnt write this to diss the article wrote it so people wont feel helpless when facing this situation like I have)

  4. Profile Deleted

    I loved the playthrough. Gives me a much betterunderstanding of the deck. Thx a lot

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