Scrafty (Black & White BW 69) – Card of the Day

pokebeach.comHey guys! It’s Dane here, and today’s CoTD is none other than Scrafty from Black & White.

Let’s start with his stats: he’s a 90HP Stage 1 Pokémon that’s Darkness-typed. He has a x2 Weakness to Fighting, a -20 Resistance to Psychic (meh), and a great 1 Retreat Cost. Not bad, but not good either. 90 HP is hurtful, but that’s what he has, and there’s nothing we can do about it (healing cards and/or Defender don’t count). Let’s hope he has some good attacks to help him.

Ummm, well, not really. His first attack, Spit Acid, costs a single Darkness energy and does 20 damage. Horrible. But wait; there is an attack text… it says the defending Pokémon is now Burned. Flip a coin. If heads, the defending Pokémon is also Paralyzed. Well that makes it a TON better. He can also abuse Special Dark and PlusPower. Still, on average, he’ll only hit around 20 and 30 damage, excluding burn damage.

It’s second attack, High Jump Kick, costs 2 Dark and 1 Colorless, and does a vanilla 70 damage. It could be worse, but it’s not amazing. As stated above, he does have Special dark making the maximum damage 110 (without PlusPowers) which, while better than 70 (much better), it doesn’t live up to HS-On’s standards.

Scrafty could possibly be used in Tyranitar, but that’d just be a waste of space, in my opinion. There’s not many other good Darkness decks out there (kn3ll_’s Scavenger deck might count, but it hasn’t attended any big tournaments yet, so…), and 90 HP is too low to base a deck off of. You could pair it with a beefier Stage 2, but the Stage 2 would probably take over as main attacker, and Scrafty would just slow the deck down.

All in all, Scrafty is a pretty mediocre card. It has no real use or synergy with anything, and the only upside would be that it’s a good card that new players could use to learn about Special Conditions and Special Energies. So saying all this, I believe that Scrafty deserves a 1.5 – 2 out of 5. Thanks for reading, and I’ll see ya next time. Bye!!!

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    • Dave Wilson  → Anonymous

      Leafeon is best paired with Bench sitters to lob status effects on their active: Roserade with Rainbow Energy, Hypno, Houndoom Prime, Venomoth.

  1. John Kiefler

    ok for a cheap cost that in the early game can work very well i think you are not giving him enough credit.  Yes the 90hp is a big downside but for 1 energy burn and possible paralyzed its not bad.  Also for a retreat cost that is not detrimental it is worth it for players who would want to play riskier dark decks.   I prefer Scrafty over say Mandibuzz for the fact that yes Mandibuzz can pick the bench off but there is too much heal in this format and if nothing on the bench is able to be hit then you have to hit the active if you can and if its not a stage two the attack is only 40 damage.  Weakness yes is still a fighting deck but it can paralyze your opponent so they have to waste something to remove it and it slows decks down if it works so there really is more to Scrafty then anyone would think. 

    • Sam Stevens  → John

      your giving scrafty too much credit… its just not worth all the deck slots it takes up on coin flipping, besides when bisharp comes out dark will likely become bigger and yet scrafty still wont see play

    • Anonymous  → John

      madnibuxx was in scavanger to control your opoonents set-up. oh you dropped a tepig well ill just spray splash and blindside it. or the same with a vulpix. the main attacker late game was kingdra.

      • Sam Stevens  → Anonymous

        not really as kingdra can only do 60 (or 70 including spray splash) but mandibuzz can do that with a special dark… late game usually means they have stage 2’s so punishment would work better

  2. aura


  3. Jak Stewart-Armstead

    As a strategy, healing is officially dead. HGSS-BW is all about the OHKOs.

    If you’re a main attacker with low HP, you better be able to take a Prize before you get one-shot.

    That doesn’t apply to this card.

  4. Emil lumen

    Nice, I give Scrafty a 2.5, that extra 1 is for having an awesome mohawk lol.

  5. Anonymous

    A card that would only be viable if somehow Sea Blaster 2.0 took all your Purrloins, and you needed a decent Gengar Prime counter. 

  6. Jacob Aguirre

    Oh Scrafty, you are indeed awesome…its just not your time in card form. YET.

  7. Jair Ramirez

    Um this guy is way underrated, is everyone forgetting the new fire Vicitini we could be getting? He can run perfect with Sharpedo.

    • Jak Stewart-Armstead  → Jair

      Who knows when we will be getting that Victini? Who knows what other card we will get before then?

      You can only assess a card for the format it’s in. Right now, this is correctly rated as sub-par.

  8. Anonymous

    All you did was say shit about it..are you dumb…you wasted your time…
    Why is that all you do? can never tell us combos..Just how dumb it is or useless its stats are

      • Emil lumen  → Sam

        If everyone can come up with their own combos, then there would be no point in a pkmn tcg site that talks  about the cards since everybody knows everything.

        Im guessing he’s disappointed that he wasted his time reading up an article of a card to find out it was just useless. 

        • Sam Stevens  → Emil

          suppose that is true, but it would have been a waste of time writing up combos for this near useless card anyway and can give new players the wrong idea about this/any card by doing in-depth combos that should not be used by anyone who intends to win competitive matches

    • tim h  → Anonymous


      asking why he doesn’t tell you what to combo with

      Do you understand what ‘useless’ means? I suppose you could run a 2-2 of this in tyranitar, if you want to continue to always attack with ttar and only use this card for junk arm.

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