Prof-It! Episode 45: Emboar Deck Analysis

In this episode, I do a deck analysis of Emboar, just like you guys requested! I’m really sorry about the audio problems in this episode. When I finished recording after around half an hour I realized that my good microphone got some static for not being connected properly : (. You might hear some outward sound because I’m using the flip’s microphone, but I promise I’ll do what I can to prevent it in the future!

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  1. Joshua Hall

    sweet shirt!  and yeah, there’s going to be a ton of reshiboar…

  2. Matthew Zwicker

    Awesome video man. Reshiboar seems like the best way to go. MagneBoar sounds so sick too, but I wonder if it’s consistent/fast enough? Setting up two Stage 2’s way take a bit longer. Nonetheless, I’m sure both will see significant play. 

  3. Christopher Poermandya


    hahahaha I laughed so hard at this

  4. Matthew Riddle

    Eh, I hate the current limited format. At least last season SP dominated because it was the best in every category (setup, damage, consistency).

    Sure, the format at Nationals will be healthier than it would have been under MD-on, but the best decks won’t be winning because they are the best in every category. They’ll be winning because their the only decks that can setup consistently with the current resources. Every other card (or type) that could potentially be better that doesn’t have the same number of helpers will just be hosed.

    (in my opinion)

      • Matthew Riddle  → A

        That’s an ignorant thing to say.

        We’ve just come out of having two or more seasons where cards like Uxie LA, Spiritomb AR and Claydol GE could be played and were played in almost every deck. Now we are in a format where the only generic helpers are the babies and those alone won’t provide enough help setting up.

        So the Pokemon types that actually have their own helpers, like Sunflora for Grass Pokemon and Ninetails for Fire Pokemon, have a huge advantage over the other types that have little to no setup or draw help.

        Even in the few sets that we have, there are some really interesting Pokemon, but without custom-tailored helpers that a few Pokemon types have, they just can’t keep up with the consistency and speed of setup as the ‘popular types’.

        I really look forward to Nationals and Worlds 2012, because the format will be so wide at that moment and there should be a lot of good options and diversity between decks, but for the rest of the current season, all we’re going to see played are the obvious combos. I’m sure people will try to make rogue decks, and maybe one or two will succeed to penetrate the 2-dimensional metagame, but most other decks just won’t compete, not because they aren’t better cards but because they lack the support.

        • Matthew Zwicker  → Matthew

          I agree that the lack of set-up Pokemon is disheartening. Perhaps there will be a new staple such as Uxie and Claydol that will be released. You’re right- some types have a huge advantage in terms of setup and draw power. However I think it’s worth mentioning that they got the “type” balance right in terms of weakness and resistance. Water/Electric/Fire/Fighting are all linked via weakness, and there are playable decks tailored around each type (Blastoise,Zekrom,Reshiboar,DonChamp, just to name a few). I actually think this is good for the format, as it allows for a wide variety of decks to see play, and to give them all a fighting chance. 

          Now, if only there were universal set-up cards for all these decks, we’d be in business.

  5. Saturn

    I was really excepting something like this:

    Once upon a time there were 3 littles and along came a wolf (Zoroark?) to take out their houses. (Put Emboars on all 3 pigs and throw out Reshiram -a popular deck- & Magnezone -another popular deck-) WELLLL That didn’t happen (throw fire energy on Zoroark)

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