Hypno (HeartGold & SoulSilver HS 23) – Card of the Day

Sometimes The Pokémon Company has really terrible ways of implementing good ideas. Like rotation, or Pokémon LEGENDs. Hypno is yet another example of this.

Psychic typing, although it shouldn’t ever matter, isn’t a good or a bad thing in a format nearly free of Gengar. 90 HP, Weakness to Psychic and a 2 Retreat Cost are the least of your worries as even in the animation, Hypno is content with sitting. On your Bench.

Hypno’s Poké-Power, “Sleep Pendulum”, instructs you to flip a coin in order to put the Defending Pokémon asleep. Helpful in decks such as Leafeon, Muk, or Musharna that rely on status conditions to deal their harder damage.

“Psychic Shot” does an unbelievable 30 damage for a Psychic and two Colorless. Hypno doesn’t stop bringing the pain there, he’ll even do 10 damage to a Benched Pokémon as well!

…All joking aside, please never attach energy to Hypno.

Sleep Pendulum is a really good way to make players think Hypno is a good card. But a 50% chance to sleep doesn’t translate as much as most would like it too. Muk and Leafeon would do much better on a more reliable way to inflict status, like Roserade UL. Musharna should always include some amount of Hypno, but there’s a reason that Musharna isn’t a very popular deck.

Any deck not making use of status conditions has no need for Hypno. If you were to win the coin flip, your opponent still flips a coin to see if their Pokémon wakes up between turns. That’s a 25% chance to avoid one attack/ability. With the relatively high Retreat Costs this format (and arguably a lack of decent T/S/S), Switch is being run more and more often.

Combined with the high presence of zero-retreat Baby Pokémon, it really makes Hypno look worse and worse.

Hypno earns a 1/5. Perhaps one day we’ll see a better way to implement the idea.

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  1. Anonymous

    I built a MD-on Musharna deck for fits and giggles that actually worked somewhat well. Meant to bring it to BRs just to be silly, but I missed all of them. >.>

    Good review. I enjoyed reading it. =)

  2. Francisco Zúñiga

    Maybe Hypno can work in a Unlimited Deck with Darkrai GE, but in this Rotation it isn’t very useful. I don’t want it in a Pack for sure.

  3. stephen shirley

    hypnos a good card leafeon needs as many special conditions as possible but then they have roserade but what abt muck is muck a deck even but then i still think it’s a good card it’s not easily playible but atleast it’s playable i’ve seen completely unplayable cards sometimes  and thy normaly have 0-1 rating i think this card should have 2

    • Sam W  → stephen

      Hypno is a beginner trap. It looks good, but when you think about it it’s actually pretty bad. Leafeon could make use of it, but it’s not worth the 2+ cards it takes.

    • Mekkah  → stephen

      I’m not sure if you understand this (since your post is extremely hard to read) but both Roserade and Muk conflict with Hypno. If you Sleep Pendulum something that has already been Confused by Sludge Drag or Energy Signal, the Sleep will override the Confusion. So in reality Hypno doesn’t add any damage to Pester or Miasma Wind. 

  4. the sidewalk

    I don’t care how horrible you think this card is, I’m going to use it as a tech when the rotation happens, and it’s going to be funny when my opponent can’t Poke’turn or Warp Point out of being asleep… granted my chances of their attack being skipped are one in four.

  5. Quentin

    It’s not really that bad of a card, i mean seriously, nobody is going to be prepared for sleep(as you can tell by all the prefious comments.)

  6. Anonymous

    Whats the point of ppl doing a card for the COTD..or even just to write an article for it
    If they just gonna give it a low score..It doesnt add up

    • Jak Stewart-Armstead  → Anonymous

      The point of CotD is to review the card and tell people if it’s good or not.

      Some people seem to need a lot of help when it comes to working this out.

  7. Sal Valenti

    i dont get why people get made when the person who wrote the article gives the card a low rating. like you guys know what your talking about and have legit back up by testing it haha. they are only reporting it to you so you know not to use it and waste time trying to fit it into a deck when you can be teching in something else. I thought it was a good article. Good Job writing it and thanks 

  8. Emil lumen

    Hypno’s good, amazing when you have two benched cause your bound to get a head with two flips, and then use musharna Dream eater for 90, it might also work good in a crobat prime deck for a sleep/poison combo. Pretty fun deck. 

    I give hypno a 2, cause its useful for something unlike rated 1 cards are, plus the drowzee we have for hypno, has a built in sleep and gust of wind attack for 1 energy. (its always good to mention the pre-evolution of a pokemon to add up its usefulness.)

    • Sam Stevens  → Emil

      Hypno, Crobat Prime and Leafeon could make an interesting “fun” deck… but having 2 Hypno’s out does not guarantee getting a heads every turn. And the before mentioned deck fails completely to Steelix Prime (for anyone who actually runs a Steelix deck in the fire heavy format) … but i agree with the 2 rating and mentioning of pre-evolution

    • Sam W  → Emil

      That’s good. What you did right there is form your own opinion about a card. Don’t always trust mine. But two Hypno on the bench is silly. you’ll be taking a 25% chance to something like a 44% chance (Tamoo did the math of reflips).

      I did say that Musharna needs Hypno. I didn’t say Hypno isn’t a fun card. But I don’t see Musharna nor Hypno as a competitive card.

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