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pokebeach.comOver my short time writing Card of the Days, I have come to realize that the system is very temporary. Cards change over time, so you can’t really say that a card will always be so useful. But this is why it is simply a “Card of the Day”, not a “Card of all Formats”. And when it comes to Umbreon Prime, it is definitely not a Card of all Formats.

Umbreon’s 90 HP and Dark typing should be well-known by now. It’s been a staple tech since its release. x2 Fighting weakness and a Psychic resistance are punishing in a format where Donphan is so prominent, and Gengar so rare, but back in the day, it was great. Retreat Cost of one isn’t seen frequently much more, so it’s nice to not always need Switch. 90 HP used to not be so little, but Umbreon has aged terribly.

First, its second attack. “Quick Blow”, for a Dark and a Colorless, is a 30 damage attack with a coin flip for another 30. Subpar at best, but considering its other attack was so good it didn’t need it.

“Moonlight Fang”, for one Dark, does an efficient 30 damage, and prevents all effects of attacks, including damage, done to Umbreon by any Pokémon that has a Poké-Body or Poké-Power. The Fighting weakness is now put aside, as Donphan and Machamp, the two most prominent Fighting-types, have Poké-Bodies or Poké-Powers, so Umbreon will take no damage from them.

It used to be much better, with Luxray GL LV.X and Garchomp C LV.X, and Gengar SF, and basically every deck’s main attacker except Gyarados doing no damage to Umbreon. However, now, with the introduction of Abilities, Umbreon is a Floppy disc in the world of CD-ROMs. It’s unfortunate that such a good card was made useless because of a simple change in wording.

What’s left for Umbreon? The only big decks running Poké-Powers and Poké-Bodies are MagneBoar and DonChamp. Taking a near-guaranteed loss against Zekrom, Reshiram, or any other post-BW deck marks the end of Umbreon as a main attacker. Umbreon is also largely finished as a tech, due to the two-card investment of he and Eevee simply not being worth the space. You may still be able to play it and catch a few opponents off guard, however.

Back then, things were different. Right now, Umbreon gets a 2/5.

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  1. Jak Stewart-Armstead

    OH NO!

    You only gave Umbreon 2/5!

    I’m grabbing some popcorn for this one . . .

    • Sam W  → Jak

      I didn’t want to, but it’s not like Umbreon is going to get any better during BW era. It’s sad someone didn’t CotD it before BW.

      • Andrew Adams  → Sam

         It’s mostly just sad they didn’t errata everything that applies to both Powers and Bodies to also apply to Abilities. :(

  2. Jak Stewart-Armstead

    OH NO!

    You only gave Umbreon 2/5!

    I’m grabbing some popcorn for this one . . .

  3. Edgar Costa

    I don’t think that it’s the end of Umbreon , specially in Ttar Toolbox where Umbreon must be in all deck lists !

  4. Edgar Costa

    I don’t think that it’s the end of Umbreon , specially in Ttar Toolbox where Umbreon must be in all deck lists !

  5. tim h

    The problem about umbreon vs donphan is that umbreon does a whopping 10 damage per hit to donphan. If you include special dark, make that 20.

    And then it gets One-Shotted by a machoke.

    • Andrew Adams  → tim

      It at least works to stall while some bigger hitters are getting set up on the bench.  It’s not there to carry the whole game.

      • Sam Stevens  → Andrew

        But as you are setting up a big hitter on the bench so are they and in a deck where you are stalling against Donphan, Machamp is usually going to be the next problem… Even if you can stall for a bit against the Champ eventually its going to be your main attacker vs theirs… Even if you can take out the Don, Champ will just Buster you up

  6. Sam W

    “Umberon UD”

    what kind of clownboat would misspell the card’s name? it’s written right there.

  7. Kiera

    I’m going to miss Umbreon; it was fun to play, even if Gyarados really knocked it around.

  8. Taylor Pagani

    Yes, Umbreon won’t help much in most battles, but the 2-3 games it does help; it just completely breaks decks. I think a 2-2 line of anything in a deck is worth it if it just instantwins you a game or two at a tourny. 

  9. Anonymous

    Again what was the point?
    You did the same thing as Dane carlson..wrote a COTD
    Just to say why its bad..there’s no point!…the only helpful thing that you was..donphan n machamp cant hurt it
    Which everyone knows..
    i give this article a ….0

    • Anonymous  → Anonymous

      Well, one day, when we see you contributing to the community in a positive way, we’ll upgrade you into something better than zero.  Until then, go back to Encyclopedia Dramatica or wherever you came from. 

      • Anonymous  → Anonymous

        How about..u shut the fuck up
        huh?..Because what im saying is true..this nigga wasting his time and mine
        Also whats the point of me writeing something good?..If you guys just give everycard a bad score

        • Anonymous  → Anonymous

          This isn’t the Pokegym, nor is this HeyTrainer.  Six Prizes does not mind a bit of language, but that was rather uncalled for.  This site still is read by younger people. 

          As for the point of writing something good?  Go back and look at some of the card of the days, not just the ones you’ve been posting on.  Not to mention, articles that have nothing to do with a specific card can do perfectly well, as can articles about decks designed to lose, even.  One writes something good for this site for three reasons.  Firstly, it is done to help out the community.  Secondly, it is done to have a shot at free Underground membership.  And third, it is done to feel a sense of accomplishment when people like or contribute to your ideas. 

          To be on topic, I agree with the score given here.  Umbreon is a card that SCREAMS “tech me!” but never seems to work out properly.  Which is a shame, because I was truely hoping for a playable eeveelutions deck this format. 

        • Anonymous  → Anonymous

          Ok so i cursed?..i dont give a FUCK!
          The lil kids are gonna eventually gonna hear/see these words
          2nd..if it screams out tech me!..then thats not my fault..about half the articles that ive seen
          Is about how bad the card is gonna do in the idc what you say..

          If some1 thinks that a certain card is gonna do bad in the format..
          Then why write about it?..Theirs no point..

          You can run a eeveelution for fun if you want..It doesnt have to be compete status..

        • Anonymous  → Anonymous

          The fact that you do not understand why this is important demonstrates to everyone your level of maturity.  If you have further grievances, you can take them up with me directly, using my Disqus contact information. 

          kn3ll_’s well written and informative article does not deserve to be marred by such senseless rhetoric. 

        • Sam Stevens  → Anonymous

          For starters watch your mouth and stop being so rude

          2nd point is that he wouldn’t write an article if he considered it a waste of time, its informing people that think Umbreon is better than it is to rethink their strategy of just walling behind ‘moonlight fang’ as its not as effective as it used to be

          3rd point about you “writing something good” (if you actually can) if you consider it a waste of time writing an article on a below average card then why don’t you write an article on one of the top dogs of the format and give it a good score

          4th and final point if you consider it wasting your time then don’t read it in the first place… kn3ll and everyone else who puts time and effort into writing articles don’t want to read that they are just wasting their time in a comment by someone as blatantly uneducated as you

          Cabd gave you a very generous rating of 0 but from my perspective your -5

        • Sam Stevens  → Anonymous

          im surprised you can count to 123, or did you choose that number because 1, 2 and 3 are next to each other on the keyboard and typing anything more complicated would just make your tiny little brain hurt

  10. Michael Magee

    I really hated how it did not get errated for abilities…

    But even then. There are just too many top tier pokemon this format that only run off of attacks!

  11. Michael Magee

    I really hated how it did not get errated for abilities…

    But even then. There are just too many top tier pokemon this format that only run off of attacks!

  12. the sidewalk

    Sure, Umbreon gets eaten by Zekrom and Reshiram, and Abilities encompass everything now, but it still thwarts every other top-tier attacker in the format… Just sayin’.

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