Mantine (HeartGold & SoulSilver HS 45) – Card of the Day

Mantine HS! Not a lot to say about it. In the search for starters, Water-type decks such as BlastGatr, Beartic, Blastzel, and Wailgatr, shouldn’t overlook Mantine.

80 HP means Mantine won’t be donked easily, although the Lighting weakness puts Mantine in danger of Pachirisu donk. Fighting resistance is nice, but it doesn’t change the number of hits Donphan needs to KO Mantine. 1 Retreat Cost isn’t much, but it’s poor on a starter.

“Group Swim”, for one Water, allows you to search for any Water-type Pokémon in your deck to move to your hand. Since this includes Evolutions, it’s a valuable move in a Water player’s arsenal.

“Aqua Slash”, for two Water, will do 40 but prevent Mantine from attacking the following turn. I can’t think of a particularly good reason to use it, but perhaps you can pick up an easy prize on Cleffas.

Mantine is probably a more consistent and definitely a safer starter than a Baby in Water-type decks. I find it to be more useful for finding Evolution cards than Basics, but you have the option if you wish to. In decks that use more than one type, it’s probably better to not run Mantine.

Obviously, don’t run Mantine if your main Pokémon aren’t Water. Seriously.

Mantine gets a 2/5.

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  1. Julian Silva

    I like Mantine but when it gets down to it Cleffa is a better starter. For the evolutions it would be easier to use the pokemon collector/communication combo.

  2. stephen shirley

    why were you saying good things about it hen giving it a low rating

  3. John Kiefler

    The good things about it are for water only.  Unless you run straight water Mantine is useless.  Great article since i totally spaced about Mantine.

  4. Ron Routhier

    If you’re running a water deck then this is a 5/5. Other than that, this card is 0/5. It’s a must have in any Water deck in todays format. 

  5. tim h

    Ignoring the fact it’s useless in non-water decks, I still think that cleffa/manaphy are better in water-based decks. 

    By the end of your turn, you will probably have played collector/dual ball and played more basics, attached energy, and normally have 2-4 cards left in your hand. At this point, you obviously wont have a need for those last few cards, unless they are rare candy and a stage two, for instance. In this (very common) case, Cleffa is better.

    Also, some people prefer to use Manaphy, because it doesn’t get donked by Tyrogue. To each his own, but IMO both are better than Mantine.

  6. Anonymous

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  7. Anonymous

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  8. Jorge Davila

    what about stantler? it lets u search for 2 basics which lowers the deck faster 
    which would be better to run?

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