PokéClass Episode 30 – MagneBoar Deck Analysis + 2 More!

This week I bring the big guns of the HGSS-On format. Magnezone/Emboar or ‘Magneboar’ as it’s more commonly known is currently the favourite to do well at US Nationals so I give you the lowdown on the deck including a tight skeleton list to help you out.

I’m liking the new format of the deck analysis myself, but what do you guys think? Let me know in the comments below!

Thanks for watching!

Playthrough: Magneboar vs. Zekrom

Hey all,

This is my first full Battle Video for you since I have been getting so many people asking if I would do them. I think it turned out well and I hope you enjoy it too!

Comment below what you think and which decks you want to see battling it out next time!

Deck Surgery Mini Episode #5 – ShadowMario90

This is the first of my HGSS-On deck surgery and I hope you enjoy! ShadowMario90’s Feraligatr/Samurott is on the table today and I give it a little tweaking to make it as good as it can be.

Please keep sending your lists so I can do these more frequently!



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  1. Edgar F

    I’ll be honest, your list is somewhat weak, and we’re still repeating the exact same things about Magboar, over and over and over. Nobody’s getting anything new from MagBoar Article #2352351^2. Sorry for the harsh comment, but I’d really like some evidence that this isn’t a completely unplayable one-deck meta (and my testing is showing me it really isn’t).

    • Daniel Middleton  → Edgar

      I disagree with the list being ‘weak’. I don’t think anybody will agree on certain lists since every single one is different. What works for me might not work for you and I do put them up as skeleton lists, simply because I am aware of that fact.
      As for the one-deck meta, this really isn’t the case as my testing is also showing. I’ve had a lot of messages asking for this so thats what I did.

      Thanks for the comment.

  2. Callylove

    About the Pokémon Reversal early game against MagneBoar:
    Shouldn’t the Zekrom-player sent out your Tepig instead of Magnemite?

  3. Matthew Riddle

    I love to watch people play games. I don’t expect the players to be world championship, I just love to watch how other players will play the game. So, grats on putting up a video of that.

    I think the Zekrom player got super lucky with that early eeek or copycat netting them Pachirisu+Shaymin+2 lightning energy. I noticed after that initial energy acceleration, the Zekrom player needed to hit every energy drop they could so to keep powering up Zekrom. Is the Pachirisu+Shaymin combo only available once in the early part of the game?

    Rayquaza/Deoxys Legend blew my mind. 30HP cleffa? 2 prizes. 150HP Emboar? 2 prizes. It’s just so powerful and deadly. It’s weak to colorless and psychic, right? There’s no real psychic threat out there, and the only colorless threat that pops to mind is Cinccino. In that matchup, you may not even need the card with Magnezone discarding 2 to OHKO the Cinccino.

    Great game. Would love to see more. The proxies messed me up a little, especially when I was thinking Circulator was Reversal but then it worked as a Reversal. Perhaps print off some proxies and insert them into the sleeve next time so to reduce as much confusion as possible.

    • Daniel Middleton  → Matthew

      Thanks for the comment. As for the Circulator, that was an error on my part, it was an actual Circulator since we were testing it out at the time. All cards in the video were acting as their correct effects apart from Dusparce which = Cleffa.
      Thanks again and glad you enjoyed.

    • Daniel Middleton  → Matthew

      Thanks for the comment. As for the Circulator, that was an error on my part, it was an actual Circulator since we were testing it out at the time. All cards in the video were acting as their correct effects apart from Dusparce which = Cleffa.
      Thanks again and glad you enjoyed.

  4. Emil lumen

    Good episode, nice videos!

    Did you draw that nurse joy and emboar and magnezone? I like em

  5. Mekkah

    This is a good show if you’re unfamiliar with Emboar/Magnezone. Personally, I fell asleep when I saw a video go over Cleffa’s, Emboar’s, and Magnezone’s stats, powers and attacks for the gazillionth time. At least this one had some opinionated elements that would actually help people make decisions that aren’t easily answerable (namely, the praise for Sage + Junk Arm, and the recommendation against Dual Ball, both without mindlessy bashing the alternatives) and you included a battle video which we could always use more of. Zekrom player got quite lucky on the flips on everything, but it’s hard to get a proper game with Zekrom involved considering that deck is basically speed start or fail completely. I’d rather see Magnezone/Emboar face off against Donchamp, Reshiboar, some Stage 1 mash-up, or even a mirror match.

    On the deck list, preferences are preferences…but 3 Inferno Fandango Emboar? I’d only run two of those max, and if there’s gonna be a third Emboar in there it will be the Flare Blitz one. Switch is a must by the way. It’s not just for Emboar: it also pulls sleeping babies back.

    tl;dr less Pokémon kindergarten and more Pokéclass please Dan. I don’t mind you, your videos or your articles, but for me all they do is state the blatantly obvious, and I find it weird I don’t hear this more often in comments. With no offense intended to the audience, sometimes it’s as if people forget everything they know about the TCG before watching/reading, and praise you for bringing them to the light. This isn’t just a problem with Poké Class though, it goes for a lot and a lot and a lot of videos and articles.

    I hope this constructive criticism helps to improve you and other sixprizes contributors.

    • Daniel Middleton  → Mekkah

      I appreciate your comment first of all, but you said the video wasn’t ‘complex’ enough when you listed a few things that I did go over which are all things being thrown backwards and forwards between ‘top’ players.
      As I said in another comment, lists are different for everyone, so I’ll leave that up to discussion.
      I agree with you on the stats of cards thing and considered the issue myself when I was writing the ‘script’ so I will leave more of it out next time if the feeling is mutual with other viewers.

      To be honest, articles and videos are very hard to come up with and to write since finding brand new ideas and views on things is difficult with such a huge online community. I do try my best to cover all kinds of players from beginners to more experienced considering the wide audience.

      I’ll take your comments on board and hopefully you’ll enjoy future episode more.


  6. Anonymous

    Watching the MagneBoar vs. ZPS video just makes me want to play something with Vileplume even more. Those circulators looked annoying. With Blaziken FB rotated out, Vileplume is A LOT safer on the bench.

    As for the video, I enjoyed the skeleton list and the talk about the variations/options that could be used in the deck. This let’s us see how other people might think and will just help whoever is watching think about what they might run into when building their deck. I would like to see more of that for the next deck you’re going over.

  7. Anonymous

    3 Heads in a row is disgusting. From experience, if an opponent lands that many early game for early KO’s, it usually means GG for you. 

    Regardless I believe MagneBoar has a fair chance. ZPS has a terrible mid to late game.

  8. Stephan Deshazo

    that was a circulator in the beginning if it was a reversal she made a misplay by not hitting the one with the energy

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