Prof-It! Episode 46: Donchamp Analysis

Welcome to today’s episode of Prof-It! Today’s analysis is the one you 2nd most requested: Donchamp! Enjoy the episode and good luck testing for Nationals!

Here’s the Donchamp Skeleton for those of you on mobile devices and can’t see annotations:

Pokémon – 19 

3 Phanpy HS/CL
3 Donphan Prime
3 Machop TM
1 Machoke TM
3 Machamp Prime
2 Cleffa HS/CL
4 Tech Pokémon

Trainers – 22 

4 Pokémon Collector
3 Pokémon Communication
6 Draw Supporters
2 PlusPower
2 Pokémon Reversal
2 Junk Arm
3 Rare Candy

Energy – 12 

9 F
3 Double Colorless

Free Space – 7

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  1. Flare Starfire

    I have a feeling lots of people would like to meet and/or battle you at Nationals!  Hard to believe it’s so close…. gotta keep practicing!

  2. samuel roach

    Hey I’m the first post!! I love all of your episodes here, and on youtube. This is actually the deck I’m testing against right now. DonChamp is a really great deck that has both early and late game presence. I don’t underestimate it one bit.

    Oh, I hope to see you at Nationals too!! :)

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