PokéClass Episode 31 – Kingdra/Mandibuzz Deck Analysis

This week I bring you an analysis on a deck that has sunk below the radar. Kingdra/Mandibuzz has the potential to go far as a rogue deck at this year’s Nationals at US and Canadian Nationals. Fast and hard attackers that can snipe around the board are hard to come by, but this deck puts them both together. Could it stand up to its biggest weakness, MagneBoar?

Check out this episode for a full skeleton list as well as some very exciting news about our newest sets!



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  1. A Z

    can it consistently beat magneboar? NO? then it probably isnt a good deck to play…  

  2. Eduardo Cisneros

    i like the tech, a cheap deck with snipe. Good report.

  3. Alex Humanick

    No one is talking about teching a 1-1 dodrio, why?
    Once catcher hits format, you better make room for it unless you’re running free retreat all day

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