PokéClass Episode 32 – Recovery and Comebacks

This week I’m presenting you with some last minute options for you Nationals decklists. I list all the good forms of recovery we have in this format that can keep you in the game or help you make a comeback when things are looking rough.

There’s also some interesting news about exciting new cards and some handy tips for Nationals this and next weekend!


P.S. I know I annotated on the video, but in terms of Rescue Energy not being included, I just feel that this video was aimed more at things that could be last minute decisions which I feel Rescue Energy isn’t. As a card, Rescue Energy needs to be more tested if you are thinking of using it and the card on this list are to help you settle those last minute decisions you should be making right about now.

Reader Interactions

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  1. tim h

    on Energy Returner –  ‘but energy retrieval outclasses it in every way’

    Except not really. 4 > 2. I haven’t found one to be better than an energy retrieval, but it’s still useable.

  2. Toby Woolner

    I must admit I have found Flower Shop Lady to be slightly annoying at times because I’ve only had Reshiram and 2 Cleffa’s in the discard, making me shuffle those Cleffa’s in again. -_-‘

  3. Will Miller

    This really seems like a good deck. in fact, i might test this out tomorrow. ^-^

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