PokémanDan’s Recap of Two National Championships and New Project

Hey everybody, PokémanDan here with two PokéClass episodes to show you. They are both going to cover the previous two National Championships that have taken place with a little bit of analysis on the decks that did well and some rather interesting ones that came to light.

Canadian Nationals Recap:

The first of the major HGSS-On tournaments which produced very interesting results and brought forth some very interesting deck ideas that hadn’t really been shown before. Kingdra/Yanmega/Jirachi really made its mark here and made a name for itself while ZPS exceeded everybody’s expectations by winning the entire event.

Watch the video for more analysis on decks such as Mew/Muk/Vileplume/Yanmega/Jumpluff and Weavile/Slowking/Ambipom as well as a recap of the top 16 results.

US Nationals Recap:

Probably the biggest event of the year so far, just a week after Canadian Nationals which did leave an impression on the deck choices. I take a look at the top 16 decks and go through a few interesting choices moving on to the top 4 and analysing the top 2 decks of the weekend. We saw even more interesting results with even more decks emerging and leaves us eagerly waiting for more until Worlds 2011 comes!

I hope you enjoy the episodes and comment below what you think.

My New Project – PokéClass Extra:

I mention this project I have launched at the end of the US Nationals episode and I just wanted to describe it a little bit to you. PokéClass Extra is designed to be a hub of information about the competitive world of the Pokémon Trading Card Game. It is designed to bring you the latest interviews with top players and (my favorite part) I’ve started a library of competitive decks called ‘The Testing Zone‘.

The Testing Zone is designed to give players old and new the chance to study builds of competitive decks with access to different tech choices and how to play the deck etc. Each deck has its own dedicated page which features a skeleton list for each one as well as a list of deck choices you can make along with a part at the bottom where you all can discuss what you feel about the deck.

I feel this project can really go far and eventually become a valuable resource for all competitive players alike. I’m asking for your help to make it what you want it to be, so please go and visit my website at www.pokemandan.co.uk, click on PokéClass Extra at the top and enjoy the content.

Thanks for your time reading this article and I hope you enjoy the project and videos as much as I enjoy making them.

See you next week!

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  1. n1ghtmare90

    testing zone greatest thing on the internet, it can be so hard to find good skeletons these days

  2. MultX

    Testing zone is great) Hope this will be a huge deck library

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