The Complete US, CA, and MX National Result Brackets

Operating from the Down Under, the one and the only Mew Jadester has been hard at work over the past week. With many thanks from the communities of SixPrizes, Heytrainer, PokéGym, TheTopCut, and the passerbys on my Facebook, the brackets page for Top 16 Canadian Nationals, Top 32 Mexican Nationals, and the largest of all, Top 128 United States Nationals have been put together for your enjoyment!

The brackets can be viewed here:

The top decks shown from US Top 128 brackets:

  • Yanmega/Magnezone/Kingdra variants (45)
  • Reshiram/Typhlosion (13)
  • Magnezone/Emboar (12)
  • Donphan/Reshiram/Zekrom (10)
  • Yanmega/Vileplume variants (10)
  • Yanmega/Donphan variants (10)
  • Reshiram/Emboar (7)
  • Gengar Prime variants (5)
  • Zekrom/Pachirisu/Shaymin (4)
  • Donphan/Machamp (2)
  • Yanmega/Zoroark (2)
  • Other decks (8)

Quite a great number of variety, eh?

Shoutouts to the following rogues for impressive and creative showing:

  1. Tyranitar/Serperior, played by James A.
  2. Samurott/Donphan, played by Nikki F.
  3. Sharpedo/Cinccino, played by Justin W.
  4. Yanmega/Roserade/Sunflora/Vileplume/Ursaring, played by Carlos and Xander P.
  5. Ambipom/Weavile, played by Alaric M-B.

pokebeach.comFor Worlds, if I were you to prepare, make sure you decktest against the following:

  1. Yanmega with combinations of either Magnezone/Pachirisu, Kingdra/Jirachi, or both.
  2. Reshiram/Typhlosion
  3. Yanmega/Vileplume with various techs such as Mew/Muk/Jumpluff, Sunflora, Roserade, Ursaring, etc.
  4. Yanmega/Donphan/Zoroark
  5. Donphan/Reshiram/Zekrom
  6. Magnezone/Emboar

… as well as those random rogues, combinations and such!

Remember, it is Worlds, and unexpected stuff could happen! Like last year – the Japanese ran Warp Energies and Professor Oak’s New Theory in their Luxchomps, or even Team Magma decks back in 2004!

Til then everyone, forgive me for this short article, as writing is not my strength!

See you in San Diego, if you do make it!

~Mew Jadester (Jason Windham)

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    • Blake  → Martin

      Use Donphan’s earthquake damage to power up Reshiram’s and Zekrom’s outrage attacks. 4 damage counters on a Zekrom OHKOs a Yanmega with outrage.

    • n1ghtmare90  → Martin

      i think its a deck where you use donphan early to spread damage to reshiram and zekrom to power up outrage 

    • Jak Stewart-Armstead  → Martin

      EQ damage on to Dragons, add a DCE and do Outrage.

      Zekrom w/ 4 damage counters slaughters Yanmegas. Benched Reshirams stop Kingdra Prime from one shotting your Donphans.

      Surprised that none of the Typhlosion/Reshirams went further. That deck has a solid match up with all the Stage 1s.

      • rraya  → Jak

        that’s probably because there weren’t as many typhlosion/reshiram variants as there were stage 1 variants. And that’s probably due to the fact that people always underhyped reshiram variants. I expect to see them going further in worlds.

  1. Anthony Smith

    Good luck this year Jason :)

    And good luck to everyone else going!

  2. Emil lumen

    Great work.

    Wow thats a lot of Yanmegas, reminds me of garchomp c lv x. Same HP, same retreat, can snipe. 
    Kingdra is Crobat G
    Magnezone prime is a over weight Uxie
    (to be soon) Pokemon catcher will be luxray g. lv x.

    Oh wow, SP reincarnated. 

    • Lee  → Emil

      Except Kingdra is a stage two, not a basic.
      Same with Magnezone.
      And Catcher will be a trainer that any deck can use.
      And there is no Cyrus, Poke Turn, Power Spray, and Energy Gain to abuse… so nope, not really seeing it.

      • Emil lumen  → Lee

        Its not about what they are, anyone can tell that. Its about what they do, and its all in 1 deck. 

        There is no Cyrus, poke turn, power spray, energy gain…YET. 

        • Lee  → Emil

          Right. My point was that the equivalents now are a lot slower and more versatile than what they were, opening up a lot more room for the opponent to play against instead of just being overwhelmed by a speedy, unstoppable formulaic deck.

  3. Myles O’Neill

    Good Luck at Worlds Jason – Australia represent!

  4. Mariano Treviño

    heyt excellent work… but I was at the Mexican Top 32 but didin’t used a reshiboar, but a Reshiphlosion :P please change it :C I was place 29th, Jose T.

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