Mismagius (Undaunted UD 19) – Card of the Day

pokebeach.comHey guys! It’s Dane again, and I’m here with a brand-new Card of the Day on Mismagius for Undaunted (and Call of Legends). Let’s take a look at his stats.

He’s an 80 HP Stage 1 Psychic Pokémon. With Garchomp C LV.X gone, 80 HP is OK. It’s certainly not the best, but it’s at least OK. He has a x2 Weakness to Darkness, a -20 Resistance to Colorless, and a Retreat Cost of 1. So far, I really only have one word to describe all this: meh. It’s pretty mediocre so far, but hopefully the attacks will make up for this.

Well, yeah. Mismagius’s first attack, Sleeping Spell, costs a single Psychic energy, does 30 damage, and makes the defending Pokémon asleep with the flip of a coin. It kills babies, and can really annoy your opponent when they’re not using babies. Mismagius’s second attack costs a Psychic and a Colorless and is called Poltergeist. Word-for-word Poltergeist. It does the same amount of damage that Gengar did, costs the same amount of energies as Gengar did, and pairs perfectly with Vileplume like Gengar did. It’s VileGar all over again.

So like I said, Mismagius pairs perfectly with Vileplume. MisPlume. You can use Teddiursa (CoL) as your starter for the early Trainer Lock (OK, OK, FINE, if you HAVE to be so technical I’ll call it Item Lock instead. Sheesh…), and if you wanted to, you could even have Ursaring in there as well. While you’re locking with Teddiursa, you can build up a Vileplume, followed by swarms of Mismagius. If you’re the disruptive type, you can even use Slowking or Weavile (or BOTH!) to put them in even MORE trouble. I’m surprised no one used it at Nationals.

Maybe MagneBoar posed too much of a threat (of course not many people used it, but, whatever), or ReshiBoar or ReshiPhlosion. But I believe that with the right techs, the deck could go far. For this reason, I’m going to give Mismagius a 3.75 out of 5. I don’t want to give him a 4, ‘cuz that seems too high, but 3 and 3.5 seem too low. So I split the difference. Thanks for reading, and I’ll see ya next time. Bye!!! :D

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  1. the sidewalk

    Why does it seem like this has been the first COTD in a while?

  2. Andrew Adams

    I wish this card was good, but I don’t see it having potential to do anything like Gengar did.  It doesn’t have free retreat, doesn’t have high HP, and doesn’t have Fainting Spell.  All of those were key in VileGar.  It takes two turns to set it up with energy, but will probably get knocked out every turn.  I guess it could be a backup attacker in some Mew/Vileplume decks, but I don’t see it being very relevant on its own.

    • Anonymous  → Renato

      Well, I love disrupting AND annoying my opponents, so I should really work on a Mismagius deck (which I am)!

  3. chris frontiero

    I think its an interesting card, but I’m worried for it because Sharpedo can 2 shot it with a shot of hand discarding. Not to mention, Mismagius just doesn’t seem as disruptive as Gengar of old.

  4. Ron Routhier

    I’m trying to build a Plume/Magius/Mew/Muk deck. See Off Muk(Sludge Drag) to give you time to set up Magius, and try to get Plume up T2 or T3. I’m not having much luck with it right now. It gets crushed by ReshiPhlosion, even with a T2 trainer lock. when you’re highest hp Pokemon is 120, and it’s not your main attacker, you tend to run into problems.

  5. bendingspoons1

    Awesome card….YOOO PLAID ANSWER YOUR PHONE!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Quarter-Turn

    You know what card needs to be reviewed? Research Record. I know people who somehow have gotten a lot of success from that card, but I can’t seem to fit it into one of my decks.

  7. David Griggs

    The biggest disadvantage this card has when compared to the Gengar of yester-format is the lack of a good secondary attack with snipe capabilities.

    Also, I always thought of “Miss Magius” in the feminine…

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