PokéClass Episode 36 – Approaching the Last Chance Qualifiers

Hey everyone,

This week’s episode begins the countdown to Worlds with all the best advice on how to approach the Last Chance Qualifiers (Grinders) for those of you wanting one last shot at an invite this year.

Watch the episode for my 5 top tips to doing well in the Grinders.



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  1. John Kettler

    As a perennial grinder-ite myself, I  have to say that I concur with much of the advice found within. Nice job, Dan!

  2. Ron Routhier

    Let me be the first to say, another excellent PokeClass. Your advice about keeping decks consistant really opened my eyes, since I ended up doing exactly what you said not to, adding a lone Twins to my deck. Needless to say, I took it out and replaced it immediately with something to add consistency (An extra Seeker).

    Way to go Dan. I hope I get to meet you at Grinders.

    • Daniel Middleton  → Ron

      Thanks! I’m glad you enjoyed it.

      I really feel that consistency is crucial right now since there isn’t a whole load of draw power out there at the moment and the draw supporters we have rely on you being consistent so that you draw what you need off of them.

      Unfortunately, I won’t be going to Grinders since it’s waaaaay to expensive to travel to the US from the UK and would only go if I had an invite. Let’s hope next year ;)

      Thanks again..

  3. tim h

    One thing I have to say, is don’t scoop preemptively against magneboar. If they run out of energy, they lose. 

  4. Keaton Gill

    I think you were a bit dramatic on scooping.

    “If you’re one card away, you might not get it, so scoop to save time.”


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