Apology and Final Statement of Aydan Aires

Hey everyone, Aydan Aires here.

I felt as if there were some things to be said about the whole situation. I’ll tell everyone the truth of what’s been in mind after the past few days ever since the article’s release.


pokebeach.comI first off want to say sorry to all of the Professors that ran the event. Hell, run any type of league or tournaments. I disgraced the Professor Cup name thinking it wasn’t a big deal of entering. I was SO wrong. You all work so hard and it wasn’t until reading all those comments that I realized all of this. I’m deeply sorry.

Second, I want to apologize to the 2nd place winner, Cecily C. We talked privately about the situation and she is by far one of the most hurt out of all of this. Half of it is due to me sneaking my way in and winning. The other half is all my supporters flaming here. Please stop doing that everyone. She has every right to be upset.

Third, I want to apologize to Pokémon Play of America. I understand what I did was wrong and I disgraced the event you hold.

Fourth, I want to thank Zach (cabd on 6P) and Carlos (my Top 8 opponent) for making me understand that I needed to write this article. And I’m sorry in whatever way my actions caused you guys problems.

Fifth, I want to apologize to all of the Pokémon Players of the world. At first, I was hurt by everyone’s comments. I was called trash, scum, dick, asshole, etc. But I realize that those expressions were needed for me to fully understand the magnitude of my actions.

Lovers and Haters Alike

Something I’ve noticed the past few days is the huge separation of the community because of this.

There are few people that support me, and I want everyone who supported me to know that there’s no reason to support me. It was all my fault. And also, everyone who made those brash, hurtful comments to Cecily C. should be ashamed; but not as ashamed as me. Had I not created this huge mess, none of this would happen. In the end, it is all my fault and I truly understand that.

People who were against me, I understand your plight. I want all of you to know that I am sending back prizes and I have taken the trophy off of eBay. I’m sorry to all of you that have been hurt.

Thought on the situation the past 3 days:

  1. After placing the article on 6P, I thought everyone’s comments were a joke.
  2. I realized quickly, that was not the case.
  3. People from all over the country contacting me telling me what I should or shouldn’t do.
  4. 2 days ago, I got brave and decided to try to fight for the prizes.
  5. Yesterday, I realized it was wrong. The best way to end the situation is to do the right thing.
  6. Today, the prizes are getting gathered so we can make this right.
  7. The “unown” future it looking pretty blurry at the moment.

What Happens Now

Well, once the prizes get returned, only time will tell my punishment. I have no idea what that may be, but I’m sure it will be fair and reasonable given the situation. What will P!P do with the prizes? I’m not entirely sure.

To put one final say in everything, I’m very sorry and take full responsibility. I would like the threads to stop soon since most of everyone’s points are moot; now that this is over. However, if you have strong opinions, I will take them in the comments section of the article and answer any questions.

Thank you for reading and sorry to all,

Aydan Aires

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  1. Deric Tan

    Please guys, he did something stupid. He’s already apologized and I believe that he is sorry for what he has done. Can we please drop the hate and the vile comments towards him? We’ve already had almost a week of throwing hate towards him. Enough is enough. Let the guys in P!P decide as to what actions are to be taken.

  2. Deric Tan

    Another thing, we should look at the positives this mishap caused. Remember that this only became an issue because he made the article in the first place. Had he not made this article, this would have been unknown until now. We’ll never know if non-Professors already have been doing this before. With this issue raised, the organizers can ensure stricter security and make sure that future Prof. Cups would only have Professors.

  3. Deric Tan

    Another thing, we should look at the positives this mishap caused. Remember that this only became an issue because he made the article in the first place. Had he not made this article, this would have been unknown until now. We’ll never know if non-Professors already have been doing this before. With this issue raised, the organizers can ensure stricter security and make sure that future Prof. Cups would only have Professors.

  4. Anonymous

    Like I said on ‘gym, you should totally drive down to where Cecily lives and hand-deliver the trophy and give a face-to-face apology.

    • Aydan Aires  → Anonymous

      I’m not sure you understand the situation. I respect your thoughts but that is impossible. The trophy is rightfully Pokemons. What they do with it is up to them although I hope they would send it to her.

      I CANNOT do what you are asking me to. I will get legally “in trouble” if I follow what you say. So, please forget that idea. I’m trying to do the best possible solution and yours, sir, is not the best. In all due respect, that is.

  5. Sebastian Lugo

    IMO u must be banned (lifetime ban) why? is quite simple if u have the proper mindset to win the prof cup, u’re a smarter guy that know what to do, and according to an intelligent mindset u shouldn’t do that. Coming back saying sorry I’am an idiot for having registered for the event, next made a post full of arrogance and happy telling the things u did. U don’t deserve a crap for the community…

    • MichaelS  → Sebastian

      Really? You couldn’t type the word You’re? You had to type u’re? You even went to the trouble of putting in the apostrophe, but you couldn’t add in the Y or the O before the u’re? Come on. You had to knowingly try to type something like this.

    • David Griggs  → Sebastian

      Not only is your opinion wrong, it’s also invalidated by your apparent inability to type, spell, and use grammar properly.

  6. Mike Ayers

    I hope your ban isn’t life-long. This apology was needed and I pray it mends the broken community. You’ve done a good thing and people should forgive what you did in the past. It takes guts to apologize sincerely and admit humility. Hope to see ya around in the future.

  7. jordan baker

    There’s nothing like a good ol’ forced apology to start your day. Everything about this guy seems so insincere. 

  8. Thomas Trueman

    We all make mistakes in life – some bigger than others. There is only one thing we can do to even attempt to rectify our mistakes, to say sorry and to take any punishment given. To say sorry is one thing, to be sincerely and truly sorry is another thing. Only you can know if you are truly sorry or not – others can only judge you. Some may feel that your actions cannot be forgiven, however, I feel this apology is the best thing you could have done. I for one believe you are truly sorry, everyone involved wishes you are truly sorry, it is greater to be gracious when defeated than arrogant when victorious. 

  9. mewuk85

    What a journey. Your still young and have many life long lessons to learn. Let this be one. As u get older we learn from our mistakes and grow as people to always think before we do things.

    Knowledge comes with experience.

    Takes a real man to admit when he is wrong!!!!

  10. Sam Stevens

    I think its interesting that through all of this grief put on so many people from all across the world, if you hadn’t submitted that article in the 1st place none of this would have happened. Would have been better to just not sneak into and win a tournament you shouldn’t have, but this is only a reference to that age old saying: Ignorance is Bliss(ey)

  11. Anonymous

    With this apology up, I’m going to go ahead and re-lock the other article’s comments.  I ask that posters keep their comments respectful as they have been here so far, and that we do not turn this thread into the other one as far as trolling goes.

    You did the right thing, Mr. Aydan Aires.  Even though it took a lot of hounding and convincing on your part, what has been done is done, and all we can do now is work moving forward.  We all make mistakes in our lives, all of us, but that doesn’t stop people from having great lives.  I honestly wish you the best of luck in your schooling, and in four years, I hope to see that you have grown and changed as a person, and maybe even one day see you, (or your kids!) back in organized play, ready to rock with the new generation 6 sets. 

    ~Zackary “Cabd” Ayello

  12. Daniel Langlois

    Seriously why is AA the only one getting flamed here. Who were the officials who stood by and didn’t do a thing.  That’s their JOB. He’s a kid and he’s going to make mistakes and he apologized. If it wasn’t the apology you wanted well then that’s too bad because he apologized in every way he knew how. Now I really want to hear an apology from the judge who allowed him to play in the first place.

      • Anonymous  → Deric

        P!P staff has stated on the thread over at the gym that they will be taking action regarding the staff that made the mistakes.  It comes down to if you trust them to discipline their own staff or not, but either way, people like you and I are not privy to the details. 

    • Anonymous  → Daniel

      First off this job they weren’t getting payed for, secondly the were understaffed and spread thin. 

      At my job I’ve got a few shoplifters over the years, I’m sure I haven’t caught all of them.  Is it my fault that they stole because I wasn’t watching them closely enough?

  13. Celia Finsel

    Good for you, Aydan.  You have indeed done the right thing, and perhaps the greatest good to come out of this whole mess is that you have gained a new level, not in gaming tactics and rankings, but in ethics, compassion, wisdom, and maturity. 

  14. Adam Bigott

    I feel like P!P has some responsibility too. I mean the Professor Cup is big deal, otherwise this story wouldn’t have blown up. Why didn’t they check to see who was eligible to compete at the Professor Cup during registration? A simple excel document with all the players eligible on it would have prevented this whole thing from happening. I’d hate to see a lifetime ban though and I hope P!P seeks out an alternative.

  15. the sidewalk

    You folded, man. The only wrongdoing you committed was arrogantly boasting about your story for all of the Poke’mon community to see. I hope that, for their sake, everyone who was especially unnerved by this incident never encounters a problem of any actual significance.

    I think Cecily should receive her prizes on the technicality that you hadn’t earned a rightful place in the tournament, you should receive a season-long ban, P!P should actually do their job of preventing incidents like this instead of relying on the honor system when history and expensive prizes are on the line, and that you shouldn’t let a pile of hate speech reduce you to the sorrowful shell of a kid who pulled off something awesome as a way of killing time and acquiring a birthday present for his dad.

    Also, I sincerely hope there are places on this site for people on both sides of this issue.

  16. Daniel Middleton

    Good stuff, dude. Hope people don’t go as crazy in this thread. He’s trying his best to fix what he’s done which isn’t going to be easy.

    • Anonymous  → Ron

      While I get the “lol” pretty much invalidates your point, i’d like to remind you, and everyone else here, that Pokemon OP is reading these threads, and stating an intention of breaking their rules might not be the best of ideas. 

      • David Griggs  → Anonymous

        Please take this to heart… You might think it’s something funny to joke with your friends about, but don’t do it on a public forum.

  17. Kyle Lane

    Boy sneaks into Professor Cup. Boy wins Professor Cup. Boy tells internets. Internets disprove. Boy ships back greasy finger printed trophy. Boy creates dinosaur. Dinosaur eats P!P. No rotation for 6 years. Woman inherits the earth.

  18. Benjamin Bolival

    Thanks for realizing the error of what you did, deciding to return the prizes you won, and accepting whatever punishment is applied to you. update us when you finally send out those prizes back.

  19. connor chapkis connor chapkis

    i think the worst part is that you lied about your real name and created a new pop account under the fake alias of “aydan aires”…that’s just low, man

      • matt l  → Joshua

        Maybe he legally changed his name to Justin Rike before the professor cup, did you ever think about that?

        He apparently made the bogus POP ID so playing in nats wouldn’t hurt his chances of playing in worlds. Great idea. 

        • Josh  → matt

          “He apparently made the bogus POP ID so playing in nats wouldn’t hurt his chances of playing in worlds. Great idea”
          Oh you mean cheating… 

  20. ricky turrietta

    man you effed up big time ive cheated a few times but i always told the person i did and gave them the win cuz i knew it wasnt a fair win but you kept all the prizes for yourself you shoulda just given her the prizes but the booster packs were yours man cant wait for worlds

  21. matt l

    Is this apology from Aydan Aires or Justin Rike?

    I honestly forget, which one was the fake name you played in nationals under, and what’s your real name?

  22. Joshua Pikka

    Its sad that the trolls won this battle.

    You did do wrong by entering the tournament, but thats nothing that a lot of other people don’t do.  Hopefully now the issue is out in the open so National tournaments will be policed.  It can be said that you actually did PP a favor by exposing all this stuff. 

    What good is it returning the trophy and prizes?  Its not like PP will find a worthy person to give them to. 

    You of course didn’t owe anyone an apology.  Cecily is probably a nice person and everything, and there is no disrespect meant to her, but she was not involved at all.  Its  not like you stole a prize from her.  She lost fair and square to a better deck three times in a row.  If you hadn’t been there, it is just as likely that Cecily would have lost in the first round of top cut, than that she would have won the whole thing.  Nobody knows what would have happened.

    If you wanted to apologize it would be to those professors who made top cut.  Anyone of them could have won if you weren’t there. 

    My advice remains, keep the stuff until Pokemon pry’s it out of your dead hands.  Its not like they can give the stuff to anyone else.  You are the only one who deserved it. 

    • Anonymous  → Joshua

      With all due respect, Pikkdogs, the decisions have been made.  Please stop fanning the flames.  You’ve made your point well known, and we all understand it. 

      • Joshua Pikka  → Anonymous

        Oh Im fanning the flames, and the people who were calling for his head weren’t. 

        Who are you to tell people what they can and can’t say? Ya work for the FCC or something? Oh I know all about the FCC.

        This is a situation where the impact of a million people calling for AA’s head have traumatized him into making mistakes.  Why should we have to sit by while others tell him to do things that are wrong?

        • Anonymous  → Joshua

          Two separate points.  One, Who am I to say that?  I’m the moderator for this article as evidenced by the star next to my name.  So that would answer your first question.

          As far as the others fanning the flames, I agree, and hence, the other users have been dealt with.  As far as right vs. wrong, regardless of your opinion, Pokemon has contacted him and given him clear and concise instructions.  It’s not up to us to advise him at this point, really. 

          For all we know, he’s returning the prizes as part of an agreement to lessen his ban.  We don’t know, nor will we ever know, unless P!P or Mr. Aires chooses to disclose it.  he needs no advice at this point, he just needs our forgiveness. 

  23. Ben Bradly

    Sadly even in apologies there will be flame wars.  I really hope that P!P takes this apology into account as I can tell of it’s sincerity.

    Good luck with the future, well all make mistakes, and I hope things go well for you in the future!

  24. Anonymous

    Well I hope this apology is sincere at the end of the day you poked the bear don’t be pissed when you get a response. Most likely this is Good Bye.

  25. Patrick Glynn

    I have read your articles and finished reading this one and have come to one conclusion; you made a mistake and are trying your best to fix it. Not many people would do what you’re doing and that shows character. Sure at first seemed a bit conceited, but in the end you’re trying to make up for it and that’s what matters. Don’t let people trash talk you and I hope things work out for the best. Good luck in the future AA.

  26. Tony

    Don’t apologize bro, own what you did it was impressive. The blame firmly lies on those in charge of the tournament, if you are going to run a prof tourney your should probably make sure that the contestants are actually profs. Not going to lie to you though your article was a bit arrogant, you won so you do have a right to gloat a bit but don’t be a dick about it. You shouldn’t be banned you should get a firm handshake and the people who ran the tourney should be disciplined. Hope this all blows over for you man, keep your head up you did nothing wrong.

    • Benjamin Bolival  → Tony

      It is true that the people who ran the Professor’s Cup should be also faulted in this mess. BUT The author knowingly entered the cup that he was ineligible and was denying the true eligible players of their prizes. In short, he had intentions to cheat into the cup and followed through with his actions throughout the tournament eventhough he had guilty feelings about it while playing.  I do not think he deserves a firm handshake for this does it deserve t obe called  an impressive feat since it gives the wrong impression that it is ok to enter tournaments ineligible. Secondly, the author in this article  has acknowledged that he was wrong in entering the cup and Play! Pokemon also ruled that what he did was wrong so im sure the author will humbly decline any firm handshake for his actions. However, the author will welcome understanding and forgiveness from the community  since I believe everyone deserves a second chance.

      • Tony  → Benjamin

        Hey man thanks for the response here is my counter argument to this whole thing.

        “The author knowingly entered the cup that he was ineligible and was denying the true eligible players of their prizes.”

        Ok. Well here’s the thing its not as if he did it with malicious intent. Why do people climb Mt. Everest? Because its there. He went in signed up and got on the list. It is the employees job to check if he was actually eligible. He skirted by on a technicality and the incompetence of the worker. He didn’t deny anyone, the employee at the desk did.

        “he had intentions to cheat into the cup and followed through with his
        actions throughout the tournament eventhough he had guilty feelings
        about it while playing.”

        Again, it’s not his fault they didn’t check up on his story. The worst thing that could have happened was they did and said, “Sorry bro, your not eligible.” A simple phone call or check of his POP id would have shown that he wasn’t a prof. Also I believe he said the stuff was in the mail or some business like that? Your telling me they don’t have logs of this stuff somewhere with easy access? My personal opinion on the guilt quote is this. If he feels he did something wrong then that is on him. I personally believe he did nothing wrong here. Had I been there and saw the tourney I probably would have tried to enter myself.

        “I do not think he deserves a firm handshake for this nor does it deserve
        to be called  an impressive feat since it gives the wrong impression
        that it is ok to enter tournaments ineligible.”

        Sure he does, he won. He had the best deck that day and beat a shit ton of profs! That is an impressive feat in my opinion. In the short time I’ve been playing I’ve met a handful of profs and they’ve always seemed like very knowledgeable people, and always knew the game very well. Like I said before the worst thing that could have happened to him trying to sign up is he gets denied. Why do we climb everest, cuz its there.

        “Secondly, the author in this article  has acknowledged that he was wrong
        in entering the cup and Play! Pokemon also ruled that what he did was
        wrong so im sure the author will humbly decline any firm handshake for
        his actions.”

        It’s human nature to respond to hordes of people telling you that you’ve done something wrong with an apology. It takes a true man to own what he did and stick to his guns. I firmly support what he did. I disagree with the way he handled his victory but that’s just my opinion. Your right though. He doesn’t deserve a handshake, he would have if he stuck to his guns. Caving to the pressure of the people like that he acted cowardly and cowards shouldn’t be rewarded.  He acted like a child with the way he responded to this pressure. Own what you did and be proud. You can agree or disagree with me but this is just a classic differential on a particular view.

        Just my 2 cents

        • Tony  → Tony

          First and foremost your hypothetical is ridiculous, however I will respond to it rather then berate you for it. Absolutely not. There is a crime being committed with malicious intent in your hypothetical. It’s not as if the author went in with the intent to screw people over, not to mention what he did may have been dishonest but there was no crime committed. There is blatant disregard of property and person in your hypothetical with intent to commit a crime. Should the profs be mad about the situation, yes. However to sling some ebonics your way, “don’t hate the player, hate the game.” They got beat, deal with it. Was he in the tournament illegally, yes, but if someone did there job it wouldn’t have happened.

          I’m done with this argument my man. You have your views, which are wrong by the way, and I have mine. Don’t waste my time in replying to it I’m not going to read it. Had you presented an actual argument I would have enjoyed having a conversation with you, but you’ve just displayed the mind of a inane 10 year old following flawed logic with no coherency to the original problem at hand. Sorry if this sounds rude however I am done wasting my time.

          Good luck in all future endeavors,

        • Benjamin Bolival  → Tony

          following your logic if someone impersonated as your friend and knocked on your door and told your mom that you told this impostor that he allowed you to borrow your xbox and she gave it to him then this impostor did nothing wrong because it was your mom’s fault that she didnt check on that impostor’s story. and the impostor isnt technically stealing because your mom didnt check on the impostor’s story?

        • Jack Stensrud  → Tony

          But, climbing mount Everest isn’t illegal, is it now? Would you rob a store if the clerk was away, just because “it was there”? This is just my opinion, but I think that he did the right thing to apologize. One of the greatest measures of a true man is that he is willing to stand down in the right situation.

  27. Jeremy Juenger

    You stated earlier that you knowingly entered the Professor’s Cup as an ineligible player and you were deceitful in doing so. You also stated that you will be attending college and plan on taking a four year break.
    You now state that you are returning your prizes. This is the correct move, but the wrong has still not been righted. Quite simply, you should not be permitted to profit from your own wrong.
    I also believe that you owe a debt to the competitive Pokemon community at large. 
    With your admissions, and I have absolutely no say in what P!P should do, I would prescribe the following penalty which would allow you to determine the final length of your suspension:
    I would turn you into what you were unwilling to spend the time to become.
    1) I would require you to pass the Professor test and become a Pokemon professor, and keep it current for four years.
    2) I would require you to repay your debt by judging enough events to make you eligible for the Professor’s Cup for four years.
    3) I would require you to judge the next four Professor’s Cup tournaments as a judge.
    Failure of any condition would result in adding another year to your obligation.
    After successfully completing these conditions, I would then reinstate you. You would have repaid your debt to the players that you have wronged and the Pokemon community at large.
    To all the members of this forum who stated that there is nothing wrong with what was done by Ayden, this viewpoint is not only sad, arrogant, and quite obviously against the spirit of the game, but unethical as well.
    You should be ashamed.

  28. Anonymous

    It should be noted that we at TPCi did receive the 1st place trophy and the Professor backpack, but the Kindle and packs of cards were sold and were not replaced or returned.

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