PokéClass Episode 37 – Last Minute Worlds Advice and Future Plans…

This week, we look forward to Worlds being just 1 week away with some last minute advice on decks you can use, with some tech options as well. I also include how to beat the top 4 decks you should be expecting to face when taking part in both the LCQ and Worlds itself.

This video is designed to give you last minute pointers in what you want to see or options you should have for your decks. It is pretty basics and I’m sure you’ve all heard it before, but you can’t forget the basics ;)


1 Year of PokéClass?!

trainorI just want to take this chance to thank all of you for subscribing and viewing my videos over the past year. The effort and time it takes to make these videos really pays off when all of you in the community give me feedback and get as involved as much as you do in my episodes.

Things didn’t get off to the best of starts all the way back in August last year, but I’m so grateful that you have continued to watch, comment and get involved with the series because you have made it what it is today.

So, What’s Next?

Future PokéClass episodes, as mentioned in the video above, are going to be taking a turn for the better, focusing on more complex strategy, episodes for both the experienced player and the beginner as well as a completely new format of bringing the content to you.

I hope this will make episodes easier to get engaged with and make them a little less formal than they are now, making your viewing experience the best it can be. Let me know below what you think or what you want to see in future episodes of PokéClass so I can make it what you want to be.

The ‘new format’ will be when we have the complete set list for Emerging Powers where I will be doing a HUGE episode on the set.

Thanks for watching and for your continuing support over the past year,



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  1. Lee

    You make many valid points about Pokemon Reversal. It will be so nice once Catcher is out and at least the game can shift from a flippy threat to your bench to a constant, universal one like it was back in the ol’ days (*wheezes from old age*). It seems for Worlds, however, may the luck be with you always (and those precious babies too).

  2. Dan W

    1 year already!?
    I can remember watching the old episodes with Vileplume and all that.
    Great to see it’s something you haven’t given up, even when it was very popular when it first started. Great job!
    I can’t wait to see the deck that wins Worlds!

  3. Ben Bradly

    It has been great seeing all the content you have put up in the past year.  You put a lot of effort in this show and I am sure the whole community appreciates it.  Happy 1 year anniversary!

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