PokéClass Episode 38 – Emerging Powers Set Review

This week, I debut a brand new format of bringing you PokéClass. I have added video content to make the presentation of the information a lot more ‘viewer friendly’ and hopefully you will all enjoy the changes.

Note: I’ve had a lot of feedback about the ‘live video’ additions with pretty much all of them being positive. I have taken into account that people like the full screen video better than the bottom-left corner so that will be a change for the next episode. I can assure you I’ve ironed out most of the creases from this episode, so bear with me ’til next week where I think I’ve got it mastered ;)

Emerging Powers is set for release in just a few weeks and we have just had the full set list released to us, so this week, I’m tackling all of the most interesting cards from the set and analysing each one of them. Stay seated for a fairly long episode!

Enjoy and comment below what you think of the changes :)





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  1. Ethan Mommaerts

    I for one like the new format of the videos. Loved the episode and the EP set review.

    My only complaint is volume. Maybe it’s just my headset, but I had to turn the volume up pretty loud to hear everything clearly.

  2. Anonymous

    I do like the new format for your show.

    As for content. It was also solid. I personally do not think that Beartic is going to be a big deal. I also do not think that Mewtwo is going to be a great big deal either.  I really think one of the only places it would work would be in Ross’s crazy nats deck considering the cards that we currently know about.

    Of course, there will be many cards put out between then and now. So, we will just have to wait and see.

  3. Spam

    While I like the attempt at the new format, I much prefer the older. Don’t take this personally, but I ignore most of the “videos” by listening to them in audio format. When I do watch the videos, I prefer only important information being on-screen. For example, when watching video game Let’s Plays, picture-in-picture of the game’s player covering part of the game footage is completely unnecessary.

    I’m a bit upset by the lack of research before the video about nothing currently being able to do 90+ Energy. Weezing HS/CL is the simplest counter, using a DCE to do 90 to take two prizes at the cost of giving one up with self-recoil damage. Scolipede BW takes too much set-up, but can do the damage. Darkrai Cresselia LEGEND takes about as much work, and is harder to follow up on turn after turn of, but can at least Lost Zone Mewtwo EX. Or, if you want three prizes instead of two, use Rayquaza Deoxys LEGEND. And that’s just what’s currently in the format.

    You also ignore the fact that you can just keep only Special Energy on Tornadus. No basic Energy, no basic Energy to move off. Rescue Energy plus Double Colorless, anyone? Just be wary of Lost Remover.

  4. John DiCarlo

    We all saw LostGar’s hype and look how it went. I hope Beartic’s is the same.

    • Lee  → John

      I cant speak for all the hype, but I do know Beartic single-handedly shuts down Reshiram/Typhlosion or Reshiram/Emboar from my past three months of testing and is hard to tech against (at least for weakness). Cards like Zoroark and Yanmega can be a hassle for Beartic, but can be countered in a loose Vileboxy deck (at least more easily than fitting in cards in a tight OHKO-fest deck).

  5. beyblade1410

    You always have the best advice Dan keep up the great Pokeclass episodes and good luck with tournaments in the future.

  6. Chris Clyne

    Just so you know, Mewtwo’s first attack does 20 damage times the amount of energy attached to BOTH active pokemon. Other than that, I like the new video style!

  7. Tyler Sharp

    I always imagined you as an older gentleman, Dan. You have a very mature and fantastic radio voice.

  8. John Sharp

    I always imagined you as an older gentleman, Dan. You have a very mature and fantastic radio voice.

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