PokéClass Episode 40 – Playing Vileplume, One Year On…

Hey everybody,

In this week’s episode, I provide you with three different lists on how to play Vileplume in different ways. We have lists based on Ross Cawthon’s and Jason Klaczynski’s personal builds of the deck as well as an additional take on it with the popular Beartic we have just received in Emerging Powers. All three skeleton lists provide you with a different take on each strategy behind Vileplume and gives you room to put your own spin on it as well.




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  1. Anonymous

    Cool video. LIKED.

    ps…Every time I read something that you write I always read it in an British accent.

  2. Dan W

    lol at the hater.
    Great to see PokéClass is a year old :D Keep up the good work!

    I’m thiking of putting in a Reuniclus into my DonphanDragons. Just struggling to find the space for it.

    • Ron Routhier  → Dan

      You can’t play Reuniclus without trainer lock. With only 90hp, it will be Catcher’d and OHKO by 90% of the current Pokemon in play today.

        • Lee  → CalebM

          Not familiar with any fast decks that run Reuniclus. Even if you are ultra-speed and consistently get him out by T2, unless you plan on randomly Seekering him up after one or two more turns, his bench-sitting will be Catchered out and OHKO’d no matter what, even if you are managing a prize a turn.

  3. Zac

    I liked the video a lot, like usual. I have a list very similar to Jason’s MewBox list. I think that for that lock deck, you need 4 Twins, but not 4 PONT. I think that it is tier one without time limit, because of how long the games drag out, and how you are down in prizes until you get the lock up. There is a great example of how the deck works when Jason played against Fulop in the Top Cut Invitational.

  4. Lee

    Also, as far as Beartic goes, like I said somewhere on the forums, it is silly to think of Beartic and Vileplume as being the only two things in the deck. The way Beartic works is simply as another tech in a Vilebox. Just the bear and flower would be way too limited. You make up for what Beartic lacks with fast, versatile attackers that can slip in and out, such as Yanmega, Zoroark, and one of my favorites, Weavile.

  5. tim h

    My guide to vileplume:

    Go first, and then rare candy to vileplume t2. 


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