The Unlimited Deck with No Limits

Hello, all you SixPrizers. This is Scizorliscious, and, acknowledging the lull between Worlds and BRs with no rotation and only seven sets in format, thought it might be better to write an article on something other than topics that have been recycled around these past few weeks and, no doubt, will continue to be in the upcoming ones.

I have just recently finished my testing with the newest (and possibly greatest) Unlimited deck known as PoryDonk, and now is the perfect time to write an article on it. So without further ado, I bring you…

PoryDonk – The Unlimited Deck with No Limits: An Overview

This deck is a relatively new one, with one of the necessary cards, Seeker from Triumphant, only coming out November of 2010. Since then, it has gathered much popularity with anyone who plays Unlimited, and has become arguably the best deck out-of-format.

Its ability to donk nearly any opponent setup is unparalleled within the world of Pokémon, which is what makes it such a formidable deck. PoryDonk operates on a standard Unlimited engine – Uxie, Professor Oak, Poké Drawer +, etc. are used for drawing through most, if not all, of the deck (scroll down to decklist for scans).

PoryDonk’s way of donking is to set up Porygon2 GE (with Broken Time-Space) and using its PokéPower, Download, to use Seeker repeatedly. One Seekers up the Porygon2 with Download and plays it back down again, ready for another Seeker to be used with its Power.

Once the opponent’s benched Pokémon have all returned to the opponent’s hand, Drifblim UD can be used with Boost Energy to Take Away the opponent’s Active Pokémon. Once that all has been completed, one’s opponent will have no Pokémon in play, thus losing him or her the match. And remember, this is all done on the first turn.

The Skeleton

Pokémon – 7

1× Drifloon MD

Drifblim UD

1× Porygon TR

Porygon2 GE

Uxie LA

Azelf LA

Trainers – 25

Professor Oak


Computer Search

Poké Drawer +

Luxury Ball

Item Finder

Scoop Up



Broken Time-Space

Energy – 1


Extra Spaces – 27

This is a fairly thin skeleton, as this deck has options with which it can work. It is necessary that one play either multiples of the necessary non-Pokémon cards (that is, Boost Energy and Broken Time-Space), Rotom UD, or both. Otherwise, they will get stuck in the prizes more often than one would like, which can lead to severe problems.

I will include scans and details of cards later on, so those resources are there if you would like to check what a card does or why it’s included in the skeleton.

The List

Note that this is my personal list, and caters to my own preferences. It is fairly standard, but I’ll come back to that in a bit.

Pokémon – 20

1× Drifloon MD

Drifblim UD

2× Porygon TR

Porygon2 GE

Uxie LA

Azelf LA

Rotom UD

Sableye SF

Unown R LA

Trainers – 38

Professor Oak


Computer Search

Poké Drawer +

Pokémon Communication

Dual Ball

Luxury Ball

Item Finder

Scoop Up

Pokémon Retriever

VS Seeker


Warp Point


Broken Time-Space

Energy – 2


The Pokémon


I chose to play a 1-1 Drifblim line. This is fairly standard, as any prized Drifloon or Drifblim can be taken care of with Azelf, and Drifblim isn’t truly necessary until the end of the game. As for my choice of Drifloon, the one from Majestic Dawn can attack if need be, but honestly, the Drifloon will most likely never matter.


This is played in a 2-2 line, only because it needs to be out fairly early so that all the Seekers in-hand can be used up to lower the hand size for Uxie or Professor Oak. The choice of Porygon, again, doesn’t really matter all that much.

GE is probably the most desirable (as it has a better weakness overall), but that will only matter if you’re against a Fighting-type that can attack for exactly 30 damage (besides Tyrogue, which doesn’t count Weakness) AND you have a Porygon active.

Since this is pretty unlikely, I didn’t waste my time or money on getting Porygon from GE, and if you have ones from TR (or any set for that matter), they should work just as well.


This card is the best source of searchable drawpower in the game. The problem is that it does take up a useful bench spot, so including four would probably be overkill. Three tends to be a safe number, so that even if one is prized, you don’t have to waste an Azelf (and a bench spot) on getting it out again.


This is simply the best card for getting Pokémon out of your prizes (and checking them at the same time). If a Drifblim is stuck in there, Azelf will do the job. I play two only because of the 1-1 line of Drifblim. With 1 Azelf, the risk of both an Azelf and a Drifblim or Drifloon being prized would actually be fairly great.


This is for those rare scenarios where two Broken Time-Spaces or Boost Energies are stuck in the prizes. It takesup a bench space, so it can be a pain (especially because you’ll want to use Azelf to check your prizes first as well), but it’s worth it.


People have given me grief about this card, but I swear by it. It is the preferred starter for this deck, so it’s run in a count of four. Its Overeager Poké-Body lets you go first automatically, so in mirror match (or most matches against other Unlimited decks), this can give you the win.

Unown R

This is pretty standard for donk decks. Run with four, this card is simply placed down and discarded so that you can draw an extra card. It’s very deck-thinning card, which makes it useful. It’s not entirely necessary for the deck, but it helps a lot.

The T/S/S

The Drawpower

Professor Oak

This card can be pretty useful, but it’s a double-edged sword. It’s run in a count of three because, while it does provide great drawpower, discarding a Drifblim, Seeker, Item Finder, or Computer Search is never fun.


What can I say? It’s a Trainer that lets you draw three cards. It’s great. Running four even wouldn’t be a bad idea.

The Searchpower

Computer Search

This is a great card. Discarding two cards to search for any one card is great, especially later in the game, where you’ll run into dead-draws such as Sableye, Boost Energy, and Broken Time-Space.

Poké Drawer +

Even without being able to play two at once, this card is fine. Just play it to draw a card. But if you happen to have a hand with two Drawers in it, play them both to get any two cards from your deck. That’s why you run four. And remember – it’s not a bad idea to use a Computer Search to get a Poké Drawer + if you already have one. It both thins your deck and lets you search for another card.

Pokémon Communication

Yeah, this card doesn’t have to be run at all. But I play four. Part of it is that with 20 Pokémon, it can almost function as a Luxury Ball at times. The other part is that it can be oh-so-useful for getting a Drifblim or Porygon2 that can’t be played yet into your deck so you’re free to use a Professor Oak.

Dual Ball

If you need an Uxie, this can help. Just be sure not to get double-tails. An all-around good card to search out Basics, which this deck has plenty of.

Luxury Ball

One is standard, but more is unnecessary. Just getting any Pokémon is really useful in any situation.

The Recovery

Item Finder

This is a very useful card. Its best uses are on Seeker (since it was created before the T/S/S split, it can be used on Supporters), Erika, Poké Drawer +, and Scoop Up. Four are played just because it’s so handy in any situation.

Scoop Up

Uxie loves this card. And it’s great. You might even consider running four.

Pokémon Retriever

If you go second and happen to have a Drifloon or something KO’d, not to worry. Pokémon Retriever is here. No need to play more than one.

VS Seeker

Just another way to get Seeker back (and without discarding cards, like Item Finder). You’ll really only need one – with this and four Item Finder, Seeker can usually be played about seven or eight times on average.

Switch/Warp Point

These cards are for getting your Drifblim Active. Switch for if there’s a Spiritomb or anything else you don’t want Active on the Bench, Warp Point for something Active you want Benched, such as something with Cessation Crystal. A 1/1 split should work fine, it’s doubtful you’ll be in either of those positions ever.

The S/S


It would be hard to have PoryDonk without Seeker. This is what makes it all come together.

Broken Time-Space

In order to achieve a T1 Porygon2 and Drifblim, you’ll need this. Two is a good number: enough so that it won’t get stuck in prizes, but not so much that it clogs up your hand later.

The Energy

Boost Energy

You’ll need this to attack with Drifblim. As with Broken Time-Space, two is a good number. Just remember that you have to attach it after evolving to Drifblim, and not before.

Techs & Tips

That should give a pretty extensive overview of the deck. Now, here’s some cards you might want to consider adding instead of some of the less-important cards here:

Regice LA

This is a tech for Spiritomb. I don’t play it because it’s rare you’ll draw into it before the Spiritomb goes away, but it does give you a good chance with it.

Special D Energy

Obviously, this is only useful if you play Sableye. If there’s a Pokémon Sableye can 1HKO, you don’t even need to set up Drifblim. Could work well with Pokémon Catcher/Gust of Wind to make sure you get a Pokémon Sableye can KO in the Active Spot.

Tips for Playing

  • Remember to always have an Uxie or Professor Oak in your hand. Once you get this, you should be good.
  • If you have Computer Search and Poké Drawer + in your hand, you can use Computer Search to get another Poké Drawer +, and then play both at the same time to search for two cards.
  • Make sure you stick with your ultimate goal, rather than just trying to draw your deck. That is, make sure you donk (don’t waste bench spots to draw a couple cards with Uxie, don’t waste Item Finders, etc).
  • The first time you search your deck, look for a full Porygon2 line, a full Drifblim line, Boost Energy, Broken Time-Space, and Switch/Warp Point (if necessary). If one of them isn’t there, make a mental note and get it out of your prizes later.
  • Remember to get stuff out in the right order: Broken Time-Space and Porygon, then Porygon2, then Drifloon, then Drifblim, then Boost energy. Make sure cards don’t get stuck in your hand because you can’t play them yet.

To Close

With the release of Triumphant, PoryDonk has risen from nonexistence to notoriety for being, simply-put, the best deck in the Unlimited format. It is a very fun deck to play and can win nearly every game. Besides that, it is very cheap – about forty dollars to build – so you won’t break the bank on a deck you can’t even bring to a tournament.

Plus, the cards used in this deck are fairly commonly-had, so it’s not unlikely that you could build it simply by trading at your local league.

Just remember that if you do choose to play it, do not overdo it – donks are often frowned upon, particularly in a league setting where people go simply to have fun. No one likes getting beaten without drawing a card, and that’s pretty much what PoryDonk aims to do.

As long as you’re considerate with your use of this deck, you won’t regret building and learning to play PoryDonk. It is, in a nutshell, an Unlimited deck with no limits.

Until next time…


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20 replies

  1. Adam Capriola

    Where’s MewJadester at? hah

    Great article Stephen, thanks so much!

  2. Oliver Barnett

    lol its kinda funny how Poke’mon doesn’t have a unlimited tournament format and yet Magic The Gathering does, could be a idea for the future

    • Jak Stewart-Armstead  → Oliver

      Competitive unlimited tournaments would be horrible. People imagine it would be great tactical games using all the cool old Pokemon, but it reality it would just be coin flip followed by T1 win.

      This is an interesting, nicely written article on an alternative T1 deck. Any Unlimited deck that isn’t a T1 deck can just forget it.

    • John Sharp  → Oliver

      People keep making this comparison to pokemon and magic lately, but they are COMPLETELY different games. It is hard to mimic magic’s game structure in the unique game that pokemon is. I understand the business comparisons, but we don’t have to follow everything MTG does. Just because we don’t have it, doesn’t mean we need it or would be better with it. There is a lot of things in the Magic community that Pokemon nor its players want.

  3. Mekkah

    Unlimited: so interesting to theorize, so boring to play. Silly overpowered donking cards. My favourite unlimited deck is based around dealing damage without attacking with Crobat G, Spiritomb LA, and Zapdos MD. I remember putting down 6 Chansey B and being able to consistently off them all. 

    • Jason Windham  → Mekkah

      zapdos got outclassed nowadays.  If u like to spam damage counters, its best with just Crobat G and other utilities plus it is the only FTK deck that have the chance of shutting down Spiritomb with Space Centers ;)

  4. Mike Broodman

    Seeing what decks I can face in unlimited,I don’t like playing it,but the deck idea is very good.
    Great article!

  5. Anonymous

    I think that an official Unlimited Format would be awesome. However, they would have to issue a Banned/Restricted list for it to be any good.

    Great article BTW!

  6. Anonymous

    I think that an official Unlimited Format would be awesome. However, they would have to issue a Banned/Restricted list for it to be any good.

    Great article BTW!

  7. Anonymous

    I think that an official Unlimited Format would be awesome. However, they would have to issue a Banned/Restricted list for it to be any good.

    Great article BTW!

  8. Lee

    Glad to see this found its way to the front page. Certainly worthy of it. Everything that can be said about unlimited has already been said, it would seem. I personally enjoy playing “unlimited” in a limited format, in other words, playing decks that only run between two agreed upon sets by the players but are no longer legal cards (Base-Gym sets being my personal favorite of course).

  9. Jason Windham

    My thunder got stolen….But meh, I’m a terrible writer.

    Eitherways, I disagree with your lists.

    1) 2 Azelf is OVERKILL.  1 is enough.
    2) Professor Oak is rubbish in this deck.  You got Uxie, 4 Scoop Up and 4 Erika to maximize your draws and consistency. 
    3) Dual Balls are BAD in this deck.  Flips? Eww.
    4) Switch and Warp Point are NOT needed.

    So in fact, your list have alot of wasted, unneccesary cards. 11 cards.

    This is my personal list, which deals with alot of things – as you know there are things that would prevent Drifblim, and I have NUMEROUS outs in case of those like Toxicroak G, Cleffa NG, Spiritomb AR, Unown G, etc.

    Spiritomb based deck is probs your biggest nightmare.  So yeah.

    4 Sableye
    4 Unown R
    3 Uxie LA
    1 Azelf LA
    1 Rotom
    2 Porygon2 GE
    2 Porygon GE
    1 Drifblim UD
    1 Drifloon MD (free atk)
    1 Ditto RG
    1 Regiice LA
    1 Crobat G

    1 Special Dark
    1 Boost

    4 Computer Search
    4 Item Finder
    4 Erika
    4 Scoop Up
    4 Pokedrawer+
    4 Seeker
    2 BTS
    2 Oracle
    2 Pokemon Communication
    1 VS Seeker
    1 Pokemon Retriever
    1 Mr Fuji
    1 Windstorm
    1 Luxury Ball
    1 Swoop Teleporter

    So yeah, ALL of the cards in my deck are utilized and no wasted space are there.

  10. alex bob

    Do supporters from base set (Professor Oak, Erikia) not count as your supporter of the turn?

    Also this is just another reason that shows that when pokemon made it so you could play supporters on your first turn, it was one of the best ways to completely ruin the unlimited format, and to severely cripple the regular format (SableDonk last year, Zekrom this year).

    • Anonymous  → alex

      There were no Supporters in the Base Set era, just trainers. That’s one large reason why Base Set has an extremely broken trainer engine.

  11. Alex Bramham

    What about using your last Seeker with Crobat G, returning it subsequently with scoop up? That gets around baby pokemon you’d have to flip for. I’d tech windstorm to counter cessation crystal and question whether the Unown R are worth the lower chance of the Sableye opening you need. There’s an Alph Lithograph that lets you look at your prizes, so that and Rotom (requires them to be face-down) can work instead of Azelf. I’d add an Oracle, as once you have Porygon2 down, you’re discarding seeker with it, still works if a supporter was used that turn. Run 4 Pokedex HANDY910is as additional draw. Run another boost to increase chance of having one to play after you have a Drifblim to attach it to, and run a second Drifblim to reduce risk of it being prized.

    With these parallel strategies available, you know what you’re doing from the start. If you see a baby, you can burn Drifloon/Drifblim/Boost as required and setup Crobat and one scoop up play to damage for 20, ending the game with picking up Crobat with the 6th Seeker download. If you see something Drifloon can get, vice-versa.

    A Crobat drop will power up Sableye’s attack against Spiritomb, so versus a lone Spiritomb: Sableye + Crobat + Special Dark = win. Versus Spiritomb + others, the aforementioned Regice LA.

    Now I know this seems to be reducing consistency, but isn’t it better to assume the opponent is running a counter-deck, as no other deck would be a rational choice in such a metagame. The opponent open must be either another Sableye, a baby or a Spiritomb, why would they open with anything else?

    Oh and what about running cards purely for the mirror, say Cleffa and Spiritomb if you don’t get the Sableye open, and work the list around it (Moonlight Stadium to retreat Spiritomb and Sableye etc). Cleffa shields against hand rape which would stop the strategy if you didn’t get the Sableye open.

  12. Bryan Hrbacek

    I just lost to this deck…  Not that I was using an unlimited deck…  I remember starting cleffa, with a reshiram and magnemite on my bench…

    Very interesting to watch.  I have to admit that Porygon 2 + Seeker + Broken Time Space = ridiculous.  But honestly after seeing some of the trainers available in the unlimited format, I’m sure that the only decent decks use either sableye sf or spiritomb ar or even both.  It seems like a very boring format to play…

  13. Jem Perks

    A lot of people have been commenting on how Unlimited is broken and unfun to actually play but we’ve just started playing a new sort of Unlimited at our League called 150. It’s a singleton format with a huge deck so you get the fun of using your old cards without the “T1 or nothing” gameplay. We’ve got a Facebook page with all the rules and updates here:

  14. scott

    One Spiritomb and one darkness energy brings this deck to a dead stop

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