North Olmsted 3rd Place Battle Roads Report

Hey SixPrizes readers! I’m hdubbz aka Harry Weintraub and I’ve been playing the TCG since last January. I had never really been too interested in the TCG throughout my Pokémon life (which is pretty much as long as my literate life), but my friend Adrian got me into it.

This past spring, my friend Adrian and I both played in our first premiere event, a Battle Roads, and we brought semi-serious decks, but not anything meta. For instance, Adrian brought a Leafeon/Roserade/Magmortar and I brought Magneboar which I made completely HGSS-on (except I had to take out an Emboar for a Luxury Ball since the other Emboar I had ordered didn’t arrive on time) because I wasn’t going to invest in the passing format just for Battle Roads.

Seeing as we didn’t play any staples for the format that everyone else had, we had a tough time. Anyway, we felt much more comfortable for this format with a summer’s worth of testing and research under our belts, and we brought a couple more friends to this tournament, Stuart and Andrew.

mediabistro.comAt the tournament, I kept telling people about my night, because I thought it was funny and deserved a mention. I slept in a box the night before. Yup. It was quite possibly the worst night’s sleep I’ve ever gotten.

And no, this is not an article pandering for money because I need a place to live. I was partaking in Let’s Shack Up! an event run by Habitat for Humanity in which you form a team and make a home for the night with just old cardboard boxes and duct tape.

I always hear people talk about their morning in their tournament reports so here it goes:

  • Wake up at 3, my girlfriend moved in her sleep. And now I realize that this box design isn’t necessarily the sturdiest. I’m cold.
  • Wake up at 4. I’m just cold. I look around to see where all the air is coming in from. I could list all the walls, the door, and the roof in 3 places. The ground is freezing too.
  • Still awake at around 4:30 and hear a thud against the wall. I hear “Nice throw!” from outside. I immediately get out of “bed” and go outside to try and see who threw what. I couldn’t find my glasses while inside the box so I go out blind. No luck in finding the perpetrator.
  • Doze off and then wake up at 5:30. I’m up for the rest of the night until I convince my friends to leave at 7:30 when we still have to take down our lovely home.
  • I figure I can sleep until 9:15 and still shower and get ready to go. Set an alarm, and then promptly ignore it.
  • Roll out of bed at 10:15, registration begins in 15 minutes. Solid.
  • McDonalds for breakfast and I feel in no way ready for this.

pokebeach.comNow that you’ve heard my story, I have to say, this event is actually for a great cause. There was an option to not sleep in the house at all, and just tear it down after the judging was finished, so my complaints about being uncomfortable were actually my fault, but we slept there last year without much of an issue.

Anyway, Adrian and I played what we had been testing with over the summer (we lived together over the summer so we got a lot of playtesting in) so we had a lot of matches under our belts with our respective decks; Reshiphlosion and Mew Box.

On the flip side, Stuart hadn’t played much over the summer and had just got back into play and finished his deck the day before Battle Roads. His deck was essentially Stage 1s, but he had a thinner Donphan line and an Ursaring line as well as the MegaZorD staples (Donphan, Yanmega, and Zoroark).

Our other friend, Andrew, played the least with us while we were at school, but wanted to come anyway so we built him a really weak BlastZel deck and he played with it once before the tournament.

Just a note on my deck: I’m not going to post a list, but I will say that I played Aipom UL, Jirachi UL, Zoroark BLW, and only 1 Jumpluff HS. I felt going into the day that this was the most consistent and I was really hesitant to cut down my Jumpluff from 2 to 1, but eventually I gave in. The Jumpluff I found really only useful in the Gothitelle matchup which wasn’t going to be every deck, so it wouldn’t matter most games where I found it prized.

With the night behind me and a long day ahead of me, I get registered
and settled in after deck checks.

Round 1 (Nick B with Donphan/Magnezone/Samurott)

To start the day, I’m playing a deck I hadn’t tested against at all. I look at his set up and, well, I couldn’t peg really what he was playing. I saw a Magnemite and a couple Phanpys (Phanpie?) and I ask him what he’s playing. He constructed it as a metagame counter deck and after seeing the Samurott BLW #32, I get the strategy of the deck. Unfortunately for him, my deck was one he said he hadn’t played against at all in testing.

pokebeach.comI go first and play my hand down to nothing with a Mew start. I attach an energy to Mew after playing down Oddish and Judge with my 2 card hand. I hear a reaction from his side, he said he had a turn two Magnezone/Donphan which would have completely rolled right through me. I then do my usual turn 1 and See Off a Muk UD.

Off my Judge, he gets a Rare Candy, 2 Communications, and something else which was relatively useless. He attaches a Rainbow Energy to Phanpy and Flails for 10. I then See Off a Jumpluff and all I need to do to be completely set up is to get out my Vileplume. He gets his Donphan this turn and Knocks Out my Mew. I Twins for a Sunflora and Rare Candy and get my turn three ‘Plume.

From here on out, he gets another Donphan on the bench (a misplay from not playing the Mew matchup ever) and a Magnezone with a Double Colorless Energy and a Rainbow on it. I sludge drag up the energy-less Donphan and snipe around him with Yanmega hitting hand size after hand size. Eventually he scoops because there was not much else he could do after he had only taken that 1 Prize, which let me Twins, and I had taken five.


Round 2 (Sam P with MagneBoar)

I shuffle and draw my hand and I get an Oddish and a Sunkern start. I run one Sunkern and I had it in my opening hand. I was really annoyed. Anyway, I go second this time and he doesn’t do much before passing over to me. I look at my hand and there’s not much to do.

pokebeach.comI attach a G Energy to Oddish and then Judge on the first turn again. In my new hand I had a Collector and a Sunflora so I use Find a Friend (which is really not the worst move in the world) with Oddish and flip heads and get a Gloom.

Next turn he attaches and evolves his Magnemite to Magneton and passes. I retreat my Oddish and evolve to Gloom and Sunflora. I Sunshine Grace with Sunflora to get a Yanmega, promote Mew and attach a P Energy and See Off a Muk.

He attaches his third energy to Magneton and Eeeeeks his hand away. He flips tails so I feel safe enough for another turn to See Off a ‘Pluff and then I Sunshine Grace for Vileplume and now I’m set up. He wakes up and Eeeeeks again, stays asleep, so I Linear Attack the Magneton with the energy with Yanmega.

He wakes up, retreats into Magneton and Tri Attacks, flipping 2 heads so I nearly avoid the knockout. I then Sonicboom his Magneton for the knockout enabling him to use Twins. He sees that his lone Pignite is prized so he scoops.


After this round we break for lunch. The convenient part of this is that we were playing in a food court and out of all my options, I chose to go with Subway. And I won a raffle! A deck box, 100 sleeves, and new dice, which I needed because I didn’t have transparent dice before this.

Round 3 (Michael Z with Magnezone/Yanmega/Donphan)

I was watching Michael play the round before because I finished early and he was playing my friend so I had an idea what he was running. I never feel confident with a Donphan matchup, but I feel confident right now at 2-0. He goes first with a Phanpy + F Energy start with a Phanpy benched.

He passes over to me and I again get the turn 1 Judge. I was worried that he would have the Donphan next turn, but after he drew his cards, he sighed and continued turn after turn drawing nothing.

I don’t remember much about this game other than it went down to 2-1 in my favor even after I got completely set up. I had thrown Muk and Zoroark into the Lost Zone this game and I Foul Played his Heavy Impact for 70. He Knocks Out my Mew with Earthquake. Next turn I play down Jirachi, flip 1 heads for Stardust Song and Time Hollow his Donphan to Knock Out his Phanpy.


Round 4 (Chris with Reshiphlosion)

pokebeach.comThis was the matchup that I feared all day. I was hoping that people would be deterred because of the presence of Gothitelle. Well, I was wrong because there was a 3-0 Reshiphlosion which freaked me out. In all my testing, I win very few of these games and I consider it one of Mew’s toughest matchups next to Stage 1s.

I draw and we talk about how the day has been going for both of us so far. My opening hand yields just a lone Oddish and this is not the ideal start I was hoping for in this matchup. Fortunately for me, he doesn’t get off to a roaring start by any means either.

I’m not entirely certain about the rest of the details of the game other than I eventually LZ (Lost Zone) a Muk and get a turn three ‘Plume off a Twins. The turning point of the match however was when he Afterburner-ed to his active Reshiram while it was poisoned and confused from Sludge Drag instead of his Typhlosion. Without the intention of attacking that turn he should have attached to Typhlo to deter me from dragging it active.

I take advantage of this misplay by dragging up the fresh Typhlo and I then snipe around it constantly matching hand sizes with Yanmega. I can tell he wasn’t used to the matchup when he tried to Afterburner to the status-ed Typhlo and I reminded him that he couldn’t do this while under the effect of status condition. Eventually I remove all of his support and he scoops.

This game made me sweat the most of all the games I played (I think I had to discard Zoroark off an early Sage’s Training and my Jumpluff was prized so I had no real attacking power). I was very obviously exhausted after this match because I had to account for his low Retreat Costs and how he is relatively unaffected by Trainer lock. All in all, this felt like a really sloppy game between both of us, but a win’s a win.


Round 5 (Roger L with Reshiphlosion)

pokebeach.comBetween rounds, I try to find out how many other undefeated people there are left to see if I need to win my next round to hit Top Cut. I think that the only match last round with undefeated competitors was my match and the match next to me between two Team Warp Point members. However, I found out that there was another 3-0 (soon to be 4-0) as well who played down in his round.

The pairings go up for the last round and I’m paired down to a 3-1 and this annoys me, because this means if I don’t win, I’m not going to make it into Top Cut on resistance. So geared up for the must win game, I find that I’m playing another Reshiphlosion. Great.

We get to talking while setting up and he has a good shot to Top Cut if he wins this matchup, so I know I’m in for quite the tough game. Contrary to all of my other starts, I don’t get the turn 1 Judge to mess with my opponents’ hand, but he gets the early Judge.

I had most of what I wanted on my bench and I was fine with resetting my hand. I was surprised that a Reshiphlosion player would play Judge without a Ninetales set up because I have heard nothing but “an early Judge screws up a Reshiphlosion player” for the past couple months.

I get fairly set up off the Judge and drag up a clean Reshiram and snipe out all the Cyndaquils I see on his bench leaving him without any sort of support for his Reshirams. His active slowly dies as I maul his bench and finally hit a Judge on an awake Cleffa and Sonicboom for the win.


I made Top Cut! I didn’t really think that this would happen considering my only other tournament ever I was destroyed at. I also find out when the judges ask for decks for deck checks that my friend Adrian had made Top Cut, which was improbable considering his round 1 bye and round 2 loss. I was really happy for him since we both went 2-3 at that first Battle Roads last spring.

Top 4 (Evan Baker with Yanmega/Cinccino)

I have seen Evan Baker before, never in person however. I watched him interviewed by The Top Cut at Nationals, so this was incredible! Of course I was nervous; I was playing someone with a name that I could recognize, that was freaking sweet.

I get to talking to him and Chris Fulop (a judge at the event) about how I wished I had played in the SP format and they both recited fond memories of those days come and gone. It was really cool to hear the two of them, with interjections from other Team Warp Point members, talk about it.

Anyway, onto the match!

Round 1

Not much to say here. I had an awful start and for the first time of the day, I couldn’t play out of it too well. Eventually, he was up 6-3 in prizes with a Cinccino active ready to blast away at anything with Do The Wave for 100. I thought about LZ-ing something, but I really couldn’t do it safely and retake the lead later on in the game. I play down an Aipom and attach to it, retreat my active Mew and Tail Coded the DCE to his benched Yanmega just as a stalling tactic. Chris Fulop called me out here saying that I had to have played SP to be Tail Code-ing which we all laughed about.

Unfortunately, he had a DCE in hand and attached to Cinccino to Knock Out my Aipom, so I scooped.

Round 2

I get a really fast start taking the first 2 Prizes, but then, everything sort of…slowed down. A lot. He ended up controlling his bench size really well to cap the damage I could do by using Mass Attack while he put enough on his bench to Do The Wave for prizes. He also would not let me attack with Yanmega because his hand size control was incredible using Night Sight with Noctowl HS, plus I could not draw into a single hand evening card or, for a while, a Grass or Rainbow Energy.

We get down to a prize a piece and I’m on the wrong side of the prize exchange. He finishes me off with Do The Wave.

Final Thoughts
Good game!

I’m not too upset because I did get third overall for my second tournament ever which I was definitely pleased with.

So a couple notes from the day. The only Reshiphlosion to hit Top Cut played no Ninetales. This is just a small sample size, but I think people will start to steer clear of Ninetales in Reshiphlosion and see it as unnecessary. Gothitelle/Reuniclus is definitely a good deck and a deck to beat in this format. A lot of people are teching in Black Belt which does help, but it’s still really difficult to beat if you can’t swing for more than 130, or if your opponent is smart and does a great job of prize management to make sure that you can’t use Black Belt.

I was really pumped to meet a couple members of Team Warp Point, they were really cool guys and they definitely have a sweet gig going on in Detroit. It made me want to get a bunch of people together like they did and just enjoy the card game.

Another thing that was good to see was the Top 4 consisted of 4 different decks. I think, someone may have to correct me on this, but I think Evan won with his Yanmega/Cinccino, second was Gothitelle/Reuniclus, third was me with Mew Box, and fourth was Adrian with Reshiphlosion.

I think that’s pretty sweet that the metagame has so much diversity now. I understand that it is Battle Roads and that people bring not-so-serious decks to the event just to test an idea, but still, the top 4 gives you an idea of what the top decks are.

That’s all for now, I may be going to another Battle Roads this Saturday, we’ll see how schoolwork and everything pans out, but until then, I hope you enjoyed the report.

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  1. David Griggs

    Well written and a fun read. Getting topcut at the beginning of a new season is definitely a good way to start and good luck in your other BRs.

  2. Steven Nilsen

    I’ve been enjoying Mewbox lately.  So I read the write and, yeah, I liked it!   Thinking about Cincinno – that would be a nasty match up!  
    I’m so glad to BB and Twins are getting play – those cards LEAPED out at me last rotation.  I wish Cleffa had!Not at all surprised you faced 2/5 Reshi decks, but totally surprised that you won!  Still haven’t managed this with Mewbox.  Now I’ve got something to dig for.  Thanks!

    • Harry Weintraub  → Steven

      Believe me, I was just as surprised that I won these games.  Adrian played this deck all summer and with MewBox, I maybe won 20% of my games, so I do not like the matchup.  ReshiPhlosion doesn’t suffer under trainer lock AT ALL against MewBox so I just tried to set up quick and take out their support.  

  3. Dave Wilson

    I was actually going to play mewbox for BRs but decided to stick with Reshiram/Typhlosion. Took second, thinking about switching it up for the next one since mewbox is really a fun deck to pilot. One thing is strange though, our BRs had 6 rounds and a top 8…

    • Harry Weintraub  → Dave

      That is interesting.  We probably had enough players for that (40 Masters according to the official Pokemon report), and I heard the judges say between the last round and the start of Top Cut that we should have had a Top 8 with the amount of people that showed up.

      • David Griggs  → Harry

        I heard rumor that BRs were supposed to be limited to a top 4 because of something or another.

  4. Sam Power

    Nice to see my name in print, even if it’s getting trounced in round two :P Glad you guys made top cut; you and Adrian were both fun to play against, regardless.

    • Harry Weintraub  → Sam

      Hey man, it would have been a different game had Pignite not been prized.  I look forward to playing you in the future!

  5. Joshua Pikka

    As a fellow Mew player who has played Evan Baker, I can sympathize with you.  I played him twice with that deck.  The first time he was able to Catcher everything before I could get Vileplume setup.  The second time I did get a plume out and it was a great game, but we had to stop because of something else. 

    So I know Evan is almost an auto loss with the decks you both were playing, but props for going 5-0.  NO shame in losing to evan. 

    • Harry Weintraub  → Joshua

      Thanks, I appreciate it.  Our match was really fun though because each turn, for both of us it seemed, needed to be planned out really well.  When I saw his deck at first, I thought he had Vileplume so my initial strategy was to not even try to get it out at all, but then in game I had to completely revamp that strategy when I saw the trainers flying everywhere on his side of the field.

      I definitely want to give that match up another shot, I’m not a masochist or anything looking for someone to beat me, I just loved the mind games being played each turn.

  6. barryfken

    Thanks for the update, I showed a friend of mine going to BR’s, another friend of mine was talking about bringing Reshiphlosion or ReshiBoar, so I should let him read this.

  7. Galefail

    I was your round 4 opponent. I think my sloppiness came as a result of nervousness, not playing the game for almost a year and a half, and not knowing the matchup :P Great job on 3rd place.

    • Harry Weintraub  → Galefail

      I didn’t mean you were sloppy, I just mean it was a sloppy game for both of us.  MewBox tends to do that to games haha

  8. beyblade1410

    I’m scared battle roads won’t be a cake walk like last year… stupid yanmega.

  9. Megan

    I was your round 5 opponent after the stomping you gave me i was hoping you would of won lol oh yeah the judge was 100% desperation because you got set up so fast and my hand was terrible…great article by the way

  10. Brian Marston

    Harry ! Glad to hear my Mews have been put to good use. Congrats on top cutting

  11. Brian Marston

    Harry! Glad to see my Mews put to good use. Congratulations on top cutting.

  12. Anonymous

    Is this what this site is becoming? I’m sorry but I don’t really care about your day and night before battle roads, who you played or what place you came in. Dude, its a battle road you do realize how many of them there were over the course of the weekend right? There is a place for a post like this and it’s in the message boards. This site needs to get back to how it was a year or two ago with the in depth analysis and content you use to have. Now it seems like you let anyone write a front page article and to be quite frank an overwhelming majority of them suck. Please try harder you are embarrassing yourself Adam.

    Just my 2cents you can take it or leave it.

    • Harry Weintraub  → Anonymous

      I’ll take it.  I understand where you’re coming from, but did you really want a third article in the last month about MewBox?  That wouldn’t have been stale or anything.  There hasn’t been a tournament report in a long time and I thought it was a good change of pace.

      I do actually know that there were a lot of BR’s this weekend.  Don’t you think that the Front Page deserves a little coverage of the metagame that we are currently in?  If this was the 3rd report written about this past weekend, I’m pretty sure Adam would have said enough is enough, but I feel like I gave people a good idea of what decks are doing well currently.  This format is brand new and people theorymon all over the place but when it comes down to it theorymon doesn’t replace tournament results.

      I’m also sorry you didn’t care about my night.  I thought it provided a funny anecdote, but I guess you need people to be serious all the time.  It’s cool, this article wasn’t for you.  I get it.

      • Anonymous  → Harry

        Your opening line proves my point my man. Content for the sake of content is ridiculous. This wasn’t a shot at you personally and I do apologize if you took it that way. In honesty it was better then the garbage thats been put on here recently. This is more of a wake up call. This site is progressing in the downward spiral it’s been on for months now. No, I do not think a battle roads report should have been on the front page, like I said it’s a battle roads. It’s near as ridiculous as me coming home from league and writing a front page article on it. Quality of articles not the quantity of articles needs to be the focus and other then a select few, Jwitz and Dan, this site has gone to the dogs. How can you expect people to come on here see the trash that’s been on the front page recently and want to subscribe to Underground? As I said not a shot at you bro, just a wake up call to Adam and the powers that be. Just think if one person says it how many others are thinking the same exact thing.

        • Harry Weintraub  → Anonymous

          My only argument against comparing this BR to league is that there were 40 masters there and while I know leagues do get that big, it was still a good chunk of people.  Also, I did check to see if BR reports were posted last year on the front page to see if it was appropriate and they were.

          I’m not trying to flame you, at first I was just defending my article, but I think that this part of the season should still be represented.  I’m not looking for people to tell me I’m great for topping a BR.

        • draconash  → Harry

          I personally enjoy reading well-written tournament reports, and a description of the night before showed that there was a person behind the text. Now, I agree with Baby Mario in saying that the FP should not be flooded with “X-2 with Meta Deck, missed cut” tournament reports, but this article doesn’t fall under that category. Plus, crowbar, unless it’s a rogue deck, what do you want analysis of that hasn’t already been analysed? We’ve already written the decks seen as Meta to death, and getting tired of seeing “ReshiPhlosion article, Megazone article, Stage 1’s article, ZPST article” isn’t hard. That’s just my opinion. Not trying to flame.

          Arguments aside, I enjoyed the article hdubbz. It gave insight to possible rogues and, for some, information to what their BR meta may look like. It was well-written, and it had a “voice”, which I think makes an article many times better. 

        • Anonymous  → draconash

          First and foremost “Plus, crowbar, unless it’s a rogue deck, what do you want analysis of that hasn’t already been analyzed?” Again you are proving my point. Content for content sake is ridiculous. I’m not calling for more articles. I’m calling for better written, more insightful, and meaningful articles. You don’t need to pump out half a dozen articles in a week or we have as you said the same boring stuff over and over. As I said before it its not about content its about quality.

          This is not a shot at the article itself by any means.  This is my call to arms for people to get behind. This is the type of things we have forums for. As a matter of fact I know of people who wrote reports on other forums of the exact same thing. That is fine I’m not knocking that you wrote it, I have a problem with it being a front page article. As Espy said new players just want something to read but the quality of what they are reading is absolute garbage. Content for contents sake is ridiculous and just plain lazy. We are now providing new players with the “solid information” that this site pretends to give and it just becomes a breeding ground for mediocrity. In short by putting out content for content sake we are creating bad players.Think about this, coming back a week ago we had a front page article on how to write articles, does no one else see a problem with that? You have a forum use it. Don’t waste time with content like this. If people want to read a recap of someones battle road go to the forum, I’m sure there will be people that want to read this type of thing, hell I am one them. The lack of quality content is overwhelming and driving people away from the site, yet you want people to shell out 10 clams for exclusive content.

          This issue needs to be addressed and something needs to be done about it.

        • draconash  → Anonymous

          I understand your argument, but where you see “content for content’s sake” I see another viewpoint on something (unless it’s our 12th article on one deck) or maybe even something you don’t see as interesting. While you believe an article on how to write articles may be pointless, I believe those who actually chose to read it bettered themselves as writers for the site and for real life as well. And while I understand that this isn’t a website for learning to write, the topic matter at least partially applied to the purpose of this site. I also believe this site is a great starting point for new players (and point of continuation for others) because if an article is of questionable quality it receives a lower rating than some of the better stuff that can only be read here. With 2-4 articles on one topic (any more than that is excessive), multiple views on the topic can be seen and debated, broadening a readers knowledge and allowing them to develop their own opinion. This is very important to a topic as debatable as decks in the Pokemon TCG (or others, for that matter). You may see your argument as a call to arms, but don’t forget there are multiple sides to everything. I may not feel the same way you do, but you state your opinion as fact, which can further confuse newer players (as you seem so committed to protect). I accept your point that this site could use a slight improvement to its degree of filtration, but I also value it as a source of multiple views on many topics.

          Once again, not trying to flame. Just my opinion, which could be as flawed as anyone else’s.

        • Jak Stewart-Armstead  → Anonymous

          I sort of agree with this.

          A BR report if the deck is unique and interesting (and explained) would be fine.

          Maybe 1 meta deck report is ok (and at least this is a well-written report, so I’m not going to hate on it)

          But I really hope we don’t get into the situation we’ve had before where the FP just gets swamped with ‘I went X-2 at BRs with a meta deck’.

        • Anonymous  → Anonymous

          “How can you expect people to come on here see the trash that’s been on the front page recently and want to subscribe to Underground?”

          That is a good point.

          The thing is, alot of new players just want something to read. More importantly, they want an explanation of how you played your deck as well as a deck list. If you are going to spend the time to write an article, focus on strategy. As Crowbar said, this looks like it’s meant for a forum thread, not an article.

        • Harry Weintraub  → Anonymous

          You’re absolutely right.  I should have talked more about why each move was made.  In future reports (not another BR) I’ll try and cover this aspect a little better.  Thank you

        • Erik  → Harry

          Dude – I thought your article was great. I liked it so much I made a mock deck myself and did pretty well in my testing so far. To the whiners – give me a freaking break. You can just choose not to read it if you get bored. Don’t write $hit as you’re leaving. People go to the trouble of writing articles when they don’t have to and that’s what makes this place great. If you’re bored, save your whining and pay for the full subscription so you have access to more articles. I would never deter anybody from offering their experiences and honestly I enjoyed hearing all his experiences. But that’s just me. 

        • Anonymous  → Harry

          Was that sarcasm? I just meant, tell us what you learned. Were their cards in your list you wish you had or was there something you wish you switched prior to the tournament? Did anything you see suprise you in other decks and work well?

          Maybe I will write an article after this weekend when I hopefully win a BR as an example. I got second last week but I’m hoping to win now that I know the local meta. I lost to a mirror match in the finals and that was because I only had three Reshi’s in my Reshiphlosion. Reason being: it’s all I had (lol) and lone Reshi starts are no good. I needed the fourth to keep up and ultimately lost because of it.

        • Harry Weintraub  → Anonymous

          It wasn’t sarcasm.  The “why” each move was made should be clear in a report and I could have done a better job with that because it seems like I only wrote “what” I did.

          To answer your other questions, there isn’t really much I would change with the list.  I was upset that EP didn’t give me any cards that I would actually like to use in this deck, but so it goes.  And I thought I covered what decks did well, there were no real surprises, just a super diverse top 4.

        • mike newman  → Anonymous

          “One more thing before I get off my soapbox and get flamed for speaking the truth.”

          Uh. Really? If you were speaking the truth, nobody would be arguing with you. You have an opinion. A bad one.

      • Anonymous  → Harry

        Yeah the “free” articles are progressively getting worse on here but thats why I don’t come on much anymore. I think that Underground is a great idea and if you need help learning the game or want to get some inside tips, sign up for a month and get all you can out of it.

    • mike newman  → Anonymous

      Take your 2 cents, pair it with 1,497 more, and fork it over to Adam
      for an UG subscription. If you don’t want to read Battle Roads reports,
      don’t. Obviously 16 people didn’t have a problem with this article and
      you’re one of two who did. I don’t mean to troll, but that really made
      me mad. Telling Adam he’s embarassing himself because YOU’RE some
      hipster Poké-litist who only wants to read free articles about
      super-secret techs Cawthon’s running at his BR’s? Then pay for it. Hubba
      Bubba or whatever his name is wrote this article for free, I enjoyed
      it, 16 other people enjoyed it, and you get what you paid for. Nobody’s
      making you read it. Adam puts in a lot of work to get these free
      articles up for jerks like you who  don’t care enough to pay for UG
      subscriptions, and your comments are rude and unnecessary.


  13. Anthony Smith

    I disagree with any and all negative comments about this article. I really quite enjoyed the story at the start and it says something about the reader if they don’t want to read it on the grounds of ‘its not relevant’.

    When I used to read reports, I found descriptions of the day, the journey, the people, to be highly relevant to somebody like me who had never been to a league, let alone a tournament. It was interesting and fun, and reminded me that these players are people too. So Harry, forget the haters and keep doing what you’re doing because I thought it was an excellent read.

    Speaking of which, great job! Sounds like your lz box is pretty much the way I play it. Hopefully focussing on uni so much hasn’t made me too rusty for my brs.

    Also I feel like to play MewBox I must become a box like you did.

    • Harry Weintraub  → Anthony

      I think that was actually key.  I would do it this week too, but I don’t think my back could handle that again haha.

      And I think you’ve probably played the deck enough times where it doesn’t matter that you’ve been spending more time on uni at the moment.  It’ll all come back to you!

  14. Stuart Long

    Good article! Hearing about the now-Pokemon stuff really makes one more invested in how you and your friends did at the tournament. Just having the BR analysis would have been a lot less interesting. And kudos to you for living in a box for a night for charity.

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