PokéClass Episode 42 – Autumn Battle Roads 2011 Preview

I know, I know, this one’s pretty late, but I have been on holiday (vacation for those of you in the US) and have only just found the time to publish it onto SixPrizes. The episode does have the word ‘preview’ in the title since it was uploaded before the recent Battle Roads, but all the information should still be useful for all of you that are attending more in the following weeks.

This week, I cover pretty much all you need to know about the upcoming Autumn Battle Roads which are set to kick off the brand new season of Pokémon. I go over the changes we are likely to see in the light of new cards from Emerging Powers along with how the older decks are going to step up to the newest competition.




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  1. Chris Barrieau

    You know… This is the first time I watch a PokeClass episode in a while, and it’s the first episode I see where Pokeman Dan shows himself in the vid rather than a background and only cards. 

    …Wow. …Dan… You’re really hot. o-o 

    Reminds me of this match I lost this one time………… XD

  2. Anonymous

    Interesting suggestion on bulking up the Kingdra line.

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