Ferrothorn (Emerging Powers EPO 72) – Card of the Day


Welcome to today’s Card of the Day, everyone. Today, I put forth on the sacrificial altar of card hype Mr. Ferrothorn of Emerging Powers.

Ferrothorn is a Metal-type card. It evolves from Ferroseed, both cards of which are also Metal type. Ferrothorn has a relatively low 90 Hit Points, which is just pathetic for a Metal-type Stage 1; compare it to Steelix Prime (140) or even Steelix Prime (120). This means that for this card to get a good score, it must have something that makes this low HP workable.

Ferrothorn has a Fire weakness and a Psychic resistance with a Retreat Cost of two. But, thanks to his attacks, which I’ll get to in a moment, the only important stat of those three is his resistance. A Psychic resistance used to be not that important in HS-BW, but now that we have a Psychic deck in the metagame, it’s at least a nice bonus.

Ferrothorn has two attacks which, upon close inspection, have some minor synergy with each other, and the above-mentioned stats. Said synergy stems from the fact that the first attack serves a possibly-decent damage output while waiting to power up the second. In addition, the second attack negates the downsides of HP and Retreat Cost. “Steel Feelers” for the cost of a single metal energy, does 30 damage time the number of heads from three coin flips. So, on average, we hit for 45 “units” of damage for a single energy. In other words, 30 some turns, 60 others, and rarely 0 or 90. One for 40 on a Stage 1 is fairly decent, but not quite up to par with the likes of Donphan Prime or Yanmega Prime.

No, not THAT kind of gyro.... Anybody else hungry?

“Gyro Ball” is the attack that makes this card worth a look. For the cost of MCC, the attack does 60 damage and has a “reverse Warp Point” effect. This means you get a free switch out to a benched Pokémon of your choice (making his Retreat Cost much less of an issue) and then your opponent does the same. In both cases, the person moving their own cards chooses. Of note is that this cost is efficiently designed to work with Double Colorless Energy. Ideally, you can have “Gyro Ball” up by the second turn.

So what is the use of this card, then? Those of you that are new may not remember this, but last format, we had a deck named Cursegar. Cursegar used a Gengar that did 60 damage and 10 to the bench, and retreated itself as an effect of the attack. The Cursegar player would bring up Spiritomb AR, a Pokémon that blocked Trainers while active. Does such a Body/Power/Ability sound familiar? Right, we have Gothitelle EP 47 in our format, which has a similar effect, but on a Stage 2 Pokémon.

Enter a fun deck in our metagame that has been relatively ignored. Gyro-Goth is a deck that runs Dodrio UD, Gothitelle EP, and Ferrothorn EP 72 with a heavy line of Junk Arm, Pokémon Catcher and Max Potion to provide a consistent output of 60 damage per turn, and a nigh-unkillable wall to put up in between hits. The deck is by no means Tier one and falls to many of the same issues Gothitelle/Reuniclus worries about, but has a slightly better Mew Box matchup. I won’t provide a decklist because this is a CotD post, but there’s a bit of talk about lists on the forums.

Overall, I give Ferrothorn EP a 7/10.

Here’s what would make it 9/10:

  • 30 more HP (Making it more resistant to starts without Trainer lock up.)
  • A less flippy first attack (Letting it serve as a decent opener while you build the Goth.)
  • 80 damage for Gyro Ball instead of 60 (Makes everything in HS-EP at worst a 2HKO.)

Well, that’s all I’ve got on this card, everyone. Hope you enjoyed me applying my style to COTD posts. Let me know in the comments. As always, I’d love to hear all feedback, good or bad, lengthy or short.

~Zackary “Cabd” Ayello

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  1. Jak Stewart-Armstead

    Damn . . . a dislike already? Rissa, was that you?

    This > ‘decklist included’ reviews.

    • Lynx Meche  → Jak

      Hey, I was nice to this one =( He listened to half of my nitpicking, that’s almost worth an up-vote, I think.

      Also yes, the decklists in CotD are nothing but really lazy analysis articles and they’re unnecessary. I can accept the joke Miltank one – better that than an entire article on it – but the serious ones really should stick to the card.

  2. Mekkah

    I tried getting this thing up and rolling with a friend but there is just no point jumping through the Dodrio and Ferrothorn hoops. Without a Reuniclus up, Gothitelle dies sooner or later, period. The added disruption of Gyro Ball is nice but just not worth the awkward deck set-up. The fact that Dodrio only has 80 HP (2 Linear Attacks from being KO’d) definitely does not help.

    • Anonymous  → Mekkah

      For the record, this deck sits at tier 3 for me.  Never said it was tier 1 or anything, but it’s REALLY fun. 

      • Mekkah  → Anonymous

        Oh, don’t worry, I wasn’t saying you were overhyping it. Just sharing my limited experience with “doing a Ferroroll”.

  3. Ben Bradly

    I am really considering this deck and it sounds pretty solid.  Great card of the day.

  4. theo Seeds

    “So what is the use of this card, then? Those of you that are new may not remember this, but last format, we had a deck named Cursegar. ”

    No, that’s two formats ago.

    • nilay patel  → theo

      Not true. It was most popular 2 formats ago before VileGar took over but was still usable as a fast(er) version last format.

    • Jacob Willinger  → theo

      If that’s the worst criticism that comes out of this CotD, then I’d say we have ourselves a pretty good one :)

      Seriously though, why the nitpicking?

  5. Some Guy

    Ferrothorn is decent, but the slowness (when you also need a Gothitelle and a Dodrio) is not worth a mere 60 damage.  Gothitelle dies in a few hits anyway unless you throw in another Stage 2.  Even if you somehow still get set up, some pokemon completely destroy this deck.  Take Magnezone, who has a steel resistance and can OHKO a Gothitelle easily.

  6. Sam Stevens

    All Ferrothorn really needs is some big tank basic (Reshiram/Zekrom) to protect it, in a Ross-style deck using Twins/Vileplume(to stop Ferrothorn being Catcher’d up)/Dragon to wall and Reuniclus to prevent knock outs it works really well… Ferrothorn can abuse Special Metals and fills the space Donphan Prime usually takes. The Dragons run on DCE so does Ferrothorn…. From testing i have found it can easily flatten tier 2 decks and at least have a shot against tier 1 decks (though it’s not tier 1 itself)

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