Max Potion (Emerging Powers EP 94) – Card of the Day‘Sup, guys! Since pretty much all of the COTDs recently have been reviewing Pokémon, I thought I’d mix it up and review a Trainer – Max Potion from Emerging Powers. Max Potion is a very interesting card, and I believe it has potential to make a splash in our HS-EP format. Let’s get right to it!

Max Potion’s text reads thus: “Heal all damage from 1 of your Pokémon. Then, discard all Energy attached to that Pokémon.” Now, this effect is similar to that of Blissey Prime’s Poké-Power, Blissful Nurse, except that Blissey heals all of your Pokémon with any damage on them, and you discard all energy from the Pokémon that you heal.

In the right deck, played at the right time, Max Potion can turn any card that can’t get 1HKO’d (usually, that means it has over 120 HP) into a tank. Think of the rogue Steelix Prime decks from last year. They ran Trainers like Life Herb, which healed 60 damage if you were lucky. Removing ALL damage from one of your Pokémon – essentially starting fresh – in theory, that’s amazing!

Now, you also have to “start fresh” in terms of energy. Of course, this is less than optimal when you’re playing with a card that requires a lot of energy to be useful (think Gothitelle). However, we have a card in our format that partners with Max Potion very well, and it’s been played a lot recently. That card is Reuniclus from Black and White.

Reuniclus’ Ability lets you move damage around on your field as much as you like each turn. That means that if your Active Pokémon is close to being Knocked Out, but you don’t want to get rid of the energy that’s on it, you can “Damage Swap” all the damage to an undamaged Benched Pokémon that doesn’t have energy attached to it. Obviously, Reuniclus has some weaknesses. These include: its low 90 HP – with Pokémon Catcher in the format, it can be dragged up for an easy prize; its basic form, Solosis, is a terrible starter with only 30 HP; and it’s a Stage 2, meaning that you’ll spend a lot of time and resources trying to set Reuniclus up. However, I think Reuniclus combos with Max Potion very well.

Max Potion’s biggest weakness, besides the discarding of energy, is Trainer-lock. We now have two cards in the format – Vileplume UD and the new Gothitelle from Emerging Powers. When facing one of these, any deck that relies on Max Potion will crumble. Of course, both Vileplume and Gothitelle are slow Stage 2’s, meaning that they can be shut down if you out-speed them and/or KO their Oddishes, Glooms, Gothitas and Gothoritas before they evolve. Still, the late-game “tanking” aspect is usually lost.

Max Potion is worth a try in several decks in our metagame. Here’s a brief look at its impact on four of the current top tier decks:

– Gothitelle: Gothitelle works really well with Reuniclus and Max Potion by moving the damage around to other high HP Pokémon, such as Zekrom. While Gothitelle is a slow deck, once it’s set up, it can be tough to KO.

– Reshiram Variants: Reshiram is constantly discarding energy with Blue Flare, making the energy loss from using Max potion minimal.

– MegaZone: Max Potion works really well in MegaZone, since both of its attackers will not have much energy on them – Yanmega doesn’t need energy to attack, and Magnezone is constantly throwing energy into the Lost Zone with Lost Burn.

ZPS: Some think that Zekrom is helped by Max Potion since it’s constantly damaging itself, and it can power back up with Pachirisu and Shaymin; others argue that it relies too much on keeping energy out to ensure quick knockouts. I personally think Max Potion helps ZPS more than it hurts it.

So, that’s my analysis of Max Potion and its uses in our metagame. I hope you all enjoyed my review. Expect another COTD by Saturday (if not sooner)!

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  1. Bryan Hrbacek

    The choice between max potion and blissey prime can be a tough one…

    Very good review, I can’t believe you brought up steelix.  Though, it might be worth mentioning that max potion has a lot of synergy not only with reuniclus, but with pokemon such as klingklang and meganium prime who allow you to move energy around.

    • alex bob  → Bryan

      Not really, Max Potion is so much better than Blissey in every way. Blissey can be sniped or catchered up, it takes two cards in order to use the ability, and max potion can be easily reused with Junk Arm. People usually only use Blissey in Trainer Lock decks.

      • Jak Stewart-Armstead  → alex

        But Blissey cannot be stopped, while Max Potion is useless with Vileplume on the field or an opponent’s Gothitelle active.

  2. Jacob Willinger

    Don’t forget about Donphan. He takes either 140 or weakness to one-shot, so I think he can utilize Max Potion very well.

    Also, Yanmega.

  3. Dustin H

    I am surprised you didn’t mention one of the best tanks to use Max Potion with…Donphan Prime. I saw a deck at last week battleroads that utilized Max Potion to perfection. It was a Donphan Prime/Yanmega Prime deck and Max Potion was devastating in it.

  4. Jak Stewart-Armstead

    Max Potion isn’t really any good in ZPS. After a Bolt Strike, you have to sit there, hoping that your 90 HP Zekrom will survive your opponent’s turn so you can use it. You’re much better off with Defender.

    • Anonymous  → nilay

      Agreed. I can’t believe I left him out.

      The only exception would be late game when the opponent has their high HP guys all set up and you’ve got 3 energy on Donphan to use Heavy Impact.

  5. Tom Kitchen

    One thing I thought of was to use Shaymin or better yet Klinklang to move the energy off a steel pokemon, then heal for no energy cost and switch the energy back.

        • Lynx Meche  → theo

          Reuniclus is only a Stage 2 =T Collector for more than one Solosis, Candy or manually evolve into Reuniclus, done. It remains reliable throughout the whole match if it doesn’t get killed, but Shaymin can also be sniped or Catchered. It’s just less common to have Shaymin and Seeker + bench slot (or two Shaymin and two bench slots, good luck) exactly when you need to, rather than have an early Reuniclus and use it through the whole game.

        • Tom Kitchen  → Lynx

          Thats why I prefer Klinklang, harder to set up, but its stronger and more consistent than Shaymin.

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