Vote for Writer of the Month – September 2011

What’s up dawg?
Now THAT is scary!

It’s October and the 2011 tournament season is already well underway. Can you believe that? I know I’m having a hard time figuring out how September snuck past me…

And with the changing of the calendar, it brings with it the SixPrizes Writer of the Month poll. Wooo!! It should be a really close vote this month since there were a lot of great articles written.

But before we get to the poll, I want to give credit to the top vote-getters from last month:

  1. Kenny Wisdom – 41 votes
  2. a hahn – 39 votes
  3. Daniel Middleton – 37 votes
  4. Carl Scheu – 31 votes
  5. Tamoo – 23 votes

Way to go guys! For the full results, you can look back at the poll here. I sincerely want to thank everyone that’s been writing as of late; I know ya’ll are super busy with school, work, and life in general, so I really appreciate you taking the time to contribute to the site. :)

I do have to say though I’m honestly a little surprised we’ve only had 1 Battle Roads report so far… if anyone’s been going to any, I know I’d like to read about they’ve been going for you! Who’s with me?

Anyway… back on topic:

Like last month, you’ll be able to vote for your top 5 favorite writers. Voting ends on Thursday, October 6th at 11:59 PM EST.

As always, the top 10 vote getters will receive a FREE month subscription to SixPrizes Underground.

If YOU would like to become a contributor to the site (and have a chance to snag one of those free UG memberships), check out the instructions here.


Vote for your 5 favorite writers from last month (September 2011).

Poll closes Thursday, October 6th at 11:59 PM EST.

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Make sure you click “Submit” after you check off your selections!

In other news…

1. The Dislike is Done… Sorta.

facebook.comLast week I posted some news and mentioned I was thinking about pulling the plug on the dislike button. With some help from you guys (J-Wittz and David G in particular), we’ve come up with a new solution. The dislike button is still there, but here’s how it works:

Likes still do +1 to an article’s overall rating. Dislikes now do 0 to the articles ratings (before they did -1). However, I am still keeping tallies on dislikes, and if an article gets too many dislikes, then it will be pulled from the site for revising.

So the dislike functions more like a flag button now. If you really dislike an article and want to be noticed, then you can leave a comment detailing your displeasure. That will at least give the author more feedback than the -1 would, and disveil some anonymity.

I felt this was a necessary change mainly because of trolls and because how little constructive feedback the dislike gave. Yes, it can be kind of fun to knock down a rating, but the authors work really hard on their articles, and it’s disheartening to get a bunch of dislikes when you don’t know why. I feel that’s part of the reason contributions have been down as of late.

2. Auto-Linking Card Names
Energy LINK. Get it?

I worked really hard trying to get this feature in shipshape whenever I had free time on Friday and Saturday. I THINK I got almost all the bugs Knocked Out, and it should be working smoothly now. But as always, if you notice any bugs, please let me know.

Incase you don’t what the auto-linking is, it’s this: Tropical Beach

Cards within articles get magically linked to their appropriate page on so you can easily look them up if you don’t know what they do (or have forgotten).

One thing I’m still working on right now though is linking all card names within decklists by default. Right now a card is linked only the very first time it’s mentioned within an article. I was SO CLOSE to making it work, but then the site started crashing out on me. Late tonight or tomorrow I’ll get back on the horse and see if I can fix it.

3. Has eBay Prices Now

I got them working early last week. If there are any other sites you want price listings for, just let me know. I can add almost any site to the list pretty easily.

Also I’m still monitoring and working on improving that site as my free time permits. I’ve just been super busy with a ton of stuff lately, and unfortunately haven’t been able to really touch that site in about a week now.

At the top of my to do list is to get the site loading faster, then I want to implement a rating + review type system (so you must leave a review along with your rating). Like TcgScans on Facebook if you want to keep up to date with my latest tinkerings.

4. GO PHILS!!!

Please help me forget about the Eagles loss today!

Peace out,


P.S. Here’s one of my recent to do lists if you’ve never seen one… they’re pretty epic. And yes, I did do everything on there.

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25 replies

    • Adam Capriola  → Caleb

      I had to research for like 15 minutes then think for another 10 minutes before I got your joke. I lol’d once the light went off though. :)

  1. Anthony Smith

    University Assignments, Hosting people in holiday, writing about pokemon. I could only do two of those things this past month :(

  2. stephen mills

    That’s a great system for dislikes; I think it’ll work out well.

    I guess this just isn’t the Eagles’ season (losing against the 49ers…?), but we still have the Phillies doing excellently, so I guess it all evens out. Maybe the Eagles will get better near the end of the season when the newer players have been better incorporated into the system…

    • Adam Capriola  → stephen

      Yeah I’m honestly cool with however the Birds end up doing at this point if the Phils can go the distance. We’re looking good so far!

      And I think the Eagles just don’t have the right players. They should have traded Kolb for a linebacker. Or maybe Bednarik could come out of retirement. With the current team, I think the offense has got to have like 0 turnovers per game and they gotta score 30+ like the Pats are doing.

  3. Sam Marshall-Smith

    Aron also wrote the alternate method article…

    • Aron Figaro  → Sam

      Thanks Sam. Adam, could you please put that up and credit me for it? Don’t worry, I’ll have plenty more for October.

    • Adam Capriola  → Sam

      My bad. That article got published this month, but since the poll got published AFTER it, I’ll add it in.

  4. Mekkah

    The UG poll still shows up for me in this one occasionally.

    • Adam Capriola  → Mekkah

      Ug!!! I honestly have no idea how to fix that. I think it’s a cache issue… I have things on the site set to cache so it loads faster. I guess try again later. :(

  5. Jak Stewart-Armstead

    Just want to remind people of how Oddjob basically saved CotD with his Beartic review.

  6. Adam Capriola

    I just got the deck list linking working (I think… fingers crossed). I spent a lot of Sunday trying to fix it, then realized I literally needed to add just 1 character to the code to get it working. Yay.

  7. Carl Scheu

    Don’t worry Adam, I really like the Phils to win it this year, their rotation is just too good…

    Anyhow I do think the eagles will come back from this awful start

  8. Anonymous

    I like the auto-linking, but there’s some problems. “I switched out the Elm’s for an extra PONT” and the “switch” in switched is linked. I’ve seen things like that in a lot of articles. (Sorry if how I worded that was confusing :P)

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