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So this one is a little late again, but I’ve just started my second year of University so everything is getting a little bit hectic at the moment. Nonetheless, here are the latest two episodes of PokéClass for you!

Episode 43 – Your New Points System Explained

This episode is all about how your Battle Roads are affected by the new points system along with a short analysis on what this means for the rest of the season as well. Battle Roads have just stepped up a notch with these changes so watch this to find out what you’ll all be playing for.

Episode 44 – Autumn Battle Roads Weeks 1 & 2 Recap

So we are just about at the end of our third week of Battle Roads competition and the tournaments are about to fly in thick and fast for us over here in the UK. This episode will analyze what results we have so far and what changes we are currently seeing as decks are developed over time.

Hope you enjoy the episodes and make sure you check out Saturday’s episode for an analysis of what has changed in the Battle Roads results for the third week of competition along with my first of three Battle Roads reports!




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  1. Zach Powers

    great episode! cleared up a lot of my questions on points 

  2. Mike v

     dan great article loved how you talk about the points. im just wondering is it gonna be like top 5 of a state go to nats or worlds. like will the most championship points will go or depends on the rating too? thanks

    • Daniel Middleton  → Mike

      Pokemon haven’t really told us yet :/ If there is a tie in points then the rating will come in to differentiate between who should get the invite and who shouldn’t. Other than that, we just need to wait and see unfortunately!

  3. Tandem Arts

    Point 3 in reference to Gothitelle: I don’t see anyone playing it.

  4. Ross Gilbert

    I’ll see you in Notts tomorrow Dan! Come say hello! And remember, you can call me number 7 ;)

  5. andrewgn12

    what is horsemega deck mentioned in the list from episode 44

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