Surry, B.C Batte Roads Report

Hello everybody, today I am going to talk to you about how I did at my Battle Roads.

Before the Event

I had gone to one Battle Roads before and played Ross (Vileplume/Reuniclus) deck with Beartic EP 30 over Donphan Prime. I went 2-3, but it was because the deck was really bad. I got the list from my friends the night before, but they failed to have noticed in testing that it loses to Zoroark BLW. I then played against Zoroark twice and got donked the other game I lost. If I were to play that deck again, I would use Donphan; it’s just way better.

Going into this event I wanted to play the normal Ross deck, but I felt it would just lose to itself by not setting up right sometimes. Instead, I went with my friend Jack’s deck, Mew Lock. It had a good matchups against the slower cards like Magnezone Prime, Vileplume UD, Reuniclus BLW, and Typhlosion Prime, and I felt it could beat faster Stage One decks.

In the end I played almost the exact list except I added a 2nd Jumpluff HS because I was afraid of it being prized in matchups I needed it in.

The Tournament

I arrive there at ten and got some cards to finish the deck; my friends and I hang out for a while and wait for the event to start. Masters has 37 people and five rounds with top four cut. I may not remember everything that happened, but I will do the best that I can.

Round One vs Pokédad: Yanmega/Zoroark/Tornadus

I could not See Off a Pokémon turn one, so turn two I Linear Attack his benched Tornadus EP with energy for 40. He sets up some Yanmegas and we start trading them. I was able to have the last Yanmega Prime standing because I use Jirachi UL to KO his Yanmega. He had some Zoroarks set up, but had to attack with the Tornadus with 40.

I Sonic Boom it and he Sonic Booms back with Zoroark. I go into Mew mode and See Off a Jumpluff so I will have more attackers, he KOs it with a Yanmega, I do 70 with my own Yanmega and then he KOs it with his second Tornadus. I get my hand to around ten cards because he has used six shuffle draw effects already and I then use Black Belt to KO his Tornadus with Mew.

He cannot use Yanmega, Zoroark, and cannot get three energy on a Tornadus so I am able to take a KO for the last prize.

It was a really tight game – I almost thought that I would lose just because I went second.


Round Two vs Christian: Zekrom/Tornadus/Pachi/Shaymin

I open lone Sunkern HS to his Tornadus and I am expecting to get donked, however he misses so it looks like I get to play a game. I Collector and just leave up a Yanma because I cannot do anything. He KOs it and I set up a Vileplume and I think I got Yanmega and Judged, but I’m not 100% sure.

I KO his Tornadus and he KOs Yanmega back and I cannot remember the rest of the game too well – I am able to stabilize somewhat with Mew, but he just keeps on KOing everything I have and I lose.

I knew coming into this event that my worst matchup was Zekrom and I just hoped not to play it (only two people were playing it).


Round Three vs New Player: Reshiphlosion

I turn out See Off the Muk UD and after that I just drag up everything and anything. He sets up a Typhlosion Prime but I two shot it with Yanmega. After that he did not do much and I won

He was a fairly new player and we had lent him some Typhlosions he needed for the deck, but he never gave them back… if you’re reading this please give them back at the next Battle Roads.


Round Four vs ???: Reshiphlosion

Like before I See Off Muk and drag stuff up, he was not able to keep a Typhlosion in play and fell behind on energy attachments. It was a drawn out game because at the end he had like 20 cards from Ninetales HS and I had to keep on matching for Yanmega. I do not think I missed an attack though, lol.


Round Five vs ???: MagneBoar

I go second, See Off Muk and have a turn two Vileplume in hand, but he Rare Candies into two Magnezones and an Emboar before I have my chance to get it out. I drag up his bench Magnezone – he tries to attack and gets heads on the confusion flip. I just send out another Mew and drag up his benched Magnezone, I See Off for Jumpluff and then KO his Magnezone with Yanmega.

He KOs my Yanmega and I drag up his Emboar, KO it and he KOs my Yanmega. I KO his Magnezone with Mew and now all he has is two Reshirams. He outrages with one and I drag up the other, then KO it with Yanmega.

He KOs Yanmega and I play Black Belt down and KO Reshi with my Mew. He has one Reshi with no energy after and a Magneton but cannot do anything so I take the last prize.

I think I misplayed that one by not dragging up his Emboar at first, if I KO’d it then he could not attach multiple energies a turn and it would have been easier for me.


I am happy that I did a turnaround from my 1-1 start but not sure if I will make it, my only loss was 4-1 so I felt I had an ok chance. I check standings and I am…








5th. Uhg I was 3% short of making T4. I was kinda mad because a lot of 4-1s missed the top cut.

I do not like how Battle Roads are capped at Top 4. Yes, I know there are time issues with some stores, but they should try to find venues that do not need to close at an earlier time. Our event was supposed to be six rounds, but they cut one for time, and one more round would have given a lot of people a chance of making Top 4.

Anyway the event was very good and I enjoyed it. Missing on cut sucked, but the finals was two friends of mine: Ricky (mgs) and Murry (Mr.ScaryMuffin). Congrats on both for doing well.

As for my deck I am happy with how it preformed. I knew that ZTPS was almost an auto-loss for me and I thought that even if I lost to one I could go 4-1 and make top cut. I may play it again, and I am not sure if I would change anything.


  • Good event, thanks BDA and Sandy!
  • I liked my deck a lot. It worked well other than against ZTPS (if you really want to beat it I was thinking of adding Lilligant).
  • Ricky for coming second, good job!
  • Murry for winning.
  • Jack, Cor and Kabir.
  • Opponents for being good and losing to me (for the most part).


  • 4-1 and missing.
  • Finding out that Regional scholarships were cut.

Thank you for reading!

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  1. Aron Figaro

    The more I find out about corruption in the game and its community, the happier I am about less prize support. Maybe the crooks will find another game.

    Good report overall, and yeah, there’s really not a lot you can do to survive the ZPS matchup. It’s that bad.

      • Aron Figaro  → Adam

        Nothing here, sorry; I forgot I hadn’t sent you my weekly update yet. The pot’s starting to boil. He just mentioned regionals scholarships, which immediately reminded me of all the widespread scumbags that seem to be cropping up lately.

  2. Max Douglas

    Was there only two ZPST there? I know I was playing it and I saw a bunch of people playing it before the event started, and I thought there were more. 

  3. Alex Holdway

    Know how it feels to go 4-1 and miss cut. In the two batteroads I attended I went 4-1 at both, missing Top 2 at the smaller by 2.5% and Top 4 at the larger by 1%. 

    I actually think it’s a very poor way of figuring out the order as I have no control of who I’m paired with and how they do in their other games. There obviously nothing that can be done and its TSB (tough s*** baby) but twice in a row is very annoying.

    Nice report though, and I’m also surprised to hear only 2 ZPST present.

  4. Paul Hornak

    “Round Three vs New Player: Reshiphlosion

    I turn out See Off the Muk UD and after that I just drag up everything and anything. He sets up a Typhlosion Prime but I two shot it with Yanmega. After that he did not do much and I won
    He was a fairly new player and we had lent him some Typhlosions he needed for the deck, but he never gave them back… if you’re reading this please give them back at the next Battle Roads.”

    That is Firestorm from

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