Zekrom’s Outrage: Surrey, BC Battle Roads & My First Top Cut

Hello everyone! This is my first BR report for SixPrizes. I would like to give my thanks to Adam, who gave me the permission to write here. Also, to Kenny Wisdom for signing my playmat at the last BR I went to and inspiring me to write articles here at SixPrizes.

At my first Autumn BR in Vancouver, BC, I had a 3-2 record, making 15th place. Next was Tukwila, WA…it was the worst I have done. I made a 2-4 record, putting me to 30th place overall. Redmond, WA was a great experience. I made 9th place with a 3-2 record. I know it was tough and the game just got even grittier. I went to Redmond to test a ZPTS deck against other players I do not know.

Not only that, these guys and gals were very competitive, and I was amazed on how these guys play the game. I got some great experience because of this. With great success, I decided to go with the deck I have. With a few changes, I was confident that I could do better on my third Autumn BR. If you want to read my first BR report, you can check it out here.

Saturday, October 8, 2011. 12:00HRS. I could not sleep at all. I was quite pumped up and excited about what would happen in the morning. With great confidence, I was ready to take on everyone at BR; of course, in a friendly sort of way.

That night, I looked at my ZPTS deck. I made a few changes here and there. It was nothing major, but my play style is quite unorthodox, some people might say (everyone has their own preferences, of course). My gut instinct tells me that I will not see a lot of Stage 1 Decks (Yanmega Prime, Donphan Prime, etc.).

pokebeach.comI also knew that ZPTS is not quite popular with Pokémon players in my area. The fact that the cards that are in it, like Pachirisu CL and Shaymin UL, are so hard to find, hardly anyone owns them. I also knew that Vileplume UD and Gothitelle EP 47 would see a lot of plays that day. I knew I had to be prepared for anything.

07:00HRS. It was early for me to get up. I had breakfast, took a shower, and got dressed. I did not sleep well last night, and my nervous meter went up the scale.

10:30HRS. I got to the parking lot, and tried to get to the entrance to Craving for a Game via elevator. All the doors going inside the mall were locked; therefore, I had to go around the mall and make a long detour.

I had a lot of stuff with me: my heavy trade binder, my decks, and my play mat (my good-luck mat signed by Mr. Wisdom). I saw a few people there sitting outside the unopened store. They were not competitive players, so I just sat down and just relaxed. I knew that the matches would not start for two more hours. I had to wait that long, so I tried not to speak to anyone. I do not want to break my concentration, and that’s how competitive I am in this game.

12:30HRS. Let the games begin! I handed in my decklist right away. Many people asked my what I am running. I just told them it is a secret deck. Of course, I was scouting myself, but I did not bother to ask any details about their decks. I was close to my predictions. I did, however, see a few Magneboar decks and Reshiboar decks. I was almost scared, over the fact that I can get creamed by Emboar BW 20 and Magnezone Prime.

The tournament consisted of five Swiss rounds. There were almost 32-36 Masters (I was not quite sure). Top Four would qualify to play in the top cut. I had that feeling of butterflies in my stomach. But I had to remember the reason why I am here: to have fun and play the best I can. Now, onto the first round.

Swiss Rounds

Round 1 vs. Johnathan G. (Reshiboar Deck)

Emboar BWpokebeach.com

I met Johnathan when I started playing Pokémon cards in my area. He is quite knowledgeable when it comes to the game. His son Joey is quite a player as well, since he always makes 2nd or 3rd place at BRs. I knew he was playing Reshiboar, and I also knew that if the games continued on, I would be in so much trouble. Emboar BW 20 can do Inferno Fandango, which can put as many R Energy to any Pokémon in play. Reshiram BW can hit 150. That’s quite a punch.

I did not see all that action. I rolled, and ended up going first. I started with a Zekrom BW and he had a Tepig BW. I had three Dual Ball in my hand; one of them I flipped all tails, and the other I got two heads. I got Shaymin UL and Pachirisu CL; by doing so, I attached one L Energy using Self-Generation, and then I used Celebration Wind to move the energy to Zekrom.

I used Professor Oak’s New Theory, and then attached an energy to Zekrom. I used Outraged, and that’s all. He was stuck at that moment, with no Pokémon Collector to use. All he did was attach an energy, and passed. On my next turn, I used PONT.

I managed to pull out a Double Colorless Energy, and the game was over. He was quite amazed of what just happened. The game was over, and I was glad to win a first match.


Round 2 vs. Kevin S. (Yanmega/Mew/Vileplume)


I knew Kevin from YouTube. He has his own channel, and he does a good job with it. I told him a while back that watching his videos helped me a lot with deck building. It was my first time playing against him. I felt a bit intimidated, but what matters is that it would be a great honor playing him. I started first, but I was not able to completely set up properly. I only had one L Energy, which is not enough for a donk.

He had a lone Oddish UD in the Active Spot, while I had Tornadus EP. While he was trying to set up for the Trainer lock, I was 2 Prizes ahead. I was using Hurricane, and by doing that I was able to power up my Zekrom from the bench. It was a tense game for me. He managed to use Mew Prime, and See Off Jumpluff HS. Yes! It was big trouble.

Although he managed to Trainer lock both of us during late game, I was just Knocking Out all his Mew Prime and his Yanmega Prime. Thanks to Cheren, I was able to utilize all the energies that I needed. It was a great game, and I had a lot of fun playing him. I hope that someday I can play again, and this time, without being so competitive.


Round 3 vs. Mark P. (Magneboar Deck)


Like Johnathan, I knew Mark at the place I play Pokémon with on Sundays. He is a great player, with potential of course. I knew that he can be tough to beat. I was betting that he might use his LostGar/MewGar Deck, but he did not. He played David Cohen’s Magneboar Deck, which won 2011 Worlds.

I was scared to go second, so I flipped. Guess what? I went first. I got a lone Tornadus EP, and he had a Tepig. I have a Shaymin, one L Energy, a Double Colorless Energy, and Pokémon Collector. I was able to pull out Pachirisu, Self-Gen one energy, used Celebration Wind, and then attached the DCE. It was game over.

He knew that once I go first it was over. We played another game for fun, and this time I made him go first. Of course, he completely killed me on the second matched. I knew his deck will surely beat it, but luck was just on my side.


Round 4 vs. Trevore (Beartic/Vileplume/Reuniclus)

This was an excruciating and painful game. Beartic EP 30 can hit 50 with Sheer Cold, and in addition, the opponent cannot attack. Icicle Crash can do 80, and the damage isn’t affected by resistance. OUCH! that’s cold, with no pun intended. All I can say is that around three to four turns, we were Trainer locked. I thought the deck was good compared to Ross’ Deck.


It was a tank because it just damages the opponent, and then the damage done to Beartic was just being removed using Damage Swap, care of Reuniclus BW. All that plus Zekrom to keep some of the high damage counters. I knew I could not beat his deck. I was able to get at least two or 3 Prizes, but that was it for me.

The most annoying part was I was not able to use Pokégear 3.0 to get my Black Belt. I knew it was over as soon as the game started. Playing against this deck makes me want to play it someday. It was just fun to play.


Found 5 vs. Sam P. (Magneboar Deck)

I have never played Sam before. By the looks of it, he is very competitive. He was playing Magneboar Deck, just like Mark. I knew that can be my 3-2 record here. Like I mentioned before, Magneboar is a championship deck. Magnezone Prime can hit as much as 300 or more, which I have seen before. It would be a tough battle for me to play. As we were setting up, we both had a mulligan. The next couple of times, he mulligans again.

I did remember, he mulliganed at least three times, including the time we both did. While I was drawing cards, I was able to get all the cards that I need. I got some Pokémon Catchers, PlusPowers, and some energies. we both knew that it was game over.

I managed to KO his Tepigs early. I was lucky again with a great record of 4-1. I knew there might be other people who had the record of 4-1. All I needed to do was hope for the best, and make at least 4th place for Top Cut.

Top Cut

Top 4 vs. Ricky G. (Stage One Deck w/ Yanmega/Cinccino/Simisear)


I think I have never played him before; I might have, but I cannot remember. He has this crazy deck, with so many techs. He uses Lost Remover to get rid of all the special energies, like DCE, Rainbow Energy, and Rescue Energy. Cinccino BW was also a tank, hitting a whopping 100 with full bench of course. Yanmega Prime, along with cards like Copycat and Judge, can ruin your best hand and reduce it to four cards.

I knew it was going to be a tough game. I made it all the way to Top Four, and I am already glad. Game one, he goes first. The luck was already on his side. I was not able to donk him. Overall, the match was unbearable. It was a rogue deck, which meant that I did not know how to beat it. I was able to get prizes here and there, but Do the Wave attack was just too much. Even Yanmega Prime was able to withstand Zekrom.

First round was his, so we were on to the second round. I chose to go first. To protect Ricky’s deck, I will not say much to what he did. It was a great second match for him. He was getting all the cards he needed, plus he was able to disrupt with Judge. I knew it was over as soon as it began.


I was not mad that I lost. I was actually impressed. The fact that I have been playing for a short time, I managed to make Top Four. Along with that, I got my first Championship Points. It was a great day. I knew that I can do well next time. Playing games like this makes me want to be the best. I hope to make Top Four again on October 15, 2011. This will be the last Autumn BR in our area. I wish myself the best, and everyone I am playing with.


  • Making a 4-2 record
  • Getting my first Championship Points


  • No slops! I made this event a positive one

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  1. Ross Gilbert

    Good report dude, well played and nice to see some BR reports!

    I do think this should have been proof-read properly though. As a couple examples:
    – I had three Dual Ball in my had; one of them I flipped all tails, and the other I got two heads
    – With a little bit of changes
    – Top Four would qualified to play in the top cut
    – I have never played him before. I might have, but I cannot remember. 

    Also, factually:
    – Magnezone can hit for 300 but this is not the limit
    – Emboar BW hits for 150 (not 130)

    Good job on the top-cut :D

  2. Lynx Meche

    Normally I’d leave any mistakes alone after it’s hit the front page, but I think this one got through without being edited. It was brought up in the comments (hunkyross isn’t insane, his comment shows what it read as before I fixed it) so I corrected spelling mistakes and confusing tense errors – not a full edit so it’s still mostly intact.

    On the article itself, nice job top cutting that early =3 And it’s nice that you kept the match against Ricky mostly secret, if he wanted his list under wraps still.

  3. M C

    Too bad we didn’t face off in the finals Christian! I was secretly rooting for you (because Ricky’s deck matches much better against mine than yours did :P). Maybe next time :)

  4. J.

    Hiya Christian,
    Are you the same Christian that I played in Redmond? I was playing the Blastzel deck. I tried looking for you on fb, but couldn’t find ya! I’ll have to look for you again; what’s your pic id look like?

  5. Aron Figaro

    As much as this needs proper editing, I’m going to give it a thumbs up because of your Top Cut opponent. I don’t know the player, but I sure as heck know the deck, as I was another of its early adopters. Simisear is a HUGE setup card, and generates so many cheap KOs with Cinccino it’s not even funny. Heck, if you run 4, the deck can even get away with abusing Twins.

  6. Aron Figaro

    As much as this needs proper editing, I’m going to give it a thumbs up because of your Top Cut opponent. I don’t know the player, but I sure as heck know the deck, as I was another of its early adopters. Simisear is a HUGE setup card, and generates so many cheap KOs with Cinccino it’s not even funny. Heck, if you run 4, the deck can even get away with abusing Twins.

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