PokéClass Episode 47 – Autumn Battle Roads Report #3 & PokéClass Updates!

This week brings you my third and final Battle Roads experience for the Autumn section of the season. There were no spectacular performances on my part, but at least I have finally found a deck I’m happy with (even if it wasn’t any of the ones I’ve played so far). ;)

I also cover all you need to know about the changes to my website and please get involved by clicking the link above.



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  1. Ross Gilbert

    Nooooooo! You said you’d found a deck you’re happy with but didn’t say what it was. That’s teasing Dan! :p

  2. Ron Routhier

    Zoroark doesn’t take damage when you Foul Play Zekroms Bolt Strike? Since when?

    • Anonymous  → Ron

      Yeah, if that is what Dan meant, he would be mistake. Zoroark definately takes the 40 damage from copying Bolt Strike

      • Ron Routhier  → Anonymous

        Thought so. Maybe there was a ruling I didn’t hear about, or something new came from the Compendium. Thanks.

        • Daniel Middleton  → Ron

          I actually cannot find in the video where I said that.. could someone point me to the time I said it? It was indeed a mistake if I said it and Zoroark does take the recoil damage including any extra if using PlusPowers…

        • Anonymous  → Daniel

          I think it was just a misunderstanding.

          You said, “Zoroarks are amazing at taking down those dragons in one shot by copying their attacks without needing to add the damage on myself.” (around the 9:30 mark) When taken by itself, this statement is very unclear and could easily be understood as meaning that Zoroark does not take the recoil damage.

          Hope this helps.

        • Daniel Middleton  → Anonymous

          Ahh yes, thanks for that. What I meant was I didn’t have to add the extra 10 with PlusPower to knock out his Dragons because his Donphan would do it for me :) Hope that clears it up..

  3. Anonymous

    Whoa, whoa, whoa, why keep Donphan out of the game? OHKOing Mew Primes on T2 with Earthquake? Sounds worth possible disruption to me. Sure you can kill Oddishes, but Mews are more better.

    • Daniel Middleton  → Anonymous

      Maybe just the one is okay, but when he starts building Yanmegas, you’re just giving him easier ways to snipe with your Earthquake damage while he rotates for fresh Yanmegas that you’re 3HKOing.
      Then in the late game you are going to get Sludge Dragged which means flipping becomes necessary to win, which none of us want.
      I’d rather stick with Yanmega :D

      • Anonymous  → Daniel

        Yeah I guess that is a good idea, but what you can do is take out those Yanma as well so then you can end the game on Mew.

  4. Dan W

    Feels awesome to be in a report, even though I still lost! XD
    Good game though!
    And the site looks really neat and polished! Good job!

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