Reddy’s Report: Noble Victories Prerelease

pokebeach.comHey 6P, it’s me Rahul and today I wanted to talk about the new set Noble Victories. I went to a Prerelease yesterday and got my half-dozen packs, along with the usual deck box instead of the sleeves. I opened up my packs and didn’t really pull anything good, except for a Kyurem and a normal N. I was a little disappointed, but I looked around my cards and realized I could make a decent deck.

Jellicent was probably my favorite card to play with in the PR. Jellicent does 10 damage plus 20 more for each Water attached to it and requires 2 Colorless to attack. It has 110 HP, is a Stage 1, and its Ability “Cursed Body” Confuses whoever attacks it. This card is excellent because of its amazing tankability. Stall with something and get like over 9000 energy on Jellicent and you win from there.

Kyurem is also overpowered because of Glaciate. Doing 30 to everything in a PR is great because the opponent has no way of getting all their evolutions out the next turn and you can take a couple of prizes in 2-3 attacks.

Another great card to play at the PR for Noble Victories is Elgyem #55. This card’s first attack, First Contact, for one C energy lets you put 2 basics onto your bench. That can get things you need like Kyurem and Virizion out early, so you can start charging them up for later in the game.

Anyway onto my report, hope you guys enjoy.

I pulled almost absolute garbage in my packs and was disappointed because this kid next to me got a Full Art Terrakion, Full Art Victini, and a Full Art N. But I end up building something that looks a little like this:

Pokémon – 16

2 Frillish #30

2 Jellicent #31

1 Kyurem #34

2 Elgyem #55

1 Beheeyem #56

2 Pawniard #75

1 Pawniard #81

1 Bisharp #76

1 Pansear #16

1 Simisear #17

1 Axew #86

1 Fraxure #87


Trainers – 3

1 N

1 Super Rod

1 Rocky Helmet

Energy – 21

11 W

4 D

3 R

3 P

Time for some explanations. I chose Jellicent for the obvious status condition and the fact that it was my most solid evolution line. I actually pulled 2 Eelektross, 2 Eelektrik, but no Tynamo. The Kyurem should also be obvious; massive damage output, plus Outrage can 1HKO almost anything they play after you have 90 damage on you.

The Elgyem were for First Contact and then I realized I had a Beheeyem and it was an ok card, but I expected lots of Kyurem, so I put it in there so I wouldn’t be Glaciated. I used Bisharp, slightly because he is one of my favorites of 5th gen, and mostly because Finishing Blow deals 20 for one Darkness energy and if the opponent’s Pokémon is already damaged you do 50 more damage to it.

Pair that up with Kyurem’s Glaciate and you are in a good position. The only reason I put Simisear in is because I needed more attackers and Simisear attacks for 20 for only one colorless. Same thing with Fraxure; I needed more attackers. The Trainers should be self-explanatory.

Now for the energy. I chose to run 11 Water because my main attacker is Water type and I would need to get as many onto Jellicent as possible. I chose the 4 Darkness for Bisharp, to use Finishing Blow if needed. The 3 Fire were meant for Simisear, in case I ever needed to use Double Fire for any odd reason. And the 3 Psychic were meant for Beheeyem if I ever needed to use him, against things like Chandelure.

Now onto my report, I hope you guys enjoy this.

Round 1 vs Michael Pramawat (Psychic Victini and Friends)

I open triple Pawniard and he opens Psychic Victini. I go first, and bench a Frillish. I then attach and use Iron Head for 30 damage. He attaches to his active, benches Meinfoo, and uses V-Blast for 120 and KOs Pawniard. I go put up my other Dark type Pawniard, attach to it and use Iron Head and manage the knockout. I take 20 damage because he had Rocky Helmet attached though. He puts up Meinfoo attaches a fighting and uses Pound for 10.

I draw attach to Frillish. Evolve Frillish and use Iron head for 3 Heads, and do 30 damage. He benches a Golett and attaches to Meinfoo and uses High Jump Kick to Knock it Out. I promote my other Pawniard, attach to the bench and pass. He attaches to his bench and High Jump kicks. I attach and he Jump Kicks me for a KO. I promote my Jellicent with 3 Water on it and attach another Water, plus a Rocky Helmet and Knock Out the Meinfoo.

He promotes Golett and uses Dynamic Punch for 40 and I was Confused as was he. I went for the attack and flipped tails and took 30. He flipped for Confusion attack and hit tails. I went and attacked again and hit heads this time to win the game. GG man. :)


Round 2 vs ????? (???)

I completely forgot who this guy is and what he was using. Sorry man. All I remember is he opened Larvesta to my Frillish and I went first and donked with the Frillish.


Round 3 vs ???? (Cobalion)

He started six basics in his opening hand and he had two Cobalions on the field, but I got set up fast with a turn 2 Jellicent and two W Energy. I pretty much Knocked Out everything on his field without breaking a sweat, mostly because he couldn’t seem to draw into any energy.


Round 4 vs Lindsey Hogge (Kyurem/ Virizion)

pokebeach.comShe opens Yanmask and I open Elgyem and she goes first. She attaches and attack me for 40. I use First Contact and get Kyurem and Frillish. She goes and evolves to Cofagrigus, benches something else, uses N, then Knocks me Out. I go promote Kyurem, attach Water to it and pass. She does 30 and ends. I go attach and use outrage for 50. She uses the attack for 30 again and now she has a Cofagrigus on bench with Perplex ready to go.

I Knock Out her active and she promotes something else. I attach to my Frillish and evolve it into Jellicent and knockout her irrelevant Pokémon. She promotes Cofagrigus and uses Perplex… I’m Confused. I draw, attach to my benched Jellicent, and bench Pawniard. I try to attack and flip tails, Knocking myself Out. I promote Pawniard and she does 30 to him and confuses him.

I go and attach to Jellicent and pass. She takes the knockout on Pawniard and I promote Jellicent with four Water attached. I attach another for good measure and Knock Out her active. She promotes her Kyurem and uses Glaciate for 30. I draw, attach, and use Hydro Pump for 130 and the knockout. Good game.


Round 5 vs ????? (Jellicent)

He got a Frillish out and I had a Kyurem. He was afraid to attack me during the game because of Outrage and I won that easily taking 3 Prizes with Glaciate FTW.


So I came in first and opened up my two packs. I pulled two more Jellicent in those packs and two Evolites. I also got another Eelektrik but no Tyanmo…. Again. My buddy Stephen Mills pulled a Full Art N and I was very Jellicent…….. Ok maybe I’m bad at puns, but the Prerelease was fun and I want to see how these new cards change the metagame. Get pumped for Regionals, go to those Prereleases, and live life to the fullest. Until next time, Rahul out.

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  1. jac carter

    my prerelease was reallly fun when i pulled a 2-1 line of archeops and 2 plume fossils.

  2. jimmy chen

    man you had great pulls, also seems like you did well at pre-release. lol my best card during the tournament was a cobalion with an eviolite.

  3. barryfken

    “He started six basics in his opening hand and he had two Cobalions on the field, but I got set up fast with a turn 2 Jellicent and two Water Energy. I pretty much knocked out everything on his field without breaking a sweat, mostly because he couldn’t seem to draw into any energy.”

    When you start off with mostly basics, you know you’re going to lose, lol.

    “She opens Yanmask”

    Yanmega/Yamask? Lol.

    I used Jellicent/Simisear in my Side Event (a second Pre-Release at the Pre-Release), I love Cursed Body. And I’m surprised you even put in Bisharp, considering you only have one. That’s really hard to get out, but you pulled it off, it seems. Too bad you didn’t have the Xtra-thingamajig Trainer to (hopefully) get out your N, but you still pulled it off! I’m impressed.

    I used Kyurem/Cobalion (full art) my first Pre-Release, I got to Glaciate in a practice game and I outraged for 140 in my last game. Incredible cards in this set.

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