UG Writer of the Month Poll – October 2011

What’s up everyone?

I hope you were able to pocket some Championship Points during Autumn Battle Roads! Competition was fierce and it was harder to make those Top 4 cuts than most people had envisioned, so congrats if you were able to earn even just a point or two.

And even if you didn’t snag as many points as you were hoping it’s all cool… because Regionals are just over 2 weeks away! Can you believe that? This is shaping up to be one of the most hectic competitive seasons ever. Pokémon really knows how to keep the pressure on!

Anyway, before we get to the poll, just a couple announcements:

1. Today’s Article Delayed Until Wednesday

pokebeach.comAgain, I apologize about the delay. We do our best to get new articles out every Tuesday and Thursday, but stuff comes up sometimes. I explained the situation on the forums, but I’ll reiterate incase you missed it.

We had a freak October snowstorm here in the Northeast over the weekend, and Mikey Fouchet who was scheduled to write on Tuesday is unfortunately still feeling the effects of the storm. His entire school campus (Lehigh University) lost power and has had to cancel classes through Wednesday.

He’s had no power for a couple days now and has had to cram into a friends house (with like 12 other people) that has heat so he can stay warm. He would drive back to his parents house, but a tree fell down and is blocking his driveway, so he can’t get out. The issue with the storm was that all the trees around here still have leaves on them, so with the added weight of the snow, a lot of them fell down and Knocked Out power lines.

Thankfully Mikey is ok though! That’s the most important thing. So what I’ve done is asked Kenny Wisdom who was scheduled to write on Thursday if he could get me his article early, and hopefully it’ll be ready for tomorrow (Wednesday). Mikey will get his article done as soon as possible, which will most likely end up being sometime Friday.

2. Schedule for November

Here’s what we’ve got planned:

11/1 (Tuesday): Kenny Wisdom
11/3 (Thursday): Mikey Fouchet – Mike on the Metagame (Regionals edition)
The bug will soon be a Promo!

11/8 (Tuesday): Kent Shen
11/10 (Thursday): Chris Fulop


11/15 (Tuesday): Jay Hornung
11/17 (Thursday): John Kettler

11/22 (Tuesday): Josh Wittenkeller
11/24 (Thursday): reserved

11/29 (Tuesday): reserved

I forgot to get everyone’s specific article topics, but expect Regionals prep-coverage leading up to Regionals, then post-Regionals we’ll have results analysis and full-on look at Noble Victories’ impact on the metagame.

Writer of the Month Poll

As always, these polls are super important because the top 2 vote-getters get extra writing opportunities each month. It’s basically your way to control who you want to see write more articles, so please take your time and vote for whoever truly deserves your vote.

Your vote should take into account not only who wrote the best articles, but also who was the most helpful in the forums. It’s pretty much a combination of all factors to determine which writer overall provided the most insights and help.

Voting ends Saturday, November 5th at 11:59 PM EST.

You are allowed to pick up to 3 of the most deserving writers.

[poll id=”39″]

Make sure you click “Submit” after you check off your selections.

Thanks for voting and also if you are comfortable sharing WHY you voted for who you did, that would be very helpful for both me and the writers. You can leave your responses in the forum thread for this post.

Also thanks so much for being an Underground member; I appreciate you helping to support 6P, and I hope Underground has been a helpful tool for you. I try really hard to make it a great value for you.


…and that will conclude this Unlocked Underground article.

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