The Pokémon Pantheon: Noble Victories

Okay, this is my first article… now that that’s out of the way, let’s begin:

The latest TCG set has come out, and it seems pretty balanced. Notably, it includes several Legendary Pokémon. Much like the Greek deities of old, these powerful Pokémon of myth can wreak destruction. The question is, which ones have the power of Zeus, and which ones fall in the Aphrodite and Dionysus category? Today, we’ll be looking at the Pokémon pantheon from BW3 and determining which cards may help players achieve victory.


pokebeach.comWe’ve got a Grass type with a good 110 HP and a nice retreat of one. Of course, Grass isn’t too great of a type with Reshiphlosions and Magneboars blasting fire everywhere. Double Draw looks like something a Basic Common would have. However, its second attack is worth a look. 40 for two isn’t too good, but when it becomes 80 for two after its first use, Virizion is actually looking pretty good.

However, there doesn’t really seem to be any need for a card like Virizion in the metagame at the moment. Perhaps as an addition to Mew Box decks, since the two energy cost is already covered by Mew Prime, and the deck uses Grass energy? It looks like Virizion is going to have to wait on the sidelines while his brothers rock the metagame (but more on that later).


Most of Victini’s stats are forgettable, and his attack is bleah. Victory Star is a great ability that could have Victini find itself in decks that use many coin flips during attacks. The problem? Well, actually, there’s two.

First, Victini has a shaky 60 HP, so he is susceptible to Catcher Prizes. Second, nobody really uses decks that have attackers that rely on coin flips. However, the fact that the word “coins” is plural makes Victini somewhat more playable. Flip-a-coin-until-you-get-tails/multi-flip attacks (Vanilluxe?) are twice as likely to hit for massive damage due to this ability, as you can stop at any time and start over. Sharpedo may find space for this card, but even with Victini, the odds of successfully killing your opponent’s hand are low.


pokebeach.comWhile Victini does not have great HP, he has better HP than its other two forms… but only by 10 points. He still has a decent retreat of one. Fire is an OK type, but this card can at least be charged by Emboar and Typhlosion Prime. “V-Create” can be considered another form of “Do the Wave.” In fact, let’s compare the two:

Do the Wave:

  • Can be used even if you don’t have the necessary amount of Benched Pokémon
  • Can be charged with DCE


  • Can do 100 damage with one less Benched Pokémon
  • Is on a Basic
  • The Pokémon has 30 more HP

I’d say that the two are roughly as good, but depending on the deck, one may be more useful than the other. One major problem is that Victini cannot do anything if you don’t have at least four Benched Pokémon. So, this card is very situational. However, this + Pichu in Magneboar may be fun, because Pichu can search out many Benched Pokémon, preparing “V-Create.”


Kyurem is exactly the same as his counterparts, Reshiram and Zekrom (who have had a major impact on the metagame) except for his second attack and typing. Water is looking good right now, with Donphan, Typhlosion, and Reshiram running around. Water with Metal weakness is especially good, as few Metal types are being played right now (though that is likely to change soon).

Glaciate isn’t the greatest thing in the world, as 30 damage isn’t much. However, when your opponent has many Pokémon out (think Cinccino), the effect can be devastating, especially since 30 damage is just enough to 1HKO a Baby.

Jirachi can devolve many of your opponent’s Pokémon at once, which, paired with Kyurem, can cripple your opponent’s strategy, as the lower HP Basics may not be able to bear the damage of their evolved forms. Kyurem is a fairly situational card due to his second attack, and it may see some play, perhaps only for its type paired with Outrage (as an alternative to the other dragons).

Right now, this card is on the hype train. Whether it will run out of coal, or whether it will plow right through the metagame, only time will tell.


The reason I call this card CheapTini is because his attack is like a cheap trick. It is either broken or useless (though another name may be ViConstipated, if you look at the picture :P). Psychic is a mediocre type, but pretty bad for this card, as it already does high damage, so it doesn’t need type effectiveness much. Similarly, his weakness isn’t that important, as Victini will probably be 1HKO’d anyway. If you don’t like bad coin flips, avoid this card at all costs.

Despite its synergy with FlipTini, the card is still very risky. However, 120 damage for one energy is beyond phenomenal. This is mostly the kind of card you’d throw in a Psychic deck just for the heck of it. Even though CheapTini will probably not be used much, don’t be surprised if he shows up in some Gothitelle decks.


pokebeach.comI’ve always thought this guy was the coolest of the ‘ions. That menacing grin, combined with the horns and bulkiness looks super cool. Anyway, let’s see if this card lives up to its looks. This Pokémon has a rock-solid 130 HP, but a hefty retreat of four. Grass weakness isn’t so bad, as Grass decks aren’t used much.

Land Crush is a vanilla attack, doing 90 for three. Where have we seen that before? …That’s right! Donphan Prime! Donphan Prime’s second attack isn’t used much, though. Retaliate also does 90 damage, and for one less energy. The catch? You have to have lost a Pokémon last turn. Terrakion may be a decent Revenge-KOer, but Bouffalant is better because he has a lower retreat and can be charged with DCE (though it does have 40 less HP). Terrakion may see some play, but he won’t break the metagame.


110 HP and one retreat… sounds great so far. Resistance to Electric is handy, as it saves the Pokémon from being 1HKO’d by Zekrom’s “Bolt Strike.” Water weakness isn’t too bad either. Now let’s look at its attacks. “Abundant Harvest” is a kinda crummy attack, as it does no damage but charges Landorus up. OK, but not great.

However, it does allow a T2 “Gaia Hammer.” In my opinion, this card isn’t half bad. It 1HKOs Magnezone Prime and Cinccino, and in the case of the latter, it does 10 damage to each of those Benched Pokémon that were played for “Do the Wave.” Need to protect your own Bench? Try Eviolite (if the Pokémon you’re trying to protect are Basics). 80 for three isn’t too bad, especially with the potentially great side effect. Just watch out! Under some conditions, this card may do more harm than good, especially if an enemy Yanmega Prime is looking for some targets to pick off.


pokebeach.comThis card is a fairly popular card in Japan (see Esa Juntunen’s Eye on Japan article), but why? Let’s find out! 120 HP and two retreat – not too shabby. Resistance to Psychic is nice, but a Weakness to Fire is kinda nasty. “Energy Press” does 20 damage for two, but 20 more for each energy on the Defending Pokémon.

This means that a fully charged Kyurem is 1HKO’d. This means that a Beartic charged for “Sheer Cold” is 1HKO’d. This means that Mew Prime is 1HKO’d (assuming that a Grass and a Psychic are attached and that no Eviolite is attached).

Then, of course, there is… “Iron Breaker.” When I first saw this attack, I thought the card was broken. It may not be quite broken, but it is still extremely good. This attack not only does a pretty good amount of damage, but it prevents the opponent from attacking. Let me repeat that: it prevents the opponent from attacking.

Once more – … never mind. Beartic has such an attack too, but the attack does 30 less damage, and Beartic has worse stats overall. Cobalion may become especially popular when Mewtwo EX is released (due to the resistance and effect that hinder Mewtwo EX).

Now for the ranking (which I listed next to the Greek god that corresponds in power):

8 Virizion – Aphrodite

redmythology.wikispaces.comThese two pretty much just stand aside and smile, and probably get hurt if they try to battle.

7 CheapTini – Ares

Both of these do some damage, but are unpredictable. Victini is easily KO’d, and Ares often whined a lot about relatively minor injuries.

6 FlipTini – Hera

Neither participates in the action too much. FlipTini relies on a poor strategy (coin flips), and is overall not that useful.

5 BenchTini – Hephaestus

Both are fiery and cool, but both have also been crippled by an outside source. Hephaestus was thrown from Olympus by Zeus, and BenchTini is overshadowed by Cinccino, who seems to be the play for most decks (Stage 1s doesn’t use Fire energy). Still, fire is a really cool thing to have control over.

4 Landorus – Athena

These two kind of spread things around and attack sometimes through strategy. However, both are powerful warriors, if not the most powerful.

Now for the Big Three.

3 Terrakion – Poseidon

Both have raw power, but both just don’t quite cut it as “most powerful.”

2 Kyurem – Hades

Kyurem and Hades kind of sit on the sidelines and grin – not uselessly like Virizion and Aphrodite – but silently weakening the foe until he or she is destroyed. There is a reason why the Ancient Greeks were afraid to say Hades’s name – they worried that he would notice them.

1 Cobalion – Zeus

I bet you knew this was coming. These two are powerful, but they can also paralyze the opponent, with lightning, a terrifying appearance, or a Breaker (whatever that is).

I think that pretty much sums it up. Good luck at your next tournament, and watch out for Zeu – er – Cobalion!

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  1. Frank Hamilton

    Good article, though I think you misread the text on V-Create. Your bench has to have 5 Pokemon or it fails; not 4 or more.

    • theo Seeds  → Frank

      Someone tried to pull that one on me yesterday at a prerelease.

      They’re both T2, so Cinccino is the winner.

        • Will E  → theo

          Ahh, but Cobalion prevents Reshiram from attacking, forcing a discard of two energy or a Switch to avoid a 2HKO. (In case you haven’t noticed, I’m a bit of a Cobalion fanatic :P.)

        • Anonymous  → Will

          true. but its a lot easier to spam reshiram the cobalion. reshiram would just revenge ko. not to mention zoroark to copy iron breaker.

  2. Nicholas Sinard

    I think that you underestimate Virizion way too much

      • Nicholas Sinard  → Will

        Well it you can draw with it for 1 energy, right there puts it as a possible starter. And not only that but it seems to be working for Japan just fine. Why don’t you think it will become big?

        • Will E  → Nicholas

          Cleffa can refresh your entire hand for no energy at all. Tyrogue can deal 30 damage straight off the bat for no energy. Plus, both have a 50/50 chance of gaining invincibility on your opponent”s next turn. Virizion may be pretty good, but there are better starters.

        • Jake Meyer  → Will

          Though your point is valid, I feel that there’s really no place for babies with Noble Victories in format. I mean, Emerging Powers sort of ruined a lot of bench warmers with Catcher, and if cards like Kyurem are as popular as a lot of people are predicting them to be, then there is no hope at all for babies. Hell, even Yanmega did a pretty good job of wiping the floor with babies once it became popular. At the same time, though, drawing 2 cards is sort of underwhelming, and Virizion is liable to be wiped out by Reshiram or Zekrom or any of the number of other heavy hitters in format with relative ease. The higher HP is very nice, though.

          TL;DR, babies don’t have much going for them, but Virizion doesn’t have a huge amount going for it either.

        • Will E  → Jake

          Baby Pokemon may be risky, but they can have huge payoff. Additionally, there are cards such as Manaphy that make excellent starters while being more difficult to KO. I agree that the high HP is very nice, but in my opinion, useful attacks are more important.

          You have some very valid points, though. I guess it all depends on personal playing style.

        • Anonymous  → Jake

          they didnt eliminate babies. they made people run 1 cleffa 1 tyrouge. instead of 3 cleffa 1 tyrouge. people searched it out instead of starting with it.

    • Benjamin Bolival  → Nicholas

      until the EXes come out and with the profileration of Reshiplosion decks it is a big risk to play a Virizion deck in the upcoming cities.

      • Nicholas Sinard  → Benjamin

        Even with EXes, there still will be a plethora of TyRam, but with Mewtwo EX. The way I see it(and know I am not the only one) is that everyone but JP thinks too in-the-box with the decks. If we allow it, Virizion could become pretty widespread.

  3. Nicholas Sinard

    I think that you underestimate Virizion way too much

  4. tim h

    Age of Mythology is the best RTS game ever. I realized that picture the split second I saw it.

  5. Mekkah

    That’s okay, Durant is used to this kind of treatment :(

    And yes, he’s legendary.

  6. Anonymous

    you misread v-create. it says 4 or fewer. meaning 5 has be on the bench. vicitni is a basic but the fire and colorless nulifiy that guranteeing 2 turns of energy, or having to set up typhlosion or emboar in which case reshiram would be better. also i dont quit understand what you mean when you say it has 30 more hp. cincinno has 20 more then victini in which case it should go to do the wave. also cobalion only stops the defending pokemon. not the opponent in general. a card stopping the opponent is general is impossible to beat. so all i have to do is switch or retreat. might see some play in the truth but beartic is handier for an extra 10 hp(no reshiram/zekrom) and can use DCE. a lot of the cards in this set were hyped up but i think fell short. im not that upset eve having to miss the pre release. only sad thing is how dragons(already probably OP) can abuse eviolite.

    • Will E  → Anonymous

      “also i dont quit understand what you mean when you say it has 30 more hp.”
      Another good catch.

      About Beartic vs. Cobalion, Beartic may have the extra 10 HP and the ability to use DCE, but Cobalion has 1 less retreat, can use eviolite, does 30 more damage, has Energy Press (as opposed to Icicle Crash), is a strong counter to Gothitelle, and is a Basic. Plus, Cobalion OHKOs Kyurem, while Beartic’s Sheer Cold OHKOs none of the big hitters.

      • barryfken  → Will

        Double Pluspower and you OHKO Reshi with Beartic, lol. :P But you’re right about that.

        To Indercarnive:

        “cincinno has 20 more then victini in which case it should go to do the wave”

        Cincinno needs to evolve though, while Victini’s a basic. If you can get lucky and evolve Mincinno with a full bench, then all the more power to you, although you need just as much luck to get a full bench for Victini. Also, there are some cards (like Mismagius) with resistance to colorless pokemon, and you don’t see many pokemon resistant to Fire. Even Audino can Do The Wave, but I wouldn’t waste my time because, at max, you’d be doing 50 damage (if I’m correct.)

        The cards in NV were hyped up because they ARE great – Rocky Helmet/Druddigon, Hydreigon and 2 DCE, Carracosta, Jellicent, etc., etc. You can’t tell me BW or EP is better than NV – I personally think NV’s better than both of them combined.

        Sorry if I’m ranting, it’s just I never seen a comment yet about someone who doesn’t like NV that much.

        • theo Seeds  → barryfken


          Emboar (7/10)

          Serperior (6.5/10)

          Samurott (6.5/10)

          Zoroark (8/10)

          Reshiram (8.75/10)

          Zekrom (9/10)

          Simisear (6.5/10)

          Reuniclus (7/10)

          Mandibuzz (6.25/10)

          Cinccino (7/10)

          Bouffalant (6.25/10)

          Juniper (8.75/10)

          PlusPower (7.5/10)


          Energy Retrieval (7/10)

          BW is a 92.25 if you combine the ratings.


          Whimsicott (6.5/10)

          Beartic (7.5/10)

          Thundurus (7/10)

          Siglyph (5/10)

          Gothitelle (8/10)

          Tornadus (7/10)

          Bianca (5/10)

          Cheren (7/10)

          Catcher (10/10)

          Max Potion (9/10)

          Crushing Hammer (5/10)

          Great Ball (5/10)

          Recycle (4/10)

          EP is an 85


          Leavanny (6.5/10)

          Accelgor (7/10)

          FlipTini (8.5/10)

          V-CreaTini (6.5/10)

          Kyurem (8/10)

          Cryogonal (6/10)

          Jellicent (4/10)

          Eelektrik (7/10)

          Confaguris (6/10)

          Chandelure (7/10)

          Beheeyem (6/10)

          Gigalith (4.25/10)

          Conkeldurr (5.75/10)

          Archeops (6.5/10)

          Terrakion (6.25/10)

          Landorus (5.5/10)

          Bisharp (6/10)

          Hydriegon (7.25/10)

          Cobbalion (8/10)

          Other Bisharp (5/10)

          Durant (7/10)

          Druddigon (6.75/10)

          Rocky Helmet (8/10)

          Eviolite (9.25/10)

          N (7/10)

          Super Rod (8.5/10)

          Xtranciever (5/10)

          NV is a 178.5



          NV is better than both BW and EP combined, you are right. But some of
          you will disagree with these. If you do, make your own ratings. You be
          the judge.

        • Aron Janstad Wright  → theo

          i would go by your ratings.. only i would use the avarage instead of just adding it all together :/

        • theo Seeds  → Aron

          I added it all together because then you can pay attention to the actual number of impact cards. But that’s another theory.

      • theo Seeds  → Will

        Beartic OHKOes V-Crete and has a better weakness.

        Honestly, though, I don’t see either getting played.

        I could be wrong about that.

        • Will E  → theo

          Beartic technically doesn’t have a better weakness if Cobalion becomes extremely popular :D.

        • theo Seeds  → Will

          Ok, then Reshiram kills that, Beartic/Kyurem kills that, etc. But you forgot one thing: More people are playing ReshiPhlosion than anything but ZPST now. So basically for every 1 Kyurem you’ll run into at least 2 Reshiphlosion (if I’m right) then run into a couple other decks. You lost at least 2 games.

  7. Jacob Willinger

    Unless I’m missing something (and maybe this is what you meant), but Iron Breaker doesn’t mean your opponent can’t attack at all next turn, it means your opponent’s Defending Pokemon can’t attack. It’s specific to your opponent’s active Pokemon when you are attacking, not your opponent in general.

    It’s Sheer Cold.

    Sorry, but I just wanted for us to clear that up. When you say “it prevents your opponent from attacking”, it sounds like your opponent can’t attack at all with any Pokemon.

    Nice article though. Very unique! :)

    • Will E  → Jacob

      Iron Breaker may not always prevent your opponent from attacking, but it generally will. After all, if your opponent retreats/switches into another Pokemon and attacks, that Pokemon is going to be Iron Breakered again next turn, which will require another energy drop or Switch to retreat that Pokemon. But yeah, saying that it prevents the Defending Pokemon from attacking is more accurate.

      • Lee  → Will

        Unless, of course, that Pokemon OHKO’s Cobalion which with a weakness to fire and 120 HP is very possible. Even Beartic with his Steel weakness and magical HP of 130 suffered this problem too (Magnezone, Badboar, Dragons with a PlusPower before a Vileplume was out). Evolite and abusing special Steel energy will help, however, which is nice. The only problem there is the manual 3 energy attachment which is just way too slow in today’s format. Perhaps mixing Cobalion with a form of energy acceleration to get that one Colorless on both attacks down the same turn so its only two turns to get Iron Breaker rolling. Klinklang is useful if you are not getting OHKO’d as well.

        • theo Seeds  → Marcel

          Klinklang is a steel-type Meganium Prime. I think even if Tornadus is a basic, it doesn’t move energy around freely, and doesn’t move energy AT ALL without attacking.

  8. José Yago De Alberto

    Benchtini + eviolite= playable , less room than Cinccino, can hit Cobalion and others for weakness.
    Benchtini plus pachi and shaymin= 100 damage turn 1 with no recoil.
    Benchtini is a good tech in Reshiphlosion.Cinccino is OHKOed by Donphan Prime and suffers from lost remover or Scizor Prime( it is not played, but it WILL).Virizion+ eviolite combined with Leavanny NV is good. Reshiram and Zekrom will need a Pluspower to KO it.

    • barryfken  → José

      You need a full bench for Benchtini (your Pachi/Shaymin idea), so turn 1 isn’t do-able unless you have a Collector and 2 other basics already on the bench.

      You’re right about Benchtini in Reshiphlosion, always full benches within 2 or 3 turns.

      And if you don’t have energy on Leavanny, Reshi OHKO’s it.

      • José Yago De Alberto  → barryfken

        Cool so in order to accomplish the t1 100 damage you need this hand:
        Benchtini+Collector+fire energy+lightning energy+pachirisu+shaymin or 
        Benchtini+Collector+fire energy+lightning energy+dual ball+pachirisu or
        Benchtini+collector+fire energy+lightning energy+dual ball+ shaymin or
        Benchtini+ Collector+ fire energy+lightning energy+dual ball+dual ball or
        the same hands with energy search trainer instead of the energy
        And you could even play Slugma UD instead of Pachirisu, or both.
        In my opinion is at least as likely as to get the t1 bolt strike or hurricane in a ZPST deck.
        You re right about Leavanny, tough that is pretty obvious.

        • theo Seeds  → José

          ZPST has better odds and donks Terrakion, Tornadus, Thundurus, Landourus, and Reshiram and Zekrom with a PlusPower and has more HP after using Bolt Strike than Victini does.

        • José Yago De Alberto  → theo

          True, you re totally right. I was just compairing Cinccino and this Victini saying that even if the two can hit for 100, Victini can do it on T1.

        • theo Seeds  → José

          Victini has 20 less HP (Eviolite does help there IK) and he is not as splashable as Cinccino. Do you really want to devote your deck to a T1 Victini? I’m not saying that it is a bad card (in fact, I thought it would make an impact when I first saw the translation of the card) but trying to donk with it is too much, considering that you need five cards instead of seven to donk with Zekrom, Zekrom has more HP even after Bolt Strike, and has the extra damage to get the donk on Cobalion, Tornadus, Thundurus, and Druddigon with Eviolite attached.

        • José Yago De Alberto  → theo

          Yes, Zekrom is better, no doubt. I am just saying that I like more Victini than Cinccino because the first can hit on t1 and with eviolite on it it has just the same hp than the second and I also prefer to have a weakness to water than to be weak to fighting. If you are into playing the best of the best decks that can donk, don´t go for Victini. But I think it could be original and more fun than to play what everybody else is playing and could get you a decent amount of wins.

      • José Yago De Alberto  → barryfken

        You have at least the same odds to hit for 100 with Benchtini as to get the t1 bolt strike or hurricane in a ZPST deck. Benchtini just needs collector and dual ball/s with two fire energy or one fire and one non fire energy.
        My point is Benchtini gives you donks , while Cinccino does not.
        You re right about Leavanny, tough you would have the energy on it if you see this can happen.

      • José Yago De Alberto  → theo

        Absolutely, but do you think someone would expect this strategy? do you think they would bench down a ditto before the coin flip and the cards are turned face up?
        Ditto is just a tech in some stage 1 Decks , so in my opinion its not a big deal, tough you are totally right.

  9. Benjamin Bolival

    I think Kyurem will be nice in a Gothitelle-Reuniclus deck as a fire counter as well as a damage counter absorber.

        • Anonymous  → theo

          um Kyurem OHKOs all Solosis in play. So, the only safe zone of time for Reuncilus to get into play is get them evolved before Kyurem can use Glaciate…

        • Benjamin Bolival  → Anonymous

          it really depends on who sets up first but how about those gothitelle variants with ability serperior as a companion tech to reuniclus?

        • theo Seeds  → Anonymous

          I can usually devote my resources to getting out a T3 Duosion, but I usually go for the trainerlock first. Then my Reuniclus pops up T8 and I’m set up.

  10. David

    Kyurem definitely isn’t just on the hype train. It’s soo good. It puts any deck with the word Reuniclus in it out of business. Although Cobalion does one shot Kyurem and all, ReshiPhlosion is still played heavily to keep Cobalion out of the meta game. 

    • barryfken  → David

      It’s a triangle of disaster, lol – Reshiphlosion destroys Cobalion, Cobalion destroys Kyurem (and Beartic for that matter), and Kyurem destroys Reshiphlosion. Besides, Reshiphlosion was played heavily to begin with, according to the BR’s results. But spread decks are always the hype – Take T-Tar for example.

      • theo Seeds  → barryfken

        Ah, but then I pull out my rogue Serperior deck and murder the spread.

        But seriously, I think Serperior is a bit underminded.

      • Anonymous  → barryfken

        I think it’s more like tyRam beast Cobalion, Cobalion beats Kyurem, Kyurem beats Gothitelle, Gothitelle beats tyRam… So a square of disaster.

        tyRam is not going to get murdered by Kyurem. It might be a bit unfavorable, but nowhere near an autoloss…

        • barryfken  → Anonymous

          To Coolestman: I would never underestimate Serperior, I’ve seen what that deck can do…*shudders*

          To Airhawk: True, forgot to factor in Gothitelle, I was going by Weaknesses mainly though, but thanks. What makes you think TyRam can withstand Kyurem? TyRam has no heal, it has Cyndaquils that might not evolve fast enough and thus KO’d, and it even has weakness to Kyurem. It’ll be a difficult match, but Kyurem’s more likely to stand out on top.

    • José Yago De Alberto  → David

      In my opinion, Reshiram won´t keep Cobalion out of the Metagame. Cobalion will be played  for three reasons:
      1-It s new and people want to try it.
      2-It counters Beartic,Gothitelle,Kyurem,Vanilluxe and others.
      3-It s a Basic so you could tech it into a deck that already runs rainbow energy, for little room.

      • theo Seeds  → José

        1. yes. just like LostGar, for example.
        2. all those but gothitelle. The gothitelle player can get a new goth out and hit you with that, then retreat that goth and so on and so forth.
  11. Caleb Cline

    The reason Cobalion is soooo good in Japan right now is because it’s a perfect counter for Mewtwo EX, a card that makes up a large portion of the meta there. In and of itself Cobalion is still a good card, but I’m not quite so sure it has the pressure to put it over the top without rampant Mewtwo in the format.

  12. Chuck Rancor

    I think Virizion is getting too undermined. At the moment it’s not too great, but I feel the potential of future grass decks entering the metagame, and when it happens, Virizion will make a decent starter. Dealing 80 a turn(excluding the first turn, and whether or not the chain is broken), and good drawing power isn’t something to look down on. Plus many other interesting leaf types have been circulating, i just think we’re missing that one card to set it over the top.

    I’d probably throw it above cheaptini at least, as it really has no fighting potential unless you want a lucky cheap KO. 

    The rest are pretty decent, I’d put Cobalion and Kyurem on even scales though, regardless good article

    • Will E  → Chuck

      Hmm… yeah… I guess CheapTini and Virizion are pretty close. Everybody has their own opinion, but I think that Virizion’s attack that does 80 damage only after you have used it is about as good as if it cost one more energy, but always did the 80 damage. While you can at least do 40 damage with Virizion while you are waiting to slug out for 80, if you retreat Virizion and put it into play later, you will still have to go through a mild hit of 40 damage before you can attack for 80 again. However, if the attack cost 3 energy and did flat out 80 damage, then you could still use that Pokemon’s other attack in the meantime (while you had two energy attached), but if you play that Pokemon again later (or switch a fresh one in with 3 energy attached), you can still do the 80 damage.

      I’m sure there’s a better way of explaining it, but that is why I think that Leaf Slugger is not as good as it looks.

  13. jac carter

    just so you know vanilluxe is the best thing to put with victini, btw.

  14. Dan W

    This set makes the game SOOOO much more interesting now With Cobalion, Kyurem, N are really going to shake the meta up a little. I can’t wait.

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