Lilligant (Noble Victories NV 5) – Card of the Day

trollandtoad.comHey all! Celebi’ here with a Card of the Day by the special request of baby_mario. That’s right – I’m reviewing Lilligant. I must say, we’ve had a Lilligant in every BW set so far and this one has got to be the cutest! But beauty is not what I’m reviewing today. Let’s get to the card itself!

I’d touch on its pre-evolution first, but I already talked about the Petilils from BW and EP in my previous Lilligant review. I’ll just say that the Noble Victories Petilil is the one to play purely because at 60 HP, it’s got 10 more HP than the other two.

Lilligant itself is a Stage 1 with 80 HP – which is a bit disappointing considering the one from Emerging Powers has 90. One Retreat Cost is average, and the Fire weakness is awful, as always.

Lilligant’s first attack, Aromax, costs one Grass energy. It lets you heal all damage from one of your benched Pokémon. Now, this looks pretty good at first glance, mainly because unlike other cards that heal all damage from a Pokémon, Lilligant does not make you discard all energy attached to it.

That’s about the only thing Aromax has going for it. Letting a poor, fragile 80 HP Pokémon stay active (after it attacks) is basically giving your opponent a prize. Then, there’s the fact that it takes up your attack for a turn. If you’re looking to run a card with Aromax’s effect, you’re much better off playing Blissey Prime in Ross (or any Trainer lock deck, for that matter) or Max Potion in anything else.

Why would anyone let poor Lilligant hang around this monster?

Lilligant’s second attack is called Windmill. For GC, it does an awful 30 damage. Its effect is interesting, though – it states, “Switch this Pokémon with 1 of your Benched Pokémon.”

This is decent as far as hit-and-switch attacks go, and some people have discussed using such cards along with Gothitelle to lock Items – similar to Cursegar. However, a deck reliant on getting a Goth and a Lilligant out can be sort of clunky. It’s a combo that’s OK, but just not good enough.

As cute as Lilligant is, I’m going to have to rate it at 4.5/10 – Subpar/Mediocre. It’s the sort of card that’s not that great, but with slightly more effective attacks could have some potential. As is, Lilligant falls short of what’s needed to be playable in this metagame.

Sorry that this review is rather short. There’s just not much to say about Lilligant – she’s mediocre at best. Do you guys agree with my rating? Could Lilligant have a niche in any deck? Don’t be shy; leave a comment below! Thank you all for reading!

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  1. theo Seeds

    OK, Fair review, but I think the rating is a bit high (one reason we don’t do ratings). I think it should be at a 3.5 instead, because Max Potion outclasses it. Max Potion doesn’t require energy and doesn’t give up a prize.

    • barryfken  → theo

      I partially agree, but here’s the thing: What’s one prize compared to healing up a benched pokemon with over 100 HP? That way, you can get around the whole Catcher-kill if you retreated a pokemon with low HP left. And if they kill Lilligant, you can use Twins and get out two possibly-game-changing cards, depending on your deck.  And it’s only one Grass energy, put in Energy Searches, Interviewer’s Questions or Flower Shop Lady/Super Rod if you’re that concerned about energy.

  2. barryfken

    I agree with your rating, mostly because its first attack is great for a League/casual game, and its second attack can bring out something you’re building up (like Ferrothorn’s Gyro Ball.)

  3. Jak Stewart-Armstead

    You would have to have a heart of stone to even TRY and KO this Lilligant. In fact, if you did, I would call a judge and get you DQ’d for unsporting behaviour.

    Of course this review gets a +1. Reviews like this make me want to sign up my parents and pets.

    (And no, that joke is never going away).

  4. José Yago De Alberto

    in my opinion this card should be played in a ferrolock deck ( gothitelle/ferrothorn): You catcher something your opponent can´t attack with or has a high retreat cost.Then, you heal all damage from your benched gothitelle, and switch lilligant for goth with its attack to keep on with the strategy of the deck.
    The thing is that blissey prime and max potion discard energy, while lilligant does not.So depending on how you are running your deck it could be a decent and original play.

  5. Deric Tan

    I’m with mario on this one.. I better not see this on a table against me. I will probably lose lol

  6. Suncool

    I heart Lilligant. Not sure how to do the heart smiley. +1

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