PokéClass Episode 50 – Prague 2011 Top 32 Report

Apologies for not being able to produce a ‘proper’ video this week, but I’ve been ill for a while now and can’t talk properly :(

This week is all about my tournament report from last weekend’s Prague Cup 2011! I did a lot better than my Battle Roads performances so make sure you check it out to see how far I managed to get!




Bonus Prague Cup video:

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  1. Oliver Barnett

    Very nice placing man, sucks about your Top 32 game though. It seems Zekrom will hate you forever

    • Oliver Barnett  → Clint

      Try playing in the UK you get used to it after 1 tournament. It’s actually a very good time limit, since it allows games to go faster. (I’m not a Zekrom player, but I believe it is a fun deck)

  2. David Wiken

    Congratz on the good result :) Was sorta hopin’ PrimeTime would take it, but hey… TZPS is hard…

  3. Simon Narode

    I lost in top 32 at my Regionals to a Zekrom donk as well. It’s the most infuriating way to lose.

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